How to Install NAND Android on HTC HD2? (Video)

Finally, NAND Android for HTC HD2 is arrived. Thanks to DFT and all the developers that make it happens. We don’t need to boot into Windows Mobile 6.5 first then load Android anymore. But this means we can’t use Windows Mobile 6.5 anymore and until Windows Phone 7 ROM comes out. You are stuck with Android only if you install DFT MAGLDR Bootloader and NAND Android ROM for HTC HD2. Do you still want to continue?


  • HSPL3 ~ SPL-2.08.HSPL
  • Radio that support 576 RAM
  • DFT MAGLDR Bootloader

Make sure that you have all the prerequisites installed. If no, please install HSPL3 by following this guide ~ How to Install HSPL3 on HTC HD2? (Video). Install radio ROM 2.15 with help of this post ~ How to Install Custom Radio ROM on HTC HD2? (Video). Finally, follow this guide ~ How to Install MAGLDR on HTC HD2? to install DFT MAGLDR Bootloader. All done? Let’s get started…

Step by Step Guide

  1. Power on your phone.
  2. DFT MAGLDR Bootloader will be loaded.
  3. Use volume down button to go down to 4. USB Flasher.
  4. Then press call button to load Android Flasher mode.
  5. Connect USB cable from PC to phone.
  6. Open DFT_LEO_NAND_Android.rar with 7-Zip.
  7. Copy DFT_Android folder to desktop.
  8. Enter DFT_Android folder.
  9. Execute DAF.
  10. Follow onscreen instructions to install.
  11. Click ‘Yes’ if User Access Control prompt up.
  12. Phone will be rebooted after installation finished.
  13. DFT MAGLDR Bootloader will be loaded then.
  14. Use volume down button to go down to 2. Boot AD NAND.
  15. Then press call button to load NAND Android.
  16. Disconnect USB cable from phone.
  17. Follow onscreen instructions to setup Android settings.
  18. That’s all.

To make auto boot to NAND Android.

  1. Restart your phone.
  2. Load to DFT MAGLDR Bootloader
  3. Use volume up button to go up to 8. Services.
  4. Then press call button to load Services Menu.
  5. Then press call button again to enter AutoBoot settings.
  6. Then press call button again to enter Boot source settings.
  7. Select 2. Android from NAND with call button.
  8. Use volume up button to go up to 8. Services again.
  9. Then press call button to load Services Menu.
  10. Then press call button again to enter AutoBoot settings.
  11. Select 2. AlwaysMenu with call button.
  12. Press power on/off button to select NO at Show boot menu always at boot?
  13. Use volume up button to go up to 9. Reset.
  14. Phone will be rebooted and enter NAND Android automatically.
  15. That’s all.

Download LEO “Stock” NAND Android ROM here.

Bye bye Windows Mobile 6.5 and hello Android 2.2 Froyo…


  1. Hi Jayce…. Is this build will totally remove WM 6.5?
    Bugs…? Robotic Voice…. Cam Corder… Network signal… Have you encountered…? Want to upgrade but i do hesitate coz’ of bug/ problem issues, if any? Is this build perfect..? Thankz a lot… Been following your site…. And waiting for a perfect build before I upgrade..? Thankz!

  2. Hello

    I’m Ferdinand from Holland.

    I have now running the NAND ROM version on my HTC HD2, only i Have 1problem.

    When i will call somebody by fone, and then hang up, the screen will be black, and pressing any keys won’t do anything, the buttons will light up but thats it ??

    After this, If somebody will phone me and i press the telefone key ( most right one ) than the connection will be aborted ( missing call ) , but the screen comes back to life any i can use everything on the fone.

    This problem had i also with Android on SD.

    MAGLDR 1.10
    HSPL 2.08.

    i allready tried the radio version 2.10

    Please can someone put me one the right track.

    Sorry for my englisch

    Grtzz Ferdinand

  3. Ok Jayce,

    Thanks for your reply,

    But now i have troubles with sync the htc with laptop, with tool do i have to use, because win mobile 6.1 won’t work know.
    To place a different radio version works the same as in winmo ???

    My OS is windows 7 32bit


    • just unplug the usb and plug it again it says that because you usually have it plugged before you start the process happened to me a couple of time

      • Got the same probleem! Rom 1.66.404.1 (NED)
        Did the HSP3 Flash like in the movie!
        PC those not see the divce !!! Error (Error Description: USB init failed
        Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (723)
        Also if i start in MAGLDR111 i see for a short moment :

        Kanel open Faild!

        For any info please mail mee or replay!!
        Because now i can’t do nothing with my phone Know! Is there a possebilety to get back to wm 6.5???

        With frendly regards,


        • Nice man, Tryd it on a windows Vista computer! Workt perfect the first time!! Yesterday i tryd it on a XP computer! That mayby cost the probleem? It works perfect!! Thx man !!!

          This is just what i need!! :):)

          Ps. Had the robotic voice to!! But did what Erik posted and it wil disapear!!!!

            • Mayby do you know if i have to install Flash 10.1 for android??

              or is it already installd??/

              Does it make a diffrent ?

              Greetz Chris

                • Was just a question! The phone works perfect THX!!!

                  Saw it in the market place! was thinking that it was mayby new version!

                  mayby that it makes a different! But i will leef the phone as it is!

                  Thx Greetz Christiaan

                  • I’ve tried this on my xp and my roommates vista and windows 7 and nothing!!!!! im really frustrated and completely stuck…it keeps stopping when i execute DAF…I’ve tried removing and re-connecting mini usb to phone several times in several different ways but nothing on all computers. and I’ve tried BOTH radio versions and still nothing…WP7 installs fine on the phone but i want ANDROID!! PLEASE HELP MEE!!

                    thank you

                    • Weird… WP7 installation is the same as NAND Android. Both using the same method.

                      I am using HSPL3 and 2.15 radio. Installed using Windows 7 with Windows Mobile Device Center. What system configuration do you have?

  4. Yo. thanks for all this greatness!! love the hacking tools.

    but 1 question…which track did you use in the video?

    greetz from the netherlands

  5. Jayce…let me start off by thanking you for all that you do with these new builds…

    I just installed my NAND ROM and it is working perfectly…a little delay with the gps but that was a problem even with wimo.

    The installation was a lot quicker and simpler than the SD install.

    Keep up the good work…

  6. Did the install too, on my HD2. Works fine. Had a problem with the G-sensor, but display-down calibration solved that. No I’ve got the robotic-voice problem… (did not have that earlier!) Any clue what to do?

    Thanks for the great instructions!

    Bye (also from the Netherlands)


  7. Fixed my g sensor problem by calibrating with display downwards (at the edge of a table). Sound problems gone after power down, remove battery and reboot. Just wanted to let you all know! 😉

  8. Hey i need help. So ive installed the Magldr v1.10 but i keep gettin this gogogo message, and i just found out i need v1.11. But how do i update Magldr??

  9. hi jayce :
    question, if i already have stock rom radio ROM 2.15 i still need to install HSPL3 on HTC HD2? or just Install MAGLDR on HTC HD2 will do?

  10. My phone is stuck on “loading please wait”…. after I installed DFT MAGLDR Bootloader. Nothing else is happening. What should I do?


  11. Once I have done all of the steps exactly as you detailed. (Including HSPL, Custom Radio, and MAGLDR) I get the following error when flashing the Android:

    Error happen
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: send partition data failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (802)

    Error Description:
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (545)

    Thanks for your help!!!

  12. Hello Jayce,

    First, thank you for taking the time to help all the people respect !

    My story was, that the foon ( screen ) will freeze when i had call somebody.

    The strange thing now is, whem I use the foon with my navigation unit in my car ( Pioneer AVIC F910-BT) via bluetooth, everything is working just fine, i can make the call myself and the foon wil be working like it shoot do.

    I have searched on the IE by my dear friend Mr Google 😉 but their is nohting to find about my problem.

    Do you have some solution to this problem

    greeting Ferdinand

  13. Hey Jayce,

    I found something with my foon, don’t now the reason, but here it is.

    When i use the telefone item ( screen button ) on the main screen to select a name after hanging up the screen will freeze.

    But If a go to the apps screen and use HTC-contacts and dail a name than everything is ok ????

    Is there a way to delete the standard fone button in the middel ( on the screen ), and place there the widget of HTC caontacts????

    I hope you do understand what i trying to say 🙂

    Greetings from Holland, Ferdinand

  14. WHOA. THANKS :)) One last question.

    I just saw the Droid ultimate awhile ago. Can I still change the OS i’m using now which is the stock NAND?

  15. hai Jayce

    I have installed the prj Clean Desire Rom..this is SUPER!!!! Thanks it works perfect .
    bud how must i instal a new Rom??? the gaune1986 HD-FI

    sorry for my english I am Dutch….pfffff
    Greetz Ben.R

  16. Error happen
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: Config load failed.
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (712)

    Error Description: CONFIG: file not exist
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (346)

    I have a problem please help.

    • hai frank
      this is the problem look the text …and redownload your NAND

      Not able to make a usb connection to the phone when in Magldr

      Error Description: USB init failed
      Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (723)

      Go to the Activesync icon in the bottom right corner, right click on it and untick the option “Allow usb connections” and then connect the device again. Run daf.exe (or install.exe) as administrator by right clicking on it and selecting the option (if using Windows7 or Vista). Hopefully the usb drivers will then install and the Android Rom will flash.

