Top 5 NAND Android ROMs for HTC HD2

Managed install MAGLDR and install your first NAND Android ROM on your HTC HD2? Here are more NAND Android ROMs for you to play with. They are based on Ultimate Droid, MIUI, Google Nexus One, HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire. Believe me, there will more interesting and best NAND Android ROM coming out. Flashing NAND Android ROM is extremely easy with the help of MAGLDR. It took only few minutes to install new ROM. Wait no more and try out these best NAND Android ROMs…

JDMS Ultimate NAND
JDMS Ultimate

NexusHD2-Froyo NAND
gaune1986 HD-FI
gaune1986 HD-FI
prj Clean Desire NAND
prj Clean Desire

Follow this guide ~ How to Install NAND Android on HTC HD2? (Video) to install NAND Android. Enjoy…


  1. Hi Jayce, Of these ROMs that you tried, which ones give you the best internal memory available after installation? I’m having a hard time with mine.

  2. hai Jayce
    I have installed the prj Clean Desire Rom..this is SUPER!!!! Thanks it works perfect .
    bud how must i instal a new Rom??? the gaune1986 HD-FI

    sorry for my english I am Dutch….pfffff
    Greetz Ben.R

  3. Hi Jayce and thanks for taking time to answering us. I was just wondring about the differences between the old method VS nand method. Those NAND method makes the android faster? And Is it also with less bugs? And incase of bugs, do I have to reinstall andoid over and over again and always start from scrathand lose data?

    I tried MIUI and I really really love it, but after some days it simply gets weak, the sound is srange (robo voice) and launcher gets a error etc, what em I doing wrong?

    Sorry for all those questions, I dont exept any answer, but I will epritiate if can find some time to answer me.

    Best regards πŸ™‚

  4. Why is it that when I installed the ultimate rom, it gets stuck in the “ULTIMATE DROID” Icon at startup? How can I fix this?

  5. Hi Jayce,

    Thanks a lot for all your good advises, your a god…..

    just a short question, I’d like to install one of those Nand, but like to know the content of each Nand (soft pre-install in Nand if there’s differences), is there some big differences between them except the memory usage or cpu. concerning cpu why some Nand seems to be more powerfull?

    ha ha ha I said short question….sorry

    have a nice evening or day … and thanks again

    • CPU processing power should be the same among SD card Android and NAND Android. But the main deference ~ read/write speed on NAND is far better than SD card and use less battery. So overall speed improve.

  6. Hi Jayce,

    Intalled gingerbread 2.3.2 nand on my hd2, all works well except a week later all my calls have the dreaded robot voice. Baseband Useed DFT MAGLDR. Any Ideas??? Thanks!

  7. if i installed this rom, is there any way to install quickoffice and pdf? becoz i need these applications to read books and docs.

  8. hey guyz am new to HTC phones and all the Android stuff
    i have installed Android 2.2 on my HTC hd2 but am experiencing bad in call quality and very low voice and the battery drops very fast a friend of me suggested that i should flash my phone with another type of radio can you guyz please help me in finding the best radio and a compatible one with my Rom

    am using Dark force team ROM with webkit 3.1 and the software version is 2.29.405.5
    am using 2.08 radio now

    thanks a lot

  9. Hi jayce,

    I need your help regarding my problem. I have install nand android 2.2 on my htc hd2, works great with me but i notice that certain game cannot be load such as stupid zombie, asphalt ..etc..but i can play amgry bird game. Do you have any idea whats the prob? I have tried restart my phone, and reinstall the game but still the same. I used hspl3, radio 2.15.50, a2sd. Thanks .


  10. no any error message, seems trying to turn on but after about 30 seconds, it just cannot turn on the bluetooth. WHEN i view the info about my hd2 details, in bluetooth item, it states that something like cannot locate the mac address

  11. There is no error message. The bluetooth toggle button dimmed for a while, about 30 seconds, and resume normal. i also reviewed the phone status tab, under bluetooth address, it stating something like ‘cannot obtain’ – it’s a translation from Chinese.

  12. thanks and will try other, but any chance to fix it as I found this ROM is very good, it’s very stable and consume less battery!

  13. I used all five ROMs and I have been having the same problem with all the ROMs. After I restart the phone, my sound just stops working entirely, though both calls, ringtones, and everything. When I have picked up a call neither myself or the person on the other line can hear each other. Please help with the sound issue it’s been happening with every one of the ROMs.

    Keep in mind that I have made sure the volume is at max, and that it is not muted.

    Everything usually works until I make an actual call.

  14. Jayce, please help. I have used all the roms but I keep getting the same problem, the lock screen wont respond, when i try to slid to unlock my phone, it doesnt slide with my finger and i cant unlock my phone, please help!!!

