How to install Kindle Fire adb USB driver? (Video)

How to install Amazon Kindle Fire adb USB driver? Kindle Fire adb USB driver is a must installed component if you want to root Kindle Fire, install TWRP 2.0 on Kindle Fire and talk to Kindle Fire from PC. However, Amazon does not provide Kindle Fire adb USB driver but just provide USB mass storage driver only. You can install Kindle Fire adb USB driver the hard old way here with Android SDK Development Environment. Or just install Kindle Fire adb USB driver the simple way by follow below step by step video guide on Windows 7. Then use Kindle Fire Utility to do other stuffs like rooting and install TWRP 2.0.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Connect USB cable to Kindle Fire.
  2. At PC, extract Kindle-Fire-Driver.7z to C drive (c:\Kindle Fire Driver).
  3. Enter Kindle Fire Driver.
  4. Click on Install.bat (this will install copy adb_usb.ini to C:\Users\YourUserName\.android folder).
  5. Click on Windows (Start at bottom left).
  6. Select Devices and Printers.
  7. Right click on Kindle then select Properties.
  8. Go to Hardware tab.
  9. Highlight Kindle with yellow sign then select Properties again.
  10. Select Update Drivers…
  11. Select Browse my computer for driver software ~ Locate and install driver software manually.
  12. Select Browse…, and select C:\Kindle Fire Driver folder.
  13. When Windows Security prompt, select Install this driver software anyway
  14. That’s all.

You should see Android Composite ADB Interface as the new device after driver installed successfully. You can use Kindle Fire Utility to test Kindle Fire adb USB driver is working or not. Why not use install driver feature in Kindle Fire Utility? There is an issue on Kindle Fire Utility v0.9.1. It will replace Kindle Fire USB Mass Storage driver. So you can’t use USB Mass Storage mode anymore if you install driver with Kindle Fire Utility.

Download Kindle Fire adb USB driver here.


  1. Hi. can’t able to perform step 10. The button for ‘Upgrade driver ..’ was grey out. Still debugging…
    I am using 6.2.1.

  2. Cannot update thru ‘Driver’ tab.. I tried that too.
    I will need to try on another PC. Maybe the company notebook bar me from any driver update.

  3. I’m trying to install the Kindle Fire adb driver but the link provided isn’t correct like the video. The link provides a file and not a folder for me to extract. Can you please assist. Thanks

  4. i cannot download the file it just says kindle fire driver i click open and it says windows cannot open this file. i have 7zip already downloaded i just need the file

  5. I tried this method as my Fire is stuck at the “Kindle Fire” boot screen. I downloaded the drivers no problem. My Fire shows up as “Android Phone – Android ADB Interface” in device manager, with the yellow triangle.

    The problem is that when I try to update the drivers manually, windows says “The Best Driver Software for your Device is Already Installed.” How do I bypass this and change the driver? Thanks in advance.

      • Thanks for the help! I tried that but once I remove the existing driver, it leaves nothing in device manager for me to try and install/manually update a new one. The weird thing is that whatever driver I’m trying install, whether it be the one you posted or the one that comes with KFU it always comes out as Android ADB Interface and KFU can’t see the Kindle.

        I even tried on a different PC and the exact same thing happened. I read on XDA that the correct driver should say Adroid Composite ADB Interface,I can’t figure out whats changing it for me.

        • There are 3 boot modes for Kindle Fire ~ normal, fastboot and TWRP recovery. Normal boot will have Android Composite ADB Interface driver. The other 2 will have Android ADB Interface driver.

          May I know what had you done until you face this issue? And do you have TWRP installed?

  6. I still got the problem “Android ADB Interface” so that KFU cannot recognize my device. I have a new untouchable KF. I tried uninstall and reinstall driver many times, as well as reset my KF. I am using Windows 7 x64

  7. I used the adb driver from went through all steps says installed driver and it shows as android phone under device manager android composite ADB interafce. If I try to install again says driver installed is best. problem is if I go to c:prompt DIR and type n ADB devices does not show up If I run in the utility shows ADB status offline and if I recheck device status does not show up. Not sure if I can now if I can install TWRP or not I have not tried to because not sure if device is correctly installed with driver yet??

  8. Using Windows Media XP.

    Cannot load adb driver. I have extracted the zip folder to C: according to your instructions, click on install.bat and confirmed location in proper “user” folder. However, when I click “Kindle Fire” on my “device page” it does not have the “yellow triangle” further clicking on properties/hardware on shows the following:
    WDC WD 1200UE-22KVTO Disk Drive
    Amazon Kindle USB Device Disk Drive

    Where have I gone wrong? Thank you in advance…..

  9. used TWRP and utility on Fire 6.2.1 NOw that un rooted 6.2.2 can I use TWRP and utility same way again to root or is this not best way or will not work again?

  10. Thanks for very useful information.

    I have issue on KF USB mass storage. I cannot access KF files via USB to windows7 PC.
    – for my other win XP PC, i can access KF storage files via USB.

    I am using KF with CM7 thru Kindle fire utility. i have installed abd driver attached with the KF utility to my Win7 PC.