      Another option could be to uninstall and reinstall Activesync or to try different usb ports on your pc. If that doesnt work and you have Windows XP then you need to try on a machine with Vista or Windows 7.

      Error Description: send partition data failed
      Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (802)

      Error Description:
      Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (545)

      Try removing your micro SD Card then redownload your NAND Rom again. Extract it using WinZip or WinRar then right click and select Run As Administrator (Vista and Windows7 only) with your AntiVirus turned off

  17. Hey guys you know that new update that the evo got i think its 3.70. But they got new features like the blockbuster app and such, is there anyway to update the hd2 into Android 3.70 like the evo?

  18. hi jaycee, i have already installed mdj gingerbread and its working but the is radio 2.10 not radio 2.15 does the gingerbread works well..

    and if i want to go back to windows mobile is it possible?

  19. Hai Jayce…

    the gaune1986 HD-FI Rom whooooooooooooo!!!!
    this is brilliant!!!!!!! my HD2 is fast/nice/perfect…
    thanks man you are the 1
    many many thanks from Holland (the netherlands)

  20. What is the best rom for the hd2? Is gingerbread any good? i just got the stock, but im looking for something else, something i can use daily.

  21. hi i got this message show as below, while install Nand Adroid.

    Error happen
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: USB init failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (723)

    pls help..urgent …thks

  22. Hi Jayce,

    I got Android on SD card… so i can keep winmo as well.

    Not ready to go for Android in NAND. Reason is I couldnt find applications like listpro (excellent, sophisticated to do list manager.. more like an excel for mobile), keeptrack (fin managemet app ) Panaromic Calc Pro (Calculator with different modes.. help me a lot at work) Andorid looks good for games and tiny apps but not more sophisticated ones like these… or am i wrong…? i think winmo does have some advantages there…needed your opinion before i let go of winmo…

    Plus feel unease, when free apps in android market asks for a lot of permissions before letting us install it… will it creates security issues?

    ur expert opinion pls,

    thanks in advance,


    • I missed Garmin Mobile XT on Windows Mobile. But I installed Papago! on Android to replace it.

      As for permissions, I don’t care much. Applications on Android Market should be okay since Google filter them before release to us… 😉

  23. Why does the G-Sensor not working on my HD2,
    I’ve even reflash it 3 Times and it does not work??? (please help me)
    I have installed it on 3 other HD2 phones it’s okay???

  24. im having one issue..when i run the DAF.exe file it can’t detect my phone via usb connection…on the phone it shows “wait usb…usb” which means that it connected right? and on the computer the error message says “Error Description: USB init failed Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp(723) any idea on how to get past this step? thanx

  25. Hi Jayce, i just want to know how can we connect htc hd2 with and android rom to PC because it always appear in the PC please insert disk.


  26. hi all,

    i just flash my HD2 with NAND Android 2.2, but now my phone can’t detect SD card and my WIFI is not working, anyone can advise, thanks.

  27. hey everyone i have a problem if anyone can help i downloaded the magldr and i’m using windows xp and i for got to put the sd card and i need to take the magldr off to reload it can anyone hellllpppp!!!!!!!!!

  28. my radio was a 50 .14 i used nand1.11 and now activesync wont detect on my windows laptop and i also tryed the aurtomatic bootloader but nothin im stuck on wait usb…usb theres no way i can install the portion that says daf.exe what can i do please help my fun maybe ruined its an usa tmo hd2..

  29. well i stayed persistant pulled the battery over and over about 3 hrs worth lol and downloaded tmos hd2 upgrade got the screen to stay in rainbow red green and the other 2 colors and tmos upgrade went back on as i ran it as administrator wiped nand magdlr out forever rightback at u dft now i want the android build still would u direct me to everything thats right for my hd2 mr jacee heres the specs -os version5.2.221913-manilla version rom 3.14.531.1 wwe-radio version i dont have the tmo 16gb sd card i bought a 8gb from the store would that work and how would i put the android cooked rom and dwnloder to it .because i strongly recomend it for first time users its a whole lot of step by step instructions and videos that dont tell you everything trust me i was lucky so mr jacee please taylor make me a put together android thats right for my phone please i really do thank you on your help.

    • Can’t help you much since you don’t like to reply my previous questions. 😛

      1. Go into Wi-Fi settings. Turn on Wi-Fi. What kind of error did you get?
      2. Can you read your SD card using card reader in PC?

  30. i am trying to connect my phone to my computer and i am choosing the connection type on my phone but nothing shows up on the computer.

  31. Dear friend,

    i have successfully installed the NAND android and it works smooth as cutting butter with knife.
    But i have 3 issues right now.
    1) i cant make videos?
    2) The G-sensor does not work properly like the sensor does not interacts properly and whenever i am using any application, it goes on landscape mode, how can i fix this issue?
    3) All the applications are being installed on the Phone storage which is reducing my hd2 space in just few applications. How can i directly install the applications on the memory card instead of installing it in the phone memory and then moving them to the memory card, but it works only for third party applications?

    Please help, as these three things are very important for me which needs to be fixed.

    • 1. Make video clip?
      2. It is a known bug. Install another ROM that doesn’t have this issue. Else find a patch to fix it.
      3. Install Android ROM that support A2SD+. It will install apps directly into SD card.

  32. Thanks for the good step by step instructions.

    I have one issue, I am unable to connect to the Internet after the install. I’ve tried the settings but no success.

  33. Hi Jayce,

    I have installed nand android on my HD2 and everything is working perfectly. Only thing that is strange is GPS. It needs about 10 min and more to receive valid signal from satellites. In winmo 6.5 that time was less then one minute. I was using A-GPS and i cant find such thing in android.
    Any advice?


  34. hello jayce,

    i have already installed many android nand, but the jdms ultimate and the latest cyanogen gingerbread i cannot install, is there a different way of installing it?

    many thanks to you,


  35. Hey Jayce,

    I am the one with the tochscreen problems with dailing somebody.

    A strange thing happend, i thought i put a lockscreen on the fone lockv2.0 ( a kind of iphone lockscreen ), and yeaaaaaaahhhh everything is working fine, now i can hang up the fone en the sceen doesn’t freezes anymore.

    When i delete the lock 2.0 app than screens turns black after a call.

    For now i am happy, but i still want to now what trigger this problem.

    Greetings Ferdinand

  36. The issue I was having was when I tried flashing the rom. I just used the task 29 and tried it again and worked for me that tim.e. Not very helpful I know, but it’s working fine for me now.

  37. hey jayce!! everything is working fine except the in-call volume…very very low. Any fixes for that? my android automatically runs as soon as i installed i didnt need to do the auto boot
    how to start with MAGDLR to select the flash mode Android.?
    and try to install another nand?
    which I recommend?
    Thanks for everything, very good video … makes it so easy …
    I Am from PARAGUAY

    • Power on your phone and don’t let go power button. It will load into MAGLDR. I have no idea on low in-call volume, I am using JDMS Ultimate build now. No issue with that. 😉

  38. wow wow wow !

    you’re true god buddy !
    I’ve seen umpteen link to NANd and i had zero confidence to get it done as i didn’t want to brick my HD2 phone.

    Through your simple and amzing tips, i am running NAND happyily !
    Thanks, i appreciate your cool headedness and confidence !

  39. If i run this with my memory card in my phone, will all the data be deleted? Is it better if i just run this whole procedure with out my memory card?

  40. jayce, when i downgrade to 1.66 rom, it shows me 448mb of RAM. does it really matter if i am putting NAND android on it? please reply soon

  41. Hello jayce,

    Thanks for all the help i am now running desire HD rom. But its a bit slugish as i wasnt able to see my ram size larger than 448 when i downgraded to 1.66.

    i want to change the android to darkstone as ive heard its the fastest and smoothest. i tried installing custom RUU to 2.15 but it still showed 448mb. I tried some other links but it was asking for user name and pwd.

    How to remove this andriod and install another>

    P.S and VERY important, i tried everything but i couldnt get over with the USB error. i moved the folders to the desktop from a specific folder and it all worked fine.. STRANGE!!

    • Glad to know that. And you are most welcome.

      By installing radio 2.15, it already enable 576MB of RAM. But you can’t see it from user stand point, because system used up some and some for video RAM.

      As for the sluggishness, it is caused by Desire HD ROM itself. Try JDMS Ultimate (I am using this one). Super fast and stable. 🙂

      To install another NAND Android, just start this page installation process again. It will replace the existing one. Oh, before I forget. Power on (don’t let go power button) phone, it will bring you to MAGLDR.

  42. Hey Jayce! So the Android ROM has been on my phone for a couple of days now, and it works fine so far. One thing though, my internet connention does not say 3g, it has the letter H instead. it still works fine but i dnt know if this is a problem. Do you have a link where i can fix my internet connection?

      • No it works fine. I love the Rom its so smooth nd easy to use! So my internet connection is legit which means my carrier will not over charge me or nothing right? And again thank you jayce so much for all ur help and support! Much love from California! 🙂

  43. Hi Jayce,
    Thanks for your answers!

    I have one more question. In video camera options i found hd resolution (720) mode. When i select that mode and star recording everything is fine. When I want to end filming the screen stays in recording mode and I can not do anything to stop it to save the video.

    Is there any solution?

    Thank you again!

  44. I am having a HUGE problem i need to return my htc hd2 with the original stock room i am unable to return to the settings i normally had when i got the phone can you help me i have 6 days to return the phone…..i installed the android rom above not knowing i would not be able to return to its original stock ….

