How to import Google Account contacts, calendar & mail to Android phone?

How to import Google Account contacts, calendar & mail to Android phone? This is a question that not many will ask. Why? Because your Android phone will auto sync them when sign in your Google Account in Gmail or Android Market.

Accounts & sync settings

As long as your Google Account has data for contacts, calendar & mail, it will sync them automatically (by default).


  1. Hi,

    I have installed Android Froyo on my htc hd2. I have a problem when my mobile is booted with the Android software. I am not able to make calls. I mean i am not able to lsten the dial tone and the other persons voice clearly. It is making some sort of scratchy sound. So there is no point in booting my phone with Android if am not able to make calls successfully. It is the same when i recieve the calls. Even the other person was not able to hear me. This problem is observed when i run CLRCAD file and Haret file to boot the android. So please suggest a solution…


  2. Hi,

    I am using HSPL 1.42…. and ROM 3.14.405.2 (04666) WWE version. I checked the ROM version in settings–>About Phone –> Software information. I checked the HSPL by powering on the phone by pressing the volume down button.


  3. if i change the HSPL then will there be any data loss?? by the way can u please give me the link to download the HSPL 2.08 and proceedure to install it.

  4. elo jayce
    i updated my sgs2 calendar with some details
    but how to upload the details to gmail calendar ?
    everytime i try syncing ….it only keeps the gmail calendar wan …
    pls advise

  5. Hi Jayce,

    Am wondering if you are using Galacy Note 2 and hence facing also the Google Calendar sync problem? If yes, any solution? It is rather frustrating that those who might buy this phone will likely to use this feature quite often. Any help appreciated.

  6. i use htc wildfire.i recently synced my phone contacts to my google acoount.i hard reset my phone because it was having some problem.i lost my all contacts on can i bring back my contacts from my google account?


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