    Do you have any good idea to access KF mass storage files again from my windows 7 PC?


      • thanks for quick reply.

        i installed USB drier in this article after uninstalled old one, based on your instruction.
        But still i cannot access files from PC to Kindle fire via USB.

        The issue is stil the same as before;
        – In the screen on kindle fire with Green android boy, i clicked “turn on USB storage” and after 1 sec, the android boy changed to Red, but suddenly after that, the green android boy appeared again.
        (this will not happen on my other PC, so this should be still my Win7 PC issue)

        Hope some other work around.

          • Yes, i see kindle icon with yellow triangle sign in control panel of device & printer in win7, after removal of KF USB drivers in the kindle icon.

            -> then I connected USB from kindle fire to the PC, then win7 started installing driver again, and 1 driver became missing. So i tried to install driver from you in this blog (android composite ADB interface), successful to install driver but still i cannot access files of KF from PC.
            (- In the screen on kindle fire with Green android boy, i clicked “turn on USB storage” and after 1 sec, the android boy changed to Red, but suddenly after that, the green android boy appeared again.)

  11. HI

  12. hi again
    i managed to install the Android Composite ADB Interface but is only visible for a couple of seconds in Device Manager when I reboot the kindle.
    then I did tap in fastboot -i 0×1949 bootmode 4000
    came up with “waiting for device” so rebooted kindle
    came up ok – still no luck-the same problem-stuck at yellow triangle with fire

    • nothing works 🙁
      the following command makes ANDROID COMPOSITE ADB INTERFACE stay in Device Manager
      fastboot -i 0x1949 oem idme bootmode 4000

      but nothing else works

  13. Hi,

    Got the same problem but I didn’t forget to clear / wipe but I have the same issue.

    Fire triangle and anything else.

    When I press powen button fast enough it becomes orange (as if it was loeader the recovery ?) but nothing more happens.

    thx in advance

    • Sry for the double post

      But I need to precise that I got the same issue than RAFAL with the same ROM.
      I’ll add that I read on many sites (as this one) the same installation tuto so I don’t think I did wrong with that.
      It might come from previous actions so I’ll try to remberber all I did :

      1) installed the drivers (I don’t remember from where but I think they’re ok because I successfully root the device)
      2) installed kindle fire utility
      3) chose number 3 (permanent root)
      4) after everything happens good, I chose 5 (install TWRP)
      5) reboot in recovery mode
      6)reset factory, install rom, wipe / clean
      7) reboot and… get stuck on the fire triangle

      Thx for any help

  14. Hi, try:
    1. Run cmd
    2. Type in fastboot -i 0x1949 oem idme bootmode 4000 says ” waiting for device” plug your kindle in.
    4. Once pluged in you have to instal the drivers from this site. This is why i got stuc for a couple of days. It must be adb composite. I have done it manually in win xp.
    5. Then i run kfu and did something like “wipe/clear data and cache.

    6. Next i installed twrp
    7 rebooted kindle and got into twrp by pressing the power button
    8.then there was something like mount sd card
    9. Once mounted i had to format it in windows
    10. Downloaded stock firmware for kindle firw
    11. Renamed it to
    12. Copied onto kindle sd
    13.rebooted kindle, went into twrp and flashed the new rom (
    14. After this it was back to life;)
    Try and let me now
    good luck

  15. It was really easier for me 🙂

    I ran KFU and even if it seemed to not be detected, the kindle fire works with it.
    The only problem with the unproper rom is that your kindle can’t enter in recovery mode anymore.

    So :
    1) run KFU
    2) option 1 : bootmod menu and select the third option (recovery), plug the kindle fire
    3) go back and take option 5 to reinstall TWRP

    That’s all 🙂

    after that you can reload as before on the recovery so take the right ROM (link :! )
    wipe, install, clear cache/dalvik reboot


    enjoy 🙂

  16. Hi, I´m getting “The current language is not supported by the device driver installation wizard. contact the vendor that provided you this package” when Im trying to install the drivers from Kindle Fire Utility v0.9.3. Any ideas?? Im running win 7 64bit and the kindle is 6.2.2

  17. I’m stumped. I got a KF earlier today (used) and have followed the instructions. Despite my system (well, both my W7x86 and W7x64 – tried both) saying that it was using the ADB driver, I keep getting the same message saying that it cannot find my kindle. I’ve also tried different cables and I have uninstalled and re-installed drivers. Incredibly frustrated.

    • I am also incredibly frustrated. I am stuck at the yellow triangle and I cannot get my kindle to be recognized by the computer. I have tried every way to get the driver installed, but it still continues to be unrecognizable. Please help me.

  18. i have already done this and my kindle usually connects to my laptop just fine.i used kindle fire utility to install the twrp recovery by accident.i cannot get my kindle fire to connect as a remove able disk so i cannot change my kindle bactr to normal or fastboot.could you please try to give me some advice.thanks
    p.s. im only 12 so could you try to make the advice as simple as possible

  19. i am having a lot of problems with the kindles i got for my daughters for christmas. just a week out of the box, one started to have problems charging, then the rest. sent them back for replacements and got two good ones and one that keeps going from kindle fire logo to the yellow triangle. when i swipe the triangle, there is no access to a settings tab at top and it quickly shuts back off and on.. and off and on.. i have tried to plug it up to my pc with usb cable(s) but my computer cant seem to find it no matter what i do. please help!!! my daughter needs this for high school asap!!!