  45. I have install DFT LEO NAND ANDROID on my HTC HD 2 but I am having problems with internet connection. Last night it worked for a few minutes, I then soft reset the phone and pulled the battery I even have app refresh signal and I even went into settings and did a reset to default APN settings, last night all this got it working again but this morning no network connection again. I can make and receive calls I just can’t get online or use any app that requires a network connection.

  46. i looked at the video you sent me and my phone does not want to sync with the active sync all i have is htc sync on the android 2.2 any suggestions of how to connect my phone to my laptop and not use mobile device center….

  47. Did not “Uncheck allow USB connections” encounter. Error Description: USB init failed Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp(723)

    However,my HD2 got reboot and seems to start loading and hang at the HTC quietly brilliant logo…what can I do?

    I have updated the HSPL3 and Radio….

      • sorry for the late reply. I took the hard road by reinstall with Rom 1.66 and repeated the steps. No issue after that.

        Btw, I am using DMS Ultimate Android ROM and notice the WiFi signal seems to be weaker than mattc Leo + Froyo wSense 1.7. Even the signal on my notebook reflects a stronger signal.

        Any tuning you are aware of?

        thanks in advance. Happy Chinese New Year. 🙂

        • Happy Chinese New Year. 😀

          I did not actually check the Wi-Fi strength on previous ROM. So can’t compare on JDMS ROM now. So far it is working fine. Sorry, don’t know how to boost the signal yet.

  48. I cant boot into Android, Im stuck on the black screen “Boot Menu” and been here for 2 days now. I just want to boot back to WM 6.5 (is there a link)? Plus my usb cannot connect to my pc (its not reading it).. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

  49. Hi everyone and hello Jayce, my question is : how to flash my hd2 that already has nand android and put a new one.. i know i should go to boot loader but i don’t know how to.. i tried the volume down thingy and it got me to the color bar where the usb is shown in the white bar but still don’t know how to boot the bootloader anymore 🙁 help plz

  50. ohh BTW, when i make phone calls everyone sounds robotic, i tried to restart or make couple of calls and nothing change. thanx

      • ohh funny thing just happened man… i downloaded Tango from the market place and tried the free call and it was working, for some reason when i tried a normal gsm call it got fix 🙂 thank god. so if anyone have the same problem i think they should try the same . Thanks.

        am not sure which radio man, the problem is that android doesn’t show it 🙁

  51. hi jayce, im just installed magldr bootlooder and when i install the daf application there were a massage saying, Error happen, read below for more information, Error Desripton: USB init failed, Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (723) .so what can i do now???

  52. sorry jayce now i found that when i reboot my phone, before the boot menu appear this massage come out “Booting android from Nand, Android load at 11800000, from android, Nand yaffs2 boot mount failed”. Please help me…..

  53. hey,

    I installed the NAND i got to the screen that say GO GO GO.. and it show DFT Screen and it just restart the phone and show the GO Go screen and show the DFT screen and restart agin it keeps Resting… What should I do??? Please Help…

  54. Hi Jayce,

    I bought official extended battery for hd2. Some time earlier I have installed nand android and it worked great. When I attached new (extended) battery it won’t charge and load android completely. It shuts down when gets to lock screen. What should I do to make my phone support this battery?

    Thanks in advance!

  55. He Jayce,

    Please Help.
    I got stuck at the part with the ERROR….
    I read some articles above, but nothing did help.
    Is there anything else I can do? Can I get back to WM?
    My mobile is stuck right now!!

  56. After I installed NAND Android, how do i go back to Win6.5? Hard reset?
    What do i hard reset to if i am using NAND Android? Back to android?

  57. Thank you thank you so much for this! I followed the directions exactly – of course had a few issues with the 7zip but all is good. I love my phone so much more!

    I have encountered a problem sending picture sms text messages. It says “Generic Network Failure” I’ve looked all over to find a fix and have tried various APN settings, but still no luck.

    Is there a fix for this?

    Thank you for sharing this info!

  58. i have a few questions,about my rom,curently im using official rom 3.14 and the radio 2.15. ive tried downgrade my rom,but i only found the lowest rom is 1.72 and radio 2.07. ive tried to install according to your steps with 1.72 rom and i get stucked during installation on magldr. its stuck on the 1st screen htc logo,i did tried to follow by hold the end key to get the bootloader but failed. do u have any idea,since i cannot getrom version 1.66 for my hd..thank you

      • yes i did install HSPL3 i download it from your link. I managed to install HSPL3 til i message “hacked”. I stuck at MGLDR, after installing, the bootloader stuck and hang at HTC logo.

        1. As what you have mentioned, we need ROM 1.66. I checked from HTC according to my version is from Hongkong, I only found the lowest ROM 1.72. So i give a shot download and install it. My current ROM is 3.14 so i downgrade it to 1.72.

        2. At first my SPL is 3.03, after downgrade to ROM 1.72, i got SPL 1.66.

        3. RGB, the R required 2.15.*** which I have it exactly on my current ROM 3.14 . But after I downgrade it to 1.72 ROM, the R appears 2.07.***

        4. ROM 3.14 radio is 2.15.50 after downgrade to 1.72 the radio is 2.07.51.

        You have any solution for that? Im not really sure 1.72 rom support 576MB ram. I tried to download ROM 1.66 according to your link, but i cannot download it due to the serial number of my phone is not match.

          • ok so I need to upgrade it to 2.15 radio ROM. how about the ROM version, 3.14 or 1.72? sory im a bit new here and im a bit confuse with the ROM and the Radio ROM.

            3.14 ROM will give 2.15.40 Radio ROM, SPL 3.03

            1.72 ROM will give 2.07.15 Radio ROM, SPL 1.66

            Can the Radio ROM version be upgrade to 2.15.40 without touching the ROM 1.72?

  59. please help,after i installed MAGLDR now my phone is freeze only say HTC and white screen stay like that forever , i tried to turn it off and turn it back on it still say htc . please help how to get it back to normal. thank you.

  60. yes I did installed HSPL3 about 3 months ago and the radio I just installed this morning and after I installed the radio I started to install MAGLDR and after that it’s freeze only Htc logo.

    • no your phone is still working. Its happened to me. you plug in the usb and connect it to your computer. switch on your hd by holding volume down + end call. til you see your SPL version etc and get a message below USB from the trio color.

      your computer does not recognize your phone, you need to update the driver from internet. it will install the latest driver for you to detect your phone.

      download your official ROM, and install in back from your computer. The RUU. thats all. hope its working.

  61. hey jay i installed this on my hd2 and it works perfect everything calls wifi just everything but i do find the battery still kinda bad is there anything i can do to get a good battery life and yes i am running this of nand not sd card thanks

  62. Does the NAND install work on t-Mob HSPL3 –> Radio –> MAGldr or would i need custom rom. Also which one you recommend for NAND android install 2.12 or 2.15

  63. i download this and install it on my hd2. when people call me all i hear is a robot voice and the 3g doesnt seem to be working. my phone also does not want to charge. is there anyway i can reset the phone settings? i want to put it in windows mobile 6.5 . the system it came with

  64. hi Jayce,

    i installed android 2.2 from the instructions and all things are working perfectly execpt my browser window is opening but any website is not opening….althu applications like facebook and youtube are running well….can u please help me why the browser is not working???????

  65. I have flashed my phone with the Nand Android 2.2 ROM but I am now unable to send a txt message, although I can receive them….is there anything I need to do?


  66. I need help i have windows 7 and my phone isnt connecting to the computer, im stuck on this “”wait…usb” screen..HELP PLZ lol IM PHONELESS! :'(

  67. Installed Android 2.2 using NAND ROM and everything works perfectly except mobile web. I can get web content using wi-fi, but not over T-mobile web service. All other features work perfectly and I have had no issues with any other services. Any suggestions?


  68. That’s correct. I’m not a techie (as you can probably tell from my verbiage in my question). I don’t have 3G or EDGE service on my HD2 despite several reboots and contacting T-Mobile to make sure I have the correct service (mobile web).

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  69. I’m getting a black screen that says
    Booting Android from Nand
    Android Load at 11800000
    From Nand
    yaffs2 part is /boot
    Load zImage
    Load initrd.gz
    [K]11808000:237098 [I]12200000:37222
    load Done!
    Go Go Go!
    I’m very new to all of this. However it seems like it was successful but none of my buttons seem to work. Every thing seems frozen. Please Help!!!

  70. I dont know if this quiestion has being asked yet, but when will android be available for the HD7. Cause my HD7 feels like a paper weight at the moment.

  71. Hi.

    I get this.

    Error Description: USB init failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (723)

    And i have tried every solutions that I have found, including this one.

    I run a Windows 7 64bit and have tried all USB ports and different USB cables.

    This is the steps I have done.

    Installed HSPL 2.08
    installed Radio
    installed MAGLDR 1.13

    sets the MAGLDR to USB-flasher and then I get stuck.
    Have tried diffrent NANDs and no luck.

    Any ideas? I realy want Android 🙂

    And yes I have gone back to the official WP rom so many times now that I have lost track.

    Please, ideas on how I could fix this.

  72. MY HD2 IS LITERALLY SCREWED!! i did all the right process up to the android part after the download my phone just go up to the dark forces team logo or startup whatever then it shuts off and start over what can i do i am so worried please reply!!

    • Download a Windows mobile offical ROM from HTC homepage and reinstall windowsmobile and start over.

