How to enable traditional / simplified Chinese on HTC HD2 WWE ROM

One of the things that stop me to try Windows Mobile 6.5.X custom ROM is lacking of Chinese language support. Most of the custom ROMs out there don’t have it. Only a few of them have it. Without it, you will see lot of block shape on those Chinese characters. Finally, I found a solution to enable traditional and simplified Chinese on HTC HD2 Cookie Energy WWE ROM.

Celcom advertisement in Chinese

There are several “All-in-One” solutions from xda-developers ~ LEO_TC_HKCW_Fonts_IME_w_Global_Region, LEO_TC_HKCW_Fonts_IME_Only and LEO_Mingliu_IME_NLS_SSung. Tried all of them. Found out only MingLiu font can support Microsoft PowerPoint. AR HeiU20 Medium (gray) font and Arphic Crystal font do not support it. In the end, I installed the custom solution that matches my need as I don’t need to use Samsung IME.

MingLiu font on Microsoft PowerPoint

HTC Ezinput IME V4 supports ZhuYin, PinYin, CangJie, Stroke and Handwriting with HK Common Word. And it integrated LEO08843-02 ~ improve HTC HD2 Handwriting Stability and LEO07879 ~ addition Hong Kong Common word.

If you are using WWE custom ROM like Energy ROM Series 23569, Duttys Leo HG V3.9 23569, CleanEX HyperRom v11.5, ChuckyROM-23123-Tabtastic with SFX, CleanEX OzROM V3.40 WM6.5 21905, Artemis v21.5 Level A WWE and TOUCH X-TREME 2 Build 23569 and wanted to type or read Chinese, this is the solution for you…

Download traditional / simplified Chinese for HTC HD2

  • here
  • here
  • here


  1. Hi…i wanted to how should i install it into my phone after downloading it to my PC? I mean it by the steps i need to do to transfer and install it to my phone…tq^^

  2. Anyway, does IME_CHT_LEO_HKCW_V4 support for HTC HD Mini?? because i’ve install it dy…but my phone now suddenly cannot open…could it b because it is not compatible for HD Mini??? OMG…now my phone like unable to boot liao…haiz…help me~~~

  3. Hello I’ve just download all of the three and install in to my HTC HD2 (device) and restart my Phone 3 time, Ive look at my message and the only thing i see is different is a box with a pen, it switch to punctuation that’s pretty much it, and two Chinese word on the left side witch only change to more punctuation, please help me

  4. these step is so confusing, and my htc hd2 for t-mobile cant reset by holding the volume down key 🙁

    You can select which SPL version to install in “Choose SPL” screen. To check your SPL version, hold the Volume Down button and do a reset.
    It is possible to downgrade to this SPL, by just flashing to an Official ROM with this SPL version.

    3) Features
    – Disabled CID Check, so you can flash any official ROM without using a Gold Card.
    – Security Level = 0, so you can use all the boot loader commands (for developers).
    – This HSPL will not get overwritten when flashing a full NBH with SPL via RUU.
    – No NBH signatures check, so you can flash unsigned ROM images.

    4) Warranty Issues
    Be warned, Installing HSPL may void your warranty.
    If you need to send your device to a Repair Centre, make sure that you uninstall HSPL!

    5) Uninstallation
    Only way to remove the HSPL is to flash an original SPL from SD card.
    – Take any “RUU_signed.nbh” from a ship ROM and copy it to SD card.
    – Rename it to “leoimg.nbh”
    – Reset the device while pressing the volume down button.

    6) Disclaimer
    This product is free to use, but at your own risk. We take no
    responsibility for any conflict, fault, or damage caused by
    this unlocking procedure. No warranties of any kind are given.
    We have tested our product on several devices and have not found any problems with it.

  5. hey, jayceooi~ i find your site very informative! Good job man! Thanks for sharing all this precious information with us…. i’m using htc Leo Energy rom, Just solve the chinese input problem and with your solution!!! Now i can input and read chinese words 🙂 its super cool and smooth now! 🙂

    However, i cant see the weather animation on home tab, if i go weather tab, i can see all the animation moving around the screen which is very cool…. how can i show the weather animation at my home tab?

    1 more question, everytime login to my fb using Opera browser, i can only see the mobile version fb. Is there any way we could view it as what we view from the computer?

    I appreciate your help… thanks.

    • Hi Gregory, you are most welcome here. 🙂

      For weather animation ~ use Edit Quick Links – Insert new link – Select Toggle Switch – Pick Weather Toggle. You can on / off weather animation with it.

      For Opera browser ~ Go to Settings – Select Display – Untick Mobile View. Or change the setting on that particular website.

  6. hey jayce! Thank you so much for your prompt reply! The weather animation is enabled! Now animation comes out already…. thanks man~! You are the coolest dude on earth! haha…

    but for the Opera browser, i have done as what you mentioned above, the Mobile view is “Untick” by default, so the display still maintain the same as Mobile view even i the checkbox is unticked. Is there any way to make it display like normal computer view?

    Truly appreciate your kind help…. 🙂

  7. hey jayce! You are always so helpful and kind…. 🙂 ya, i have installed uZardWebP as my web browser. And it works so well and i can see the normal fb view already!!! Thanks man…. However, uZardWebP cant use finger to zoom in the size we like… bit pity there… I actually wanted to install skyfire but why start from july 2010 they wont support certain countries, therefore i cant install it… weird…

    Anyway, thanks for your great help! What rom are you using now? upgrade to Android froyo 2.2?

  8. HI Jayce,
    Thanks for your sharing, i have solve the chinese character issue now:-)
    Anyway, after using this Energy ROM, i found that my Garmin not able to get the satelite signal and map show the location in US.
    I have this problem even i uninstall and reinstall it.
    Besides, i also cant locate malaysia map in google map as well.
    Is it any setting i need to do?

  9. hey jayce,

    now i’m facing “Call History” problem! Every call i made, received call or missed call, dont really record! Do you have any idea how to solve this problem??

    Your help is appreciated. Thanks.

  10. Hello.
    I have a HTC HD2 from china. I live in Norway and want to change ROM on my phone.
    I have asked the company in Chaine to change Rom, but NO.
    This phone is not original, and have ROM Version K102_CHS_S00_V0.0.6 ROM date 6/30/2010
    Radio version 1.07.10061 Protocol Version DV3.0

    Is there any problem to change the Rom ???????
    I realy hope

    Best regard Odd Arne

  11. Thank you very much for the information. I tried all three files on my T-Mobile HD2. Character display and input worked great. Well, at least until I did a soft reset. Then, the input completely flaked out. The icon at the bottom center morphed into a indiscernible hazy cloud. And, hitting it shifted the bottom part of the screen, but no type of keyboard would appear. No type of input, Chinese or English, was possible after that point. And, this is with a stock ROM (3.14.531.1). After removing both and, but leaving the fonts, the input keyboard returned to normal, I’m able to see Chinese characters. So, at least it’s still an improvement.

    BTW, do you have any idea how to get accented pinyin characters to display? Basically the 3rd tone vowels with the exception of ‘e’ show up as blank square boxes.


  12. hi jayce…
    i download already •
    but in msg no chinese word.. cant type the msg chinese..
    how to msg in chinese?


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