  15. HIi jaycee, please guide me what is best nand for HD2, i have tried hyperdroid, its very nice, but need for speed shift and other few games are not working, and i found camera video issue on this ROM, its stuck when stop video recording and cant force close without restart, please send my link with good android.

    TNxxxxx bro.

  16. Hallo jayce, I have installed many nand on my HD2, but found dft 2.2 the best it is very smooth and just like genion android Mobile but facing 2 problems first is g sensor freezing issue after recalibraion and it cant fix without reinstall rom. other one is battery sucking issue battery timing is very poor, Hyperdroid is very good but im not able to install some games like nfs shift and few others. Please suggest me any good idea jayceeee pleaee. should I continue with DFT’s ROM

  17. Hi there
    I m unable to install sensation roms on hd2. Whenevr i try to it sticks on the boot screen i own a tmous hd2.cud u please give me a detail information on how to install
    sensation rom on tmous hd2…i wud really appricite it….thnks in advance

  18. hey jayce…..
    m all fucked up…. i installed TyphooN_CM7_v3.6.5-MAGLDR and it led to my touchscreen from responding…. dont no what to do… hoping to hear from you soon…. please help………

  19. thanks for the other day about my touch screen getting stuck. u were right its hardware problem, i have changed touch screen to a new one and its working so perfectly!

    Pls i have an issue,
    i successfully installed NexusHD2-Gingerbread_V3.1a_NAND_(Android-2.3.6),
    however i wanted to instal in conjunction with it MCCM GB Gingerbread HoneyComb Sense v3.0 SD, using magldr BUT after all necessary procedure, like

    from magldr……> services……>….boot settings….>AD SD DIR
    and returning back to the boot menu to select BOOT AD SD

    it boots from sd but what i see after completing the boot is the nand android(nexus) instead of MCCB HONEYCOMB

  20. Jayce you have some great info on here. but i was wondering is it normal to have to clear sd mbr before i boot a new rom every time?? it is the only way i can try different roms. i am trying to find a stable one. i liked the nexus gingerbreadv3.1 but i had a problem with echoing during many calls.(not all but alot). anyway…why do i have to erase the sd card completely everytime i try to boot a new rom?

  21. yes i know it wasnt in the directions but it seems to be the only way for me to get the roms to boot up. if i dont do this it just loads to the black htc screen or repeats the roms launch screen. the longest i have let it sit in either screen is 45 minutes then i soft reset, erase sd, and use clockwork recovery again to zip the rom and it will work.

  22. hey jayce i installed DHD_3.06.405.1_Sense_3.0_v1.5F_EU on my hd2 and was left with around 7mb storage… i used cwm 400 nd magldr…. why is it so???? can u suggest a fast nd stable hd rom…. nd is it possible to move data frm intrnal storge to ext partition which we created???

  23. hi jayce,

    I successfully installed DFT Andriod 2.2 on my t-mobile HD2 and absolutely love it. windows 6.5 was total crap. Problem now is that i’ve lost internet connection through t-mobile’s network. i took it to a tmoile store and my device is indeed still connected to the network but the internet still wont work. Please help. thank you.

  24. i wonder why all sense roms are so slow on my HTC HD2, except whenim using windows 6.5. I try sense 2.1 sense 3.5… etc at first they run fast but later on sometimes i even need to even restart my phone to start runing fast again. I dont have this issue with cm7 nand rom but when it comes for a rom that haves sense xx its a pain

    • HTC HD2 hardware is old already. And does not have enough CPU power and memory to run newer HTC Sense version which designed for newer hardware.

  25. Yeah hd2 is from the year 2009 but still rocks πŸ™‚ I think ill stay with my cm7. By the way… if you know any news about a stable sense 4 please give out the info. I try a sense 4 on my hd2 too bad camara, wifi, data and some other stuffs dint work. That’s for writing back πŸ™‚

  26. Hello Jayce, i want to install Desire HD rom on my hd2 but when i choose zip from sd card and starts it then sometimes it says Installation aborted or sometimes it statrs the boot but hangs at the boot screen. Please help! And reply fast

  27. Jayce, I have just installed a band ROM on my hd2 and when it starts it says SD card damaged try reformatting it. And when i start the format in my phone it then also says SD card damaged. What can I do?

    Please reply fast.

  28. Hey I have fixed that. But i in the rom i can’t install big games so i want clockworkmod recovery partition layout but can i install it now without changing or doing something to the rom. I need 250 MB partition layout. PLEASE HELP AND REPLY FAST!

  29. Hi there! I’m current running android 2.2.1 rom JDMS 1.6.2 but I want to try a new rom with the latest android… a rom that has been tested and approved. ANY IDEAS????

  30. hi there i have problem with the internal memory which is about 150 mb and also i cannot use whatsapp or viber or few other softwares as well.i really dont know whats wrong n it s bothering me a lot.. pls help me in this,,thanx a lot


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