      Hold down the “volume down” button to get to the right mode for reinstallation

  73. slight issue, everything works fine but messaging (SMS) calling works fine and so does the internet but it just says ‘failed to send message’

  74. Hey Jayce, I had this pn my phone for almost a month. Its been working great so far . But all of a sudden I can not recieve calls nor make them. Can you help ?

  75. Hi, Jayce. I’ve successfully completed all the steps up to Android flasher mode screen. But, when it says ‘Wait USB….’ it doesn’t say ‘Wait USB….USB’ It did it once but i restarted my phone and it has not done it since (i restarted it bc of the error problem with DAR-didn’t see the activesync solution til just now ( bc of windows XP) Any solutions? I’ve already restarted my phone several times.

  76. I restarted my pc and now I get the Wait USB…..USB. But, I’m still getting the error. I can’t get into my activesync to change click the USB box like you said though…..

  77. hi jayce hust a few questions sorry noob here understand how to install my questions are can i go back to wm 6.5 if this does not run smooth for me and my second question is im in the uk will the features like gprs and data servivces and wifi be compat ??
    many thanks

  78. Heyy,
    gr8 stuff brother…thanx a lot….windows 6.5 is a dumb OS for a smart phone, and i was about to sell my hd2 coz of tht….thanx to you, i have a monster OS on a monster phone ! Excellent ! 😛

    do keep us updated on all the latest updates….

    Many thanks,

  79. Hi Jayce, I have dell venue Pro, its on wp7….if i follow the same step, would it work? if not, what are the chances it might work?

  80. hi jayce. i have one questions how do you flash another rom to it do you go to usb flasher? then repeat the same process ? please help

  81. Hi Jayce
    I followed your tutorials to install Android 2.2 NAND successfully on my HTC HD2.
    Thank you for your kind sharing. You made my day!
    cheers & God Bless,

  82. now my phone is empty..coz i already formatted SD Card And Factory reset…so is it i just download this software as above and just transfer to my phone than when i restart my phone it will auto boot???

  83. Hello this may be a rather stupid question but when all this is installed and done does the android market work to where you can purchase and downloads apps and games.

  84. hey there.
    am i right???
    to install android on hd2, did i need to copy anything to sd-card.
    i installd SPL-2.08.HSPL , and DFT MAGLDR Bootloader.
    last LEO “Stock” NAND Android ROM.

    my hd starts with these:

    all goes until android start up.
    it starts. the same picture on screen, like the picture of video on top.
    then it go black and close.?????????????

    • No idea. Lot of factors can make Android fail to boot. As long as you are using the same settings / applications as mine, you are fine. Because I tested them.

  85. boot:
    PB81100 HX-BC
    SPL-2.08.HSPL 8G XE

    from HSPL3_PKG.

    os ver: 5.2.21913 (21913.5.0.94)
    manila ver:2.5.20181527.0

    rom ver:3.14.403.2.(04666) danish

    rom dato 10/04/10

    radio ver:

    proto ver:

  86. you tell me. your the expert.
    now im back to windows.

    still show:
    PB81100 HX-BC
    SPL-2.08.HSPL 8G XE

    from HSPL3_PKG.

    os ver: 5.2.21913 (21913.5.0.94)
    manila ver:2.5.20181527.0

    rom ver:3.14.403.2.(04666) danish

    rom dato 10/04/10

    radio ver:

    proto ver:

    then i should install DFT MAGLDR Bootloader.
    last LEO “Stock” NAND Android ROM. isnt it right??

  87. start android but after 1-2 sec it close down.

    i am back to windows rom,ver: 3.14.403.2
    but still spl-2.08.hspl

  88. Hi All,

    I got the error 723 working on windows xp
    please make sure you have the rapitol.exe and EnterBootloader.exe on the same folder you have the DAF.exe

    This is how it worked for me

  89. Superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!everything seems to work great!will see in the future what might be wrong!:)but very big thanks to you indeed!you doing a great job!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. hi jayce how can i download the NAND Android cuz can’t download it when i click the link and how many mb for the NAND Android file. thx

  91. hi jayce me again. sorry disturbing u. after i run the DFT Android Flasher the status come out like this Error happen
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: USB init failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (723)

    Error Description: wait marker fails
    Info: .\RSPL\BootLoader.cpp (225)
    So what need should i do to install the android to my hd2 plssss.

  92. Hey Jayce, I have installed Android NAND rom on my HD2.It works fine for couple of minutes and freezes every 2 min . I have removed my battery every time it freezes I am worried it will damage the phone.Please send me some info to fix the freezing problem.It froze more than 20 times in an hour.


  93. okay this is finally an adroid rom i actually got to work haha but now i don’t know how to get the 3G to work. help please?

  94. Hey Jayce, I have installed Android NAND rom on my HD2.It works fine for couple of minutes and freezes every 2 min . I have removed my battery every time it freezes I am worried it will damage the phone.Please send me some info to fix the freezing problem.It froze more than 20 times in an hour.Please help me with the soiution .


  95. Hey Jayce, I followed your instructions as well as watch the videos for installing Android Nand on my hd2 but in the middle of my download an error occurred and all my phone keeps doing is turning on and off. When it is on it shows the booting screen briefly then it shows the DFT screen before turning off. Is there anything i can do?

  96. Hi rly need your help
    When instaling android sth goes wrong :

    Error Description: send partition data failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (802)

    Error Description:
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (545)

    Now it goes to DFT dark forces team and stops right there
    Please Help!!!!!

  97. Hi i wanted to know how to reinstall windows 6.5 because mine cracked & i’m getting it replaced. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to hack phones so i wanted to reinstall it just in case.

  98. Hey, this is a great build! Way smoother than Windows. The only issue that I have is that I cannot connect to the internet through my data service. It only works when I am in Wifi range. Have you encountered this?

  99. Hi Jayce, after how many months, 4 months to be exact, I’m experiencing some problems on the build I’ve installed, it was from Cotulla, the new years gift from him, 2.2 build…. Running smooth over the past month but, I guess 3 weeks ago, I started to hang up with a weird noise coming from it, like a static or flow of electricity. It usually occur when I’m playing or watching movies. Can you help me with my problem. Thanks.

    • btw
      this is my software info
      android version – 2.2
      baseband version –
      kernel version –
      build number – 2.29.405.5 CL293415 release-keys
      software number – 2.29.405.5
      browser version – webkit 3.1

  100. Jayce, my MAGLDR V1.13 is different from what you have on the video. My USB flasher is on number 5 not on number 4.

    Here’s what is written on my screen

    aMAGLDR V1.13
    Build: Feb 1 2011 03:46:07
    by Cotulla 2011


    Boot Menu:

    1. Boot WPH
    2. Boot AD SD
    3. Boot AD NAND
    4. USB MassStg
    5. USB Flasher
    6. USB TTY
    7. AD Hardreset
    8. AD Recovery
    9. Tetris
    10. Services
    11. Reset
    12 PowerDown

    when I click number 5, my phone flashes

    USB Flasher mode
    Wait USB…

    then nothing happens.

    I installed everything you said.Help please. 🙁

  101. Jayce ignore my previous queries. I have installed Anroid to my HTC HD2! Thank you for your patience. Everything went fine. In fact i was able to download apps from marketplace except that when it hung, i restarted it by removing the battery and now it wont boot android. im just left with the black screen with htc green letters. any advice?

  102. Hey man, just wanted to say I followed your tut and it worked like a charm, I kissed WM6.5 goodbye, and soaking myself in the awesomeness that is Android..

    One thing left to try, pay up my bill and try data on the phone. Will let you know how it works

  103. Dude, my 3G isn’t working, a question before I start crying, in APN settings, do I need something other than the server name, username and password?

      • Hey man, checked with my telco, got the settings (which were already in the phone anyways when I ported the ROM)

        Now, no internet over network whatsoever, and the bars at the top don’t show any data signals (I’m assuming like with WinMo I would see a G, H, or something, right?)

        I tried doing the instructions above, just creating a blank APN and selecting it, that didn’t work either.

        Any ideas?

        Should I try to reinstall Android?

        • Reinstall Android won’t help. You need to key in the correct values in APN settings. My telco works by putting dummy value but I am not sure yours.

  104. Dude I just found out I can’t send SMS, where can I find the settings, I can receive but not send, I opened up settings but can’t find the usual stuff (msg center no. etc.)

  105. Hay Jayce, I buy a second hand HD2 with already with Android OS, had Magldr 1.13 version, than boot with Android DL super init, 4 weeks works normally, than someday I choose hibernate the phone, because everytime I choose power off option it always turn off than turn on again all the times. After I hibernate at the morning I turn on the phone and stuck at Android Super DL init and won’t show green android logo again until now. I had already read the procedure you gave me, last time I try to run DFT LEO “Stock” NAND Android ROM it stuck at DFT screen and wait until battery last won’t contiune. What should I do now?

  106. Ok, I try it, I already try again with another ROM had a same issue. It’s kind an unstable. let me report after I try MIUI rom.

  107. Hi Jayce, Ive been running android on nand for some weeks now, i decided to change to a sense build and the rom chef’s instructions were to flash a 130m cwm partition, but when i go into usb flasher and i connect my usb, it doesnt recognise it, it just says
    USB Flasher mode
    Wait USB…

    Ive flashed different system partitions in magldr before when changing roms, and they have worked fine
    Ive tried using mass storage and that reads my hd2 perfectly well.
    Im so confused…

      • I have it installed but i am running windows in safe mode, because im getting the blue screen of death when i boot windows normally, could this be the problem?
        Also, im getting an imac in a couple of weeks, will i be able to flash roms and cmw partitions on there?