  20. This worked like a charm. Saved the file to an external HD…..went through the steps to sit up. Restarted and BINGO. Thank you.

  21. I have installed the sdk enviornment then also the driver but the kindle does not appear on the device menu …do not know what to do…

  22. No i did not install any driver previously….My whole data is in fire and i require it to present it on sunday …plz help …

  23. As you have posted in your video kindle was seen as being started but my kindle is just stuck on at yellow you think this can also creating problem in Adb installation….

  24. When I open “kindle” on devices and printers there is only one device function which is android ADB interface…

  25. Hi i have completed all steps succesfuly..But at the end when i again tried to click install in Kindle fire folder red screen did not appear…..which appered in the video at the end…what to do?

  26. Hello,

    I have followed all the steps and when I run the Kindle Utility it does not seem to be working.
    My utility screen does not look the same as yours does in the video.
    Any ideas?

      • Hello Jayce,

        Thank you for responding, this has been quite a trip so far.
        I have the latest version of the tool, but it still will not update the google usb driver.
        I have everything in place except for the ability to update the google driver.
        I am not sure what the issue is.
        I have all the drivers installed and when I plug the kindle into my PC it recognizes it as ADB Composite etc. in the device manager.
        I launched the utility and it said that ADB was online and I was set to regular boot.
        The tool began to run and then said I didnt have the current driver installed, the tool said “we will look for it now” then it said that a problem had been encountered and it stopped running.
        I then received error 10.
        When I looked at my kindle it was frozen at the logo screen and would not do anything.
        I plugged it back into my computer and it said “unrecognized device”
        I then spent two hours trying to get my PC to recognize my kindle and was finally able to get it back to normal boot.
        I am still willing to try to Root but I have to get that google driver updated first.

        • Hello Jayce,

          One more thing, when I open a command line and try to test ADB it does not recognize my kindle. Something is clearly wrong, I am just not sure what the issue is or how to resolve it. I was so frustrated last night.
          Any help would be greatly appreciated.

          Thank you,

  27. Ok, I’ve been stuck in a bootloop!
    Due to idiots telling me the wrong things! I searched for your video, it was quite helpful. But my computer detects the kindle and says the drivers are up to date, yet Kindle Fire Utility does not say they’re online! I need some help jayce!!!!!!

  28. I’ve been scouring the net for someone with my same problem and cant find ANY help. I’m trying to root my Kindle Fire using KFU. I installed the drivers as per everyones instructions. I NEVER got a yellow triangle. It seems 100% successful and says everything it’s expected to say. Yet, when I run KFU run.bat.. it still shows ADB as OFFLINE. Super lost now. YES – I uninstalled drivers and reinstalled like a million times. Any thoughts?

  29. Hi i’m italian so my english isn’t good but… i’ve a problem when i choose the folder to install driver manually.. it say “Can not to install your Kindle. Can not find driver software for your device” Can anyone help me?? Thanks

  30. It says “Windows cannot find driver for you’re device.

    If you know the manufacturer of you’re device, you can go to their website and check.”

  31. Hello Jayce,

    Thanks for posting this. I updated the driver no problem. Im using windows 7 and it does not see my kindle. I have tried unplugging and replugging in the usb and restarting the computer with the kindle turned on. It doesn’t come up as a removable device? Any ideas?

    Thank you,

  32. Hey, I am trying to root my kindle fire (1st generation) on my windows 8 laptop and I think I am close, but I cannot download the drivers onto my laptop with the KFU. It says the install failed. Any thoughts?

  33. I have done all of the steps listed above, but I am using a Windows 8 computer and I get a message from windows that says “Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it. Android Composite ADB Interface. The hash for the file is not present in the specified catalog file. The file is likely corrupt of the victim of tampering. If you know the manufacturer of your device, you can visit its website and check the support section for driver software.”

    What do I do with this. I am not so savvy on forcing hash codes for software signing in the new windows. I have installed all of these software and Utilities as the Admin on my system and this is what I come up with.

    My windows version is Windows 8 x64. I have installed all the Android SKD packages and extras necessary to make this work, but can’t get anything else to install?

    Any direction help or other assistance would be excellent.


  34. I have a question, about my Kindle Fire2.

    Last night, I tried to root my device and almost succeeded.

    I installed a TWRP, and tried to install a custom ROM.

    So I wiped Cache, Dalvic Cache.. and ‘Internal Storage’!

    I connected to PC(win7) via USB cable, and Mounted.

    But it’s impossible to connect Kindle Fire2 to PC.

    So I retried ADB sideload, but it was same.

    adb devices are not found.

    How can I solve this problem?

    your method maybe accepts “alive Kindle’ but my device is a brick.

    I need your help.

    please help me.


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