How to export Windows Mobile Phone contacts, calendar & mail to Google Account?

Finally, I found an easy way to export Windows Mobile Phone contacts, calendar & mail to Google Account. No more export and import CSV file because this method does not able to copy contacts’ photo. Export contacts from Outlook to Google Account is not a good choice for me. Lucky, Windows Mobile Phone ActiveSync comes to rescue.

Note – Backup your contacts and calendar to Outlook first before sync.

Windows Mobile Phone ActiveSync

How to export Windows Mobile Phone contacts, calendar & mail to Google Account?

  1. Open Windows Mobile Phone ActiveSync.
  2. Click on ‘Menu’.
  3. Select ‘Add Server Source…’.
  4. Enter your email address then click ‘Next’.
  5. Enter your user name (full gmail address), password and domain as ‘google’, then click ‘Next’.
  6. Enter ‘’ at Edit Server Settings, then click ‘Next’.
  7. Select Contacts, Calendar and E-mail (if you want). Edit the sync setting if needed.
  8. Finally, click ‘Finish’.

If everything go well, Windows Mobile Phone ActiveSync will start to sync between Windows Mobile Phone contacts, calendar & mail and Google Account.


  1. This method is the only one really useful for me!!…I tried like ten other methods using CSV files outlouk etc. nothing worked good, because the information fields from windows mobile didn’t match those in gmail…This is the easiest and best way to synchronize…

  2. HI there, This thing does not work for me. How can I transfer windows contacts to android? Is there some sort of setting required on gmail acccount for this?
    Thanks in advance,

      • Hi Jayce,

        The sync ends with result as None Synchronized (Attention Required)
        Synchronization could not be completed.
        If this condition persists, try deleting and then re-creating the device’s sync relationships

        Support Code:0x80004005

        I un-checked tasks and it is synchronizing now. It seems google does not support tasks.

        Is there any solution to low on free storage space on windows 6.5, which keeps returning every time. I have cleared all temp, history and cache from IE.


  3. Hi Jayce,

    There is no application installed on internal storage apart from what came with the phone. Is there a way to find what are these files that are on storage, can these be deleted manually using file explorer?

    Thanks you,

  4. Thanks Jayce,

    do you have a tool for HD2 with which I could take a screen shot of particular screen e.g. free storage memory and send across.


  5. Hi Jayce, this looks really interesting as I am also trying to move 2000+ calendar entries, 100+ tasks and 5000+ SMS to google from WM6.5 ! Not easy!!! A couple of questions if I may:

    Step 4: Is this your account or gmail?

    Also, is this purely done from the phone? I.e. I do not need to connect to PC?
    If so, that is ultra cool and I will flip to 3G mode on phone(set to GPRS for battery life).

    Finally, I know there were questions about ‘Tasks’ not going across but does this also do SMS? I have *loads* of SMS I want to keep!

    Nice work, Jayce!

    All the best, Gary

  6. Hello……I could do that Synchronized according your showing way, but my problem is “where is my output”
    It was supposed to go to my gmail account automatically right ? but I’m not getting any mail their but in that Synchronized process, there were no error. so where my contact+calendar backup are storing ?

  7. Jayce,

    Like one of the other people I am also getting message under the heading Microsoft Exchange of ‘Syncronized: none’ and at very bottom (just above word Finish) ‘Attention required’. All I was trying to sync was phone book Contacts, Calendar and Text Messages.
    The Active Syc screen shows correct date last syncronized with PC

  8. Followed your steps and worked fine until reaching the screen to choose the content I want to synchronize, it didn’t allow me to choose ‘contacts’ and ‘calendar’, these check boxes were light grey in color and I wasn’t able to click on them. Any thoughts?

  9. plz want answer soon iam wanna put android on my phone but want to backup my contacts only and it said to me after i did all steps and pressed finish it says

    pls correct your exchange server credentials

  10. Wow, thanks a lot! This worked. I switched from an HTC HD2(WinMo6.5) to a HTC EVO 4G LTE(AndroidICS). I successfully imported my contacts to my Gmail account. Thanks for this really helpful tip!

  11. Thanks Bro,

    It worked well for me…
    after entering the settings I just restarted my cell and it worked…!! 🙂
    Best way to transfer contacts n other info frm winmo to android..!!


      • OMG this is really fast. I appreciate it.

        Can you plz help me with the below.

        I own a HTC Mozart and had my contacts synced with outlook of my previous company. Now I am moved with my phone to a new org. I want to sync my contacts with my new company’s outlook. How do I do it on my Windows 7 phone.

        Also tell me is there any way I can back up my contacts from HTC Win 7 phone. I have lost the data in the past and want to take preventive actions just incase I lose it.
        Your promt reply will be appriecated.


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