        • Most of the stuffs are disabled in Windows safe mode. No wonder your phone can’t be detected. And sorry to inform that MAC OS is not support but Windows on MAC yes.

  108. hey jayce,
    I followed the mentioned procedure and android is working fine… however i cannot hear anything when anyone calls me or even when i call anyone, there is no sound…
    Help me fix this……..

  109. I downloaded everything i needed. i was at the boot menu selected 4 and it did what it needed too but now its sitting at the DFT screen. and doing nothing it has been like this for 20+ mins.. what should i do?..

  110. Hey, i use a HTC HD2 locked to O2 in the UK. When i enter the serial number it says “Sorry, this software download is not suitable for your device.” What should i do? 🙁

  111. Hello again, will this work on any sim card? I’ve installed it and its working great! Thanks Jayce!! 😀

  112. Hey Jayce, android is working great but the only problem i am having is that the lock screen wont seem to respond when i slid it, i have to tap it many times before i can unlock it and another problem i am having is that my sound just randomly stops working, NO SOUND AT ALL!!, and I have to restart my phone and it works fine but then it happens again, no sound what so ever, not even when I lock the phone and unlock it, it doesnt give the little notification sound or anything and it freezes again, please help. 🙁 I really dont want to get another rom, I have a lot of important stuff on it for work, and I finally perfected my phone with all the stuff i want. But the freezing of the lock screen is killing me.

    • This is ROM issue. Can’t help much if you don’t want to change to another ROM. Backup all your stuff with Titanium Backup first before install new ROM.

  113. Hi Jayce,
    I’m using MAGLDR v1.13 with Desire HD v1.3 ROM.
    All the steps were followed but I’ve a major issue now is that it always hang during startup.
    Hope you can help me on this.
    Thank you.

      • Hi Jayce,

        Thanks for the advice and my HD2 is now working fine with Android after I reflash it with another ROM.

        BTW, just to check with you whether you are aware about the ‘Low Disk Space’ issue with HTC Desire and if you are aware of any solution to this problem?

        Thanks again.


  114. I wasn’t my phone to boot to nand android once i turn on my phone. Wll i did what you did but when i take the sd card out but when I turned it on it didnt go to the menu . It just said Botting NAND TO ANDROID .

  115. Jayce thanks for everything. I need help though. After installation finished magldr automatically booted and went to the screen you have at 2:40 in your video. It says “load initrd.gz Load done! 123456 GO GO GO!” and is just stuck there. The DFT logo doesn’t pop up and Android doesn’t boot up. Thanks in advance for the help, my phone is useless without it.

      • It says “ANDROID LOAD at 11800000 from NAND” in the first two lines. Its literally the exact same screen you have at 2:40 in your video, it just stops at GO GO GO and doesn’t show the DFT logo or actually boot up Android. It just stops there.

        • Look like a bad installation in this case. Try to reinstall Android ROM again. By the way, did you install all the stuffs (same version) like mine in the video?

          • Sorry man, I’m not nearly as tech savvy as you are so you’re gonna have to help me out. When you say “did you install all the stuffs like min in the video?” I don’t quite know what you mean. I’ve followed your links to download HSPL3 and MAGLDR and they both installed successfully. I also downloaded and installed the version of Android NAND that you link in this article. You want me to try installing the “DFT_LEO_NAND_Android.rar” file again? I’ll double check that.

            Thanks for the help

          • Ok I just installed it again and it says the installation was successful. After the installation the phone resets like it does in your video. MAGLDR comes up, but instead of going to the main menu (where you have 10 options or whatever) like it does in your video it automatically tries to boot Android from NAND. Then it just shows the same screen like I described earlier.

          • Sorry to reply again. I figured it out. There was an issue with some phones getting stuck on that screen when using MAGLDR 1.11 to flash Android NAND. I just updated ROM to MAGLDR 1.13 and Android is currently running on my phone. Thank you so much.

            God Bless

  116. Hallo

    ik heb alles gedaan zie je tabel

    Om automatisch opstarten van NAND Android.

    Herstart je telefoon.
    Belasting op MAGLDR Bootloader DFT
    Gebruik volume knop omhoog omhoog te gaan tot en met 8. Diensten.
    Druk op knop Bellen om het menu Diensten te laden.
    En druk op Oproep toets opnieuw in te voeren AutoBoot instellingen.
    En druk op Oproep toets opnieuw in te voeren Boot bron instellingen.
    Selecteer 2. Android uit NAND met belknop.
    Gebruik volume knop omhoog omhoog te gaan tot en met 8. Diensten opnieuw.
    Druk op knop Bellen om het menu Diensten te laden.
    En druk op Oproep toets opnieuw in te voeren AutoBoot instellingen.
    Selecteer 2. AlwaysMenu met belknop.
    Druk aan / uit-knop om niet altijd te kiezen bij Show boot menu tijdens het opstarten?
    Gebruik volume knop omhoog omhoog te gaan tot en met 9. Reset.

    tot stap 13 ging het goed, toen ik hem weer aan probeerde te zetten deed de telefoon alleen maar trillen, blijvend trillen met zwart beeld.
    Zelfs als ik de acculader aansluit nadat de batterij eruit is geweest gaat die gelijk weer trillen?
    raar ik kan nu niks meer met de telefoon
    weet iemand raad? kan iemand mij helpen?

    mvg Emile

  117. Hi Joyce,

    I have installed CDMA WM ROM with my GSM Phone by mistake, which bricked and unable to bring bootloader. I have contacted ebay guy to unbrick and gave me with working (unbrick) WM6.5 and touch screen was working, But color become less color than actual one. At this time my mobile bootloader looks like below

    PB81120 SS-B3
    SPL-2.08.HSPL 8G XE
    RIFFBOX 0X05
    Resurrected 0X50

    Now, I installed Android 2.3.4. It works few hours then stop work my touch screen at all. I can’t use anymore without touch screen. I thought something wrong with my Android installation, I reversed back with WM6.5 and uninstall HSPL as well. when i boot WM6.5 , i can see the first setup screen apears and touch screen did not work at all. Now my my bootloaders shows me as below

    PB81120 SS-B3
    SPL-2.08.0000 8G XE
    MICROP(LED) 0X05
    C0TTULA 0X50 <— missing now, Actual before brick

    Do you think ,is the problem with Hardware or ebay guy made mistake or android might have screwed my device ? Please help me rectivfy this issue to bring back to work without hangin / Touch screen should work and also color need to bring back Actual color

    OR Shall i send this phone with HTC (still have valid warrenty period), so that they can replace my touch screen problem or my warrent become void since the ebay guyopen and riffbox ?

    Please advise me, i am very tired of doing may research on these problem. !!

  118. hi jayce..i have t-mobile hd2 i think its european model its hardware buttons are white with no green or red button & its flash size is 512 mb..OS Version 5.2.21864 (21864.5.0.81) Manila version 2.5.19202525.0 ROM version (70315) WWE, ROM date 10/28/09, Radio version, Protocol version, Spl 1.42.0000 and its ram is 448 mb..pls bro guide i need to upgrade the rom version of my hd2 and do i need the latest Radio version for install the android nand on my htc hd2 if yes then which which rom & which Radio version i need for my hd2 and bro i dont knw this tmobile hd2 belongs to which country becuse this is used hd2..and the saler also didnot know the country version of this mobile..pls Jayce guide me..i want to install 2.2 android froyo on my hd2

  119. thanks Jayce for replying..but one thing which i want to ask do i need to upgrade my rom which is (70315) WWE does my rom version which is (70315) WWE support the android nand..thanks

  120. Jayce i cant get u..because i little bit weak in pls telll me i need to uprade my rom or rom version is (70315) WWE

    • Just follow the guide in the post. Install all the prerequisites == HSPL3 ~ SPL-2.08.HSPL, Radio v2.15 and DFT MAGLDR Bootloader. Finally, install NAND Android ROM.

  121. Jayce can these file are sufficiant for install android nand on htc hd2

    1) HSPL3 ~ SPL-2.08.HSPL
    2) Radio Leo
    3) MAGLDR113_DAF
    4) DFT_Android
    if any thing remains then please tell me..i already told u about the softwares of my tmobile htc hd2’s..pls be kind and reply as soon as..thanks

  122. hi i try to install android on hd2 nand..and hardspl 2.08 & radio were installed successfully but when i trying to install magldr113_daf..its gave me error..i double click on magldr11_daf folder then it show 12 files then i double click on romupdateutility.exe then its shows VERIFIYING YOUR PDA PHONE after 1 minute it gave me ERROR 224 DEVICE NOT RESPONDING, THE UPDATEUTILITY CANT GET RESPONSE FROM YOUR PDA PHONE..then i swiched off my phone & reboot it and then insert the usb in phone & pc..and again it show same error..i tried this process 3 times but again & again same data cable in fine condition & works excellent..pls help me jayce what i do..& where i m wrong

      • it doest goes in bootloader mood..its in normal screen..screen show its icon like time, camera, facebook etc etc..just like normal

        • i want to tell me u sumthing about my phone..when i reboot now it shows
          D 143.70315
          is every thing ok with all these things

          • jayce..i follow ur guide step by step before 2 hours & nothing shows me error 224..when i install hspl & radio phone goes in bootloader mood but i try to install magldr113 then ROMUPDATEUTILITY gave me error 224..pls help me man

            • Try to load ‘Red, Green, Blue and White’ bootloader directly. Then connect USB cable. It should change to USB from Serial. Then install MAGLDR.

