How to hack Facebook account profile

How to hack Facebook account profile? How to hack Facebook account to see private photo? How to hack Facebook password? All these questions are being asked by many of us. Most of my friends are busy with playing games in Facebook. However, I am busying in finding lot of pretty girls for I don’t know most of the pretty girls in Facebook and need to “add as friend” request. How wonderful if I can hack their Facebook account and see all the photos.


After searching the mighty Internet search engine, Google for “How to hack Facebook account profile“… Saw lot of guides to hack Facebook this and that. Guide to automated Login for Facebook, guide to customize the colour of Facebook account profile, guide to see the album of any private user, hack Facebook password for free… Besides that, you need to install some applications like Firefox, Greasemonkey, Facebook freezer, Winzix etc. to hack Facebook.

Hmm… Based on all the comments replied by readers, most of them are not working. Come on, being an application developer myself. Do you think Facebook programmers are sitting there still and do nothing? All the bugs and security holes should be fixed by them already. So you can stop searching for guide to hack Facebook already. Save your time to meet new friends with this hottest social networking website in the world.