How to install Android Market on Kindle Fire?

Amazon Kindle Fire does not have Android Market but have Amazon Appstore instead. So you can either sideload Android Market applications and games to unrooted Kindle Fire manually. Or install Android Market on Kindle Fire permanently then install apps and games from there. Having Android Market on Kindle Fire is easier, right? Yes, but you need to have root access on Kindle Fire first in order to install Android Market. Anyway, rooting Kindle Fire is not hard, just follow below step by step guide will do.

Android Market on Kindle Fire


  • Kindle Fire with root access

Still don’t have rooted Kindle Fire? Follow this guide to root Kindle Fire now ~ How to root Kindle Fire with SuperOneClick?

How to install Android Market on Kindle Fire?

  1. On Kindle Fire, tab Quick settings.
  2. Click on More…
  3. Go to Device.
  4. Make sure that Allow Installation of Applications ~ From Unknown Sources is ON.
  5. Go to Amazon Appstore.
  6. Install ES File Explorer (or you can also sideload and install it with apk).
  7. Download these 3 files here (use 7-Zip to extract).
  8. Copy all 3 files to Kindle Fire Download folder.
  9. Launch ES File Explorer.
  10. Bring up Menu then select Settings.
  11. Check both Root Explorer ~ Only for rooted devices and Mount File System ~ Mount / , /system as writable.
  12. Go to Download folder.
  13. Click on GoogleServicesFramework.apk and install it.
  14. Click on MarketOpener.apk and install it too.
  15. Copy Vending.apk and paste it to /system/app/.
  16. Hold on Vending.apk until Operations menu pop up.
  17. Select Properties.
  18. Change Permission to rw- r– r– (just like other system apps).
  19. Reboot Kindle Fire.
  20. That’s all.

Actual Android Market App won’t be able to show up on default Kindle Fire Launcher. So we have Market Opener which acts as a shortcut to Android Market to help us. Well, enjoy Android Market on Kindle Fire.


  1. Hi Jayce,

    I get an error on Step 11 when I try to enable “Root Explorer” – am prompted for SU permissions but then get the message “Sorry, test failed. This feature cannot run on your phone”. Am rooted, v.6.2.1 haven’t installed any ROMs yet. Thanks in advance!

  2. Followed the guide to the letter to root and install market place but each time i try to download any files on the android market place all i get is “App” could not be downloaded due to an error. (-101). any ideas whats gone wrong?

  3. in step 11, when i tried to paste vending.apk , i got an error: vending.apk paste failed.
    do you know how can i fix it?

  4. Hello. I really need a simple way to get the game nova 3 or any other game. I live outside the us so it says I can’t download any games. Not even free games. Give men it step by step please. Still a teen with not much knowledge of computer science.

  5. I’ve done all the steps except for the copy and paste into the system/apps. Do I open this is the ES File App or do I go into the main system ? Either way I can’t find it.


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