                  • hey jayce as i seen videos about how to install magldr on every video there is one thing which i notice after double click on romupdatutility then it shows the window..on top left it show pda phone rom update utility doing next & angain next it shows update & image version 1.66.707.1..jayce i want to ask that 1.66.707.1 is the rom..if yes then my rom is (70315)wwe..may be thats why i cant able to install magldr..pls clear my doubt that what is 1.66.707.1..

  123. jayce can hardreset remove the hspl and radio ?..& which is hardreset

    1) holding down & up volume kay & press power button


    2) Menu > All Settings > System > Clear Storage..Enter 1234 Tap YES to perform the reset, or tap NO to cancel the reset

    which one is better to perform..i think 2nd option is soft reset..pls correct me if i m wrong

  124. hy jayce after installing radio 2.15 which enable 576 mb ram..but my hd2 doest show 576 mb ram..its show 448 mb ram..nothing change man..but my phone show radio 2.15..but ram as same its 448..

    • Good question. I have the same question since I installed radio ROM that support 576 MB RAM. But I don’t know how the OS uses it. The Android OS that I using right now only show 123 MB used + 266 MB free == 389 MB total…

  125. hey jayce i install zooomer application on my htc hd2 for pinch to zoom..can this application harm my hd2 or any bad effect on my hd2..pls reply as soon as

  126. Hi jayce,
    I am using android for the past 1 month on my HD2 however since yesterday the lock screen has freezed and im unable to unlock the phone.

    Kindly advise im stuck


  127. hy jayce..i want to upgrade my htc hd2 ROM with ruu_leo_s_tmo_uk_3.14.110.1_Radio_15.42.50.11u_2.15.50.14 which i download question is i had already install the Radio_leo_2.15.50.14 on my hd2 before couple of days & the Rom which i download is enable with Radio_15.42.50.11u_2.15.50.14 as mention on Rom when its tell me what i do because i have already install Radio_leo_2.15.50.14 on my hd2..

  128. i had read at xda developer..i dont know the actully the which thread is..where sombody told to another guy..first upgrade the stock rom then install android nand..thats why i m asking u..any way thanks r so nice guy..u reply my every single msg..thanks man

  129. hi Jayce..can i install Android on hd2 hd2 flash size is 512 mb..i dont want to install on SD card..somebody told me hd2 flash size 512 mb cant handle the Android..because its has less that true

  130. Help. So i did everything step by step here and it went well until the DFT install. It started installing on my phone then stopped. Now my Hd2 auto boots, gets to a screen that says DFT waits 30 sec. then shuts off and automatically repeats. This is the only thing it does. Any ideas and suggestions on what to do?

  131. i earlier told u i want to put android on my hd2 nand but somebody told me android on hd2 nand gave memory issue..because my hd2 flash size is 512 question is if i install android on my hd2 nand & is there any way to 3d games & apps can install on sd my problem of less memory is solved

  132. Thankyou so much jayce. first time when i call after installing that rom. voice was so disturbing. then i discontinue call and restart then work fine. thanx again 🙂 live long ;p

  133. Bluetooth is not working :((((( its turn on but other device not discovering it. (my device is also discoverable but not working… ??? what to do now. please give me link of any rom with working all functions like wifi, bluetooth, camera etc. please heeeeeeeelp

  134. Hello! I did everything as you showed, but phone is rebooting all the time! How to resolve that issue? Can you help? Its T-mobile HD2

  135. jayce

    help me..


    this update utility cannot be used for your PDA phone. please check your update utility ??

    i try download RUU_Leo_S_HTC_WWE_EastEurope_3.14.479.2_Radio_15.42.50.11U_2.15.50.14_LEO_S_Ship but cant,.,why? help me!!

  136. Hey do you know if they have a android software were its in 3D yet or is there a way to make it like the newer versions of android that work with 3D settings

  137. I followed all your steps but i’m stuck on the screen where it says Android Flasher Mode..i have the USB plugged into the phone but i get this error while trying to install Android…it says waiting for USB connection and i get this…..Error Description: USB init failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (723) can i get some help please!!!!

  138. hye Jayce

    btwn wm6.5 and android 2.3.4,wch one is better?

    last time,when i use android on sd card , my back phone become hot,,why? is its can become effect after ,i scared so i not use anymore,if i use Gingerbread 2.3.4 NAND Android ROM is that be same problem??

    &another things did you now how much free space on internal memory after install NAND android rom?

  139. Hello Jayce, thanks for the wonderful work you have done here, I really appreciate it. I have a problem with my hd2 after running Nand on it. The only problem I have is that My mobile internet is not working. I have called my service provider (T-mobile) but can’t fix my problem. Please I will appreciate it if you can look into this.

  140. HTC HD2 running nand android will not turn on after battery died I have to remove the battery to restart
    thanks for your answer

  141. hi jayceooi….. i have installed nand andriod on htc hd2 by your method. Thanks.
    now i want my windows 6.5 back. what should i do now??

  142. hi jayce i install MAGLDR113 and what i do after that i am now on black screen which is showing usb flasher mode. please can u tell me what should i do after that or send me a link so i can follow please thank you

  143. hi joiye

    I have htc hd 2 and it running on NAND android 2.2, the problem is that all the internal storage is full and I feel it so complicated while surfing or browsing on site through this mobile. I really desparate to look for the way how to cover back, rather the internal storage is full. could you help me please in such a way???

    NB: if i go any further by deleting through “setting–> application—>manage application” then, it is only showing the internal data application which is more or less having a very less significant volume rather than a warning of full internal memroy. that is way, i seek your help.

    many thanks


    HTC HD 2

  144. Hey Jayce… you have been awesome… i got an hd2 with wm6.5 last july… stopped using it in january and was going to give it away….. until i found your post (and some others) about the NAND.. awesome info.. thanks for putting out the time to help…..!!

  145. hi jayce..i made my htc hd2 a nand android..but why i can’t download using android market???it always say that download is paused and don’t download anymore…and one more thing…when i execute the NAND file,i ended at step no. 13.. it opened to HTC directly and didnt have the chance to choose from the bootloader again..and i wasn’t abale to do the auto boot step because of doesn’t have the choices..just directly HTC.. I would highly appreciate your response..thank you very much..

    • Sorry, I am not sure about Android Market issue. Try other Android ROM if this problem still exist. As for choosing booloader, just hold power button (don’t let go) when turn on your phone. It will load into MAGLDR.

  146. Hi There, I get as far as flash usb, but then receive error messages Error Description: EnterBootloader missing Info: .\RSPL\BootLoader.cpp (176) and Error Description: USB init failed Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (1198)

    Can you help

  147. i for some reason cannot get the phone started after go go go ….. its stuck there .. please help… i installed windows phone 7 and it worked , but when i try it with the android rom it gets stuck at go go go .

  148. Hi Joyce,

    I followed your instructions and installed the NAND android in to my new HTC HD2 mobile by following your videos. Thank you very much. But i am facing one problem now.

    After installing the NAND android successfully, i created a gmail account(which is mandatory to use android market) to test whether everything is working properly or not. After verifying that everythink is OK, i tried to do a factory reset (which is the only way to delete the default gmail account from the phone and i need to do it since it is not my phone). It says it will reboot and while rebooting it goes to the boot loader(by DFT) and auto loads the NAND android again.

    So is there a way to do a factory reset the NAND android?

  149. Thaks Jayce,

    I tried it and it is sowing the option menu. But instead of installing the ROM again, i selected, Hard Reset and it is working(Right now), are there any side effects for this.

  150. hi jayce
    i install android on my htc hd2 (t-mobile) phone. everything is fine only one problem is that i can’t connect my t mobile data internet plan but i can connect with wifi. can you help me for this.
    thank you

  151. hi jayce, i bought a 2nd hand htc hd2 with ultimate droid as an OS, MOD version: the ultimate droid, Android version 2.3.3, Kernel version tytung@ubuntu #60, baseband version, build number GRI40, is it the same with OS Gingerbread? if not, please can you teach me how to upgrade this hd2 to gingerbread? thanks in advance Jayce, more power to you…

  152. thanks jayce! so my OS is already gingerbread! sorry for being naive lol hehehe i find your videos so helpful and informative! keep it up! two thumbs up!

  153. Hi Jayce I installed boyppc shiftpda dhd v23 nand android Rom on my HTC HD2 successfully. The problem is whenever I make a call the screen turns off and won’t wake up until I remove my battery and also my phones bluetooth also not works . This problem I was also facing with android on SD card .please help me out what could be the problem. My spl version is 2.08 hspl and radio rom is and magloader version is 1.13 .

  154. hey,
    i just put the new rom on my HTC hd2 and every thing is working perfectly fine except my 3g i tried putting my own APN in for the sim company i use, and its still not working???? is there some way of making it work at the moment i can only use my phone on the wifi…. i need help???!!!!

  155. Jayce, What upper,
    i to cannot boot WM, I simply cant find it. And need to for another problem i need help with later. I followed each step and video for installing android on my phone. watched each vid trice, took notes before i tried. did it and pulled it off without a hitch. so my son asked me to do the same. i don’t know what “bricked my phone really means.” But i think i did it. My sons phone cannot make calls. can surf web, send and recieve text but no calls. when i look at the sd card i can see the folders (sometimes) but none of the contents. windows 7 says its an empty disk most of the time. i did the same thing to booth phones and was tooled each step was scussesfull but what now. how can i get this right? i cant even re-flash his phone. it shows it’s not connected. been at it for about 3weeks now and if we cant get reading blogs and things come close but remadies dont work….. help! i just switched sims and got the badd one bro!

  156. i instell androis 2.2 and maglrd.(13 build feb 1 2011)
    but the problem is when i turn on my htc hd2 it shows

    Booting android from nand
    android load at 11800000
    from nandyaffs2 partis /boot
    load zimage
    load initrd.gz
    load done
    1E fatal hit 1

    then nothing happen
    its hang.what can i do to instell android 2.2

    plz help me its most urgent

  157. Hello, great walkthrough. I came across a used HD2 for relatively cheap and didn’t realize this was such a versatile phone. I think I like it better than my Sensation 4G. Anyways, just had a question for you. Once I finished installing MAGLRD and the same build of FROYO that you used, my phone boots up directly to Android. How can I get the MAGLRD menu again? Am I supposed to boot up automatically to Android NAND? I didn’t get to change the settings in MAGLRD autoboot settings. It did it by itself. Is this what is supposed to happen? How do I boot up into MAGLRD again, in case I want to flash to another Android Build?

  158. hey jayce! is there any way by which i can convert my phone back to windows at the MALGDR screen ??
    my phone doesn’t load to the home screen. it directly goes to the MALGDR when turned on. (without pressing the button for long) please help !!

  159. hi jayce good day to you, i’m having a problem downloading an application to my android market, everytime i tried to download apps there is always a prompt that says “soory! the application Market(process has stopped unexpectedly. pls try again.” then i’m trying many times but w/ the same result, but i didn’t experience this before, is there any problem with my market or my htc hd2? my wifi connection is good, please help thanks Jayce, God bless u 🙂

  160. hi jace, i can still use my internet though, but when i’m using the market to download some applications, it always stop…one more thing, i dunno how to reinstall Android ROM, pls help, thanks in advance…

  161. Dear Jayce,

    I’ve been following your instructions for installation and I got stuck. I’ve successfully installed all of the preqs, and went on with the guide. I’ve managed to fix one smaller problem with USB by reading the posts (As you said you have to uncheck allow USB connection in ActiveSync). Then i launched the DAF file and it started installing. At one point an error occured, and it stopped.

    Now my phone starts loading and the DFT logo appears and then in goes in constant craze… HTC logo then loading, then DFT, constantly!

    What can I do to finish with installation of android?

    Thanks in advance

  162. I’m sorry i didn’t copy it. All I got now is the HTC loading screen and DFT welcome screen changing without the phone actually turning on. I think it loaded android partially and then interrupted. Do you have any suggestions or hints on what to do?

  163. Hi,

    I’m having problems at the part where I have to connect my phone to the pc.
    It says;
    Error Description: Config load failed.
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (712)

    Error Description: CONFIG: can’t open config file
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (291)

    I tried this link;

    But it’s not working. Maybe because my error is with 712 instead of 723.

    I hope you can help me!

  164. Jayce, thank you so much for all your help and work. I’ve been running this since early this summer and its been great.

    Today I sent a text message, turned the screen off, and then put my phone in my pocket. Next time I pulled it out, the phone wouldn’t unlock. The touch screen is completely unresponsive to all attempts to move the lock slider. Any ideas?

  165. Hi
    I am trying to download the barcode scanner to run within ww weight tracker. It brings me to your website and asks me to install. Now I have tried asking it to download from my phone as is – A Samsung Galaxy S2; and also have linked my phone to my computer to try and use Explorer to move it from the main computer, where it has installed, to my phone. Neither of these works. So I guess my question is? How do I persuade the Scanner to install itself on my phone? Suggestions welcomed.

  166. hi, from holland farhad,

    first of all thanks to ur great work after using two year i now know what my phone really can. one problem, the sd card is given 200mb which is 8gb in real. how can i solve this problem. the os cant find any sd files etc.

    i hope to hear from u sooon.


  167. Hi Jayce, thanks for the comprehensive guide and explaination. Everything worked as it is stated on the HD2.

    However I have noticed some problems and would like to see if could get some help on it.

    1. Network operator will disapper after sometime (after a day) subsequent attempts to search networks will return nothing. Currently what I did is to remove the battery to reset everything (need to do this 3 times a week) is there a better way to solve this?

    2. Sometimes charging the phone with or without turning on the phone will always show the orange LED light even when the battery is fully charged, the LED is still turned on even after removing the charging port from the phone and will not be able to start up with the power button and again battery needs to be removed to reset the phone.

    Hope I can get some insights to the problems I am facing

  168. Hello, i used to be happy when i used on my htc hd2 t mobile window 6.5… then i decided to try windows phone 7, first weak i was happy, but when i realized that wmp7 has no chance to use skype, all my happines disapared…. 🙁 happines came again when i tried android for my phone it was like a miracle:) everything was perfect, but again i strated feelingin unsatisfaction… first i hate album!!!!! it displays all crap pic even stored in temple files….. then goes media files…. the dumiest thing i ever seen…. and finaly…. i broke my pink nails trying to find how to increase ringing volume, cuz its awfull!!!! disaster!!!! my dog makes biger noise than htc hd2 t mobile runing on androig 2.3.3 /////mod vers: cyanogenmod-7-03192011-nightly-desire[typhooN_v2.7.4] . i know that my problems doesnt bother anybody, but JAYCE help little blonde:) iam not so stupid as somebody think… lol … sugest me a good rom for my stone age phone:) p.s and want to see more than 411 mb (memory info total) cuz its like more than 500mb for t mobile users…. i beg you for a link for a good rom:) beging you like i beg from parents a credit card for my casual shopings :)))) help me!!!!!!!!!!

  169. Greetings Jayce! Hope all is going very well in your world. I just want to say that I appreciate all the advice and walkthroughs that you provide for us Android fans and newbies. I recently purchased another Android phone and want to transfer all my apps and files to the new phone. What app or program do you recommend? I tried using titanium backup but it tells me that I don’t have root access on my phone, even though I see the SuperUser icon in the Settings. Any help would be appreciated. : )

  170. He jayce, I have a huge problem! I followed all the steps and was doing very well untill i wanted to install the DFT on my phone.. after stap 8 it was installing on my phone, but it stucked halfway and had to pull out my battery. When I putted my battery back in he is restarting dft all the time and then goes back to the htc screen. In other words I can’t do a thing!! Hard reset or anything isn’t working and my pc can’t detect my phone.. I have absolutly no idea what I have to do.. Please help me!

    How can I fully reset my phone and do the staps over again?

    Help would be highly appreciated. i’m desperate!

  171. The roms runs great… I’m loving it!! it’s really great! The only problem is that the battery is quick empty.. ( max. 1 day) What can I do?

    BTW thanks for the tutorial…!
    GOD bless you and your whole family!! 😉

  172. Hello I am trying to install Android 2.3 NAND version on my HTC HD2. I have installed the bootable version of android 2.3 before and for that I have followed your video to update the HSPL. It is 3.03 and radio Now i would like to install nand android so for that I must downgrade to 2.08 ?

  173. Hello. I just did what you wrote here it got finished within some seconds ( I mean 100 %) it got off and restarted but it is not opening I can see HTC thats all . it is not changing.. please help me I am scared …….

    • So you also installed MAGLDR, right?
      Power off you phone. Then power on your phone and don’t let go power button. DFT MAGLDR Bootloader will be loaded. If MAGLDR cannot load, reinstall it again.

  174. No you did not get I cannot open it. When I turn on it. I get a white screen with HTC logo.. I cannot enter inside I tired reinserting the battery still I get white screen with htc logo

  175. Yes When I press Vol Down key and power button I could see Red Green Blue White

    RED PB81100 SS-BC
    SPL-3.03 .HSPL XE

    CoutllaHSPL 0X50

    White Serial

  176. Hello. I have no problem at all. You have always replied to my messages.. I know you are a very busy person. Thanks alot for your help and I SUCCESSFULLY installed android on my HTC HD2 ! Thank’s a bunch for your awesome article !! Cheers 😀 🙂

  177. hi jayce, please provide steps to change the default email for htc hd2 andriod 2.2 running NAND. I can’t change it manually or even delete it. I forgot the password for that email. I’m stuck. I can’t download any apps cause everytime I do so, it will prompt me to enter the password of the email.

    any help is greatly appreciated.

  178. Thanks so much!!!!

    Very thorough instructions…no more loading Android from my SD Card 🙂

    I am so grateful for you…take care and God Bless

  179. hi Jayce , another trouble on my head , this time i’m trying to install nand android over a customized windows on my hd2 and when i plug in usb cable and click 2 time next on DAF it holds for a while and then… Error happen
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: USB init failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (723)
    .. what it might be ? please help and thank you .

  180. Thank You ! , it worked , and now if i want another rom can i just put it on sd card and run it from phone , but it will erase current system or replace it or will be some problems again ?

  181. ok so I uncliked the auto usb connect under the activesync and excuted the DAF.exe file and it started to run then but then I got a fail page again. but my phone changed screens and started the installiation. Now my phone keeps automatically rebotting when it gets to a booting adroid from nand and it says loaded – then starts over again….what to do????

  182. Hello, my name is Sunday. I was running froyo 2.2 on my phone and all of a sudden the phone freeze. I tried to change the OS by running a new froyo 2.2.1 but it didn’t work and all i kep getting is a three vibrates. Right now my phone stopped working and all i see is just the T-mobile screen that comes up when the phone is first turned on. Please what do you think I can do.

  183. hey,
    I have installed yesterday NAND Android 2.3.2 and it works perfectly, (6,5 Wimo compared to Android was a piece of crap)
    one thing that occured though is that my pc (windows xp) does not recognise my phone, is there a driver that is needed?
    and after fixing it is there any way that i can sync calendar, contacts, files and tasks with outlook as i did before?

          • Hey Jayce,
            as mentioned before I’ve installed android on HD2 for a week now and I am very happy
            some things that I’ve noticeda re:
            1. battery life is shorter now (maybe cause I use the phone very frequent all day long to explore all the new capabilities).Is there any way to lengthen battery life? (I have to charge twice a day)
            2. htc sync recognises my phone but won’t syncronise, message window says something about my outlook not beeing thedefauld e-mail customer, but that is not true, outlook is the default client
            and a second message window says that it can’t syncronize PIM contacts wich I don’t understand
            – is there any possibility to sync online contacts, tasks, calendar, documents, photos and videos something like My Phone by Microsoft?

            • 1. This is an old Android ROM. So battery life is poor. You can try latest Android which has better battery life.
              2. Sorry, no idea. Mine is working fine with HTC Sync.

  184. Dear Jayce,

    I’m complete new at this. I succesfully installed an android rom on my HD2 by this tutorial: (dutch language, sorry). But the android version is not that nice as de Desire roms. But when I use your guide and try step 2 of the MAGLDR (ad sd) I get the message: kernel open failed. What do I need to do to get this Desire roms running?

    Thanks in advance.


  185. I am from africa.
    I have a htc hd2, installed android 2-2-3 – gingerbread works normal, but after 2 days have started predicament.
    when I call someone, I hear much noise, and not hear anything within himself what the other person speaks. I returned to install WM6.5 funcioa okay … I returned to isntalar android and this with the same problem … how to fix? please help me. excuse, I do not speak English very well.

  186. I have a question.
    i have successfully installed JDMS Ultimate Rom, but i want to change it to gauner1986 HD-FI. the reason for this is that the contacts program and dialer program stopped working an i cant use my hd2 as a phone. it sucks.
    the question is how do i change the rom? and can i install the original WM rom back to the phone? Thank You

  187. hey jayce. i wanted to get some info from you about nand android. till now i have been using sd androids. and none of them worked well, some simply didnt boot, some used to get stuck, some were slow etc. so the SD ANDROIDS totally failed to work on my HD2. now i am planning to flash a nand android. so is it better than sd android? will it get stuck like the SD does? will it boot properly and work faster than SD? can i flash windows 6.5 back again if i dont like that NAND ANDROID and how? will all the apps of a nand android be installed on sd card or phone memory. i want to flash a latest GINGERBREAD version without sense so which ones will u recommend me that are fast and best nand androids ever? THNX.

  188. Hello Jayce 🙂 i´v got a problem whit my hd2,after the android installation i got stuck in the screen whit the text “DFT dark forces team”. the picture in the instruction movie. (from 2 minutes and 45 seconds to 3 minutes and 37 sec) do you have an idea aboute whats wrong? i did exactly as you in the instruction movie, but i can´t get my phone working correctly. please help me Jayce!

  189. hi, i have android now 😀

    my problem is with the second part. To make auto boot to NAND Android.

    when the DFT MAGLDR Bootloader is loaded the htc load android as well. How i go to option 8?? do i have to press anything before android loads??

    regards! excellent work man

  190. Hey, how are you? You are BOSS. I thank you so much, I did this awhile back and I’m installing apps like crazy. Steps were easy and IT WORKS PPL! 🙂 I was curious to know know if there is a way to sort of double root. Meaning that now that the HTC HD2 is rooted and I’m running the droid v2.2 with a build number 2.29.405.5 (if that helps) that the droid could be rooted for installing root only apps?

  191. im having one issue..when i run the DAF.exe file it can’t detect my phone via usb connection…on the phone it shows “wait usb…usb” which means that it connected right? and on the computer the error message says “Error Description: USB init failed Info: .RSPLRSPL.cpp(723) any idea on how to get past this step? thanx

  192. hi jaycee! good day to u, just want to know how to upgrade my htc hd2 OS from ginger bread to the latest OS ice cream sandwhich? is it possible and compatible to htc hd2? thanks for the reply more power to u!

  193. hey jay

    i want this rom but i have the miui rom

    but how can i install this one to my phone?

    just download en do open the program and ready or not?

    please help me

  194. I tried to start the DAF.exe and after this loading from USB it only shows: “Error happen
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: USB init failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (723)”

  195. Hello jayceooi
    just whant to thank you for all your tutorials they have been very helpfull.
    i just have one problem trying to change the nand rom i instaled the desire one and now i whant to change it but it autobaticcly starts android and dosent let me acces dft magdlr…how can i acces it?
    thank you for every thing.

  196. i tried to install the icream sandwich OS but when i start to download the ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3 it says “An error has occurred
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: USB init failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (736)

    Error Description: EnterBootloader missing
    Info: .\RSPL\BootLoader.cpp (176)”

    what should i do?

  197. I did everything in the video but when i reboot my phone it says:

    “Booting Android from NAND
    ANDRIOD LOAD at 11800000
    from NAND
    yaffs2 part is /boot
    Load zImage
    Load initrd.gz
    [K]11808000:237098 [I]12200000:37222
    Load done!
    1EFATAL HIT 1”

    How do i get past the “FATAL HIT 1” thing?

  198. hey jayce, its the first time i am going to install a nand android rom on my hd2. currently running winmo 6.5. i am very scared about whether it will work perfectly fine or not. so plz tell me, do all nand android 2.3 roms work perfectly fast, smooth and without any error? will every thing eg. camera, wifi, 3g be working? will it hang? and after i have installed android can i install a new nand android rom without first installing windows and then android? actually i had been installing SD android roms and did not worked well, thats the reason i am asking. can u also tell me the best and latest nand android gingerbread rom according to you?

  199. Hey, Jayce I got a HTC HD2 locked into Telstra…should my phone be unlocked in order to have Android NAND working on my phone all right? On the box, it’s a T9193 model HD2 phone — don’t know if it’s all right to change it over to Android? Thank you.

    • hey,dillen:i have the same phone model and had the same operator telstra,it came from australia (htc hd2 t9193 t-with htc sense-) i’ve just installed NAND android. your phone doesn’t need to be unlocked in order to have android working. on the contrary,mine was working with only one operator (claro,chile) before change it over to android,now is working with the 3 mains operator here in chile! (that’s means:it got unlocked after installed NAND android!) i hope my experience works for lucky!

  200. jayce: i don’t have enough words to thank you ( not only because english is not my first language, i could not even do it in my own-spanish-) you have done a great job! i’ve just isntalled android in my htc hd2 following all your instruccions and videos and i can’t be happier because i did it! one love,man.
    the world would be a better place if there were a lot of people like you.God bless you,man

  201. Hey Jayce 2 question after I done it, I can’t find the Data internet from tmobile in there I can only put wifi can you explain me where to find the tmobile data and the other one is when I download something from the market place it going to my internal memory instead of the SD card, thank you.

  202. Hi Sir Jayce,

    Sir i have a problem with my htc HD2 im using win 6.5 den. I try to upgrade my rom using leoimg.nbh. it runs upgrade for 1st time few minutes its stop and coming prompt on screen was not allow. so i run the rom utility software the error was found out ” ERROR 294 -MEANS INVALID VENDER I.D. after that i cannot install mention on screen rom upgarde error please try again ”
    for this case there is a possible to fix that problem? it doesn’t affect the motherboard of HD2?
    Can you help me also on how to recover it back? if you dont mine can you give me the correct link to down load?

    Thanks so much

  203. Hi boss,
    I’ve been to install the OS successfully, but when I load the OS it stays on for 2-3 seconds and it goes off.
    what might be the problem?

  204. Jayce, sorry I did something wrong…I went straight to step three instead of starting from step one — my aplogies! <3 Again, thank you so much and I must say, my HD2 is so much better than ever! Yeah…I will miss Windows 6.5 but you know, moving on. Thank you so much. <3

  205. Jayce, downloaded magldr111 but now phone is locked in a reboot loop. HTC screen starts, then “booting android from NAND….go. go. go…..” screen, then DFT screen, then automatically powers off and then powers up whole cycle again. This loop is non stop. Any thoughts?

      • Hi Jayce. Just after I posted my enquiry, I ended up doing exactly what you suggested. After, I was able to successfully download magldr and all is good. All android functionality appears ok, except for screen rotation !! Thanks for your help.

  206. Hi guys, i have installed all i need but before that boot menu eMAGLDR i saw this thing, booting android from NAND, android load at 11000000 from NAND, NAND yaffs2 boot mount failed. and still problem with that Error Description: USB init failed Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp(723). I thing that first one is bigger, thats why i cant carry on :-/ can you help me plsssss…. im lucky boy :-/ txh :)) i do hope u help me 😛

  207. hi bro, i m using this nand android 2.2 froyo in my htc hd2…but now i want to update my phone with new android version.
    what should i do to install a fresh updated nand android version and which version will be suitable?