How to unlock & revive SD card after install Windows Phone 7?

Can’t detect your SD card at PC after installed Windows Phone 7? Windows Phone 7 build 7004 XBmod-Yuki ROM v2 will encrypt SD card and make it like a real WP7 phone. Therefore, your SD card is locked. And can’t be detected at all. How to unlock and revive SD card after install Windows Phone 7? You need to install StorageLock in WP7. Then use it to unlock the SD card. Or lock it if you want. After unlocked, you will see 2 partitions on your SD card. You may delete both of them and create FAT32 file type partition so that you can use the SD card again on PC, Android or Windows Mobile. Just follow below step by step guide to do so…

Note – only perform these tasks when you don’t want to use WP7 anymore. Or want to dual boot WP7 and Android (note – just unlock and don’t delete any partition). Else just skip these…


  • Windows Phone 7
  • Zune Software (link)
  • WP7 Update Cab Sender

How to unlock and revive SD card after install Windows Phone 7?

  1. Connect USB cable from PC to phone.
  2. At PC, enter WP7-Update-Cab-Sender folder.
  3. Go to ‘if needed install this tool’ folder.
  4. Install Setup-UpdateWP (x64 for 64 bits Windows and x86 for 32 bits Windows).
  5. Copy to WP7-Update-Cab-Sender folder.
  6. Run WP7 Update Cab Sender.bat.
  7. Then type S – (S)end Cabs to device.
  8. After finished installation, close WP7 Update Cab Sender.
  9. Disconnect USB cable from phone.
  10. At WP7, launch StorageLock.
  11. Click yes to unlock SD card.
  12. Shutdown your phone.
  13. Put your SD card into card reader.
  14. Launch Partition Wizard Home Edition (download it here)
  15. You should see 2 partitions on SD card.
  16. Delete both of them.
  17. Create a primary FAT32 file type partition.
  18. Click ‘Apply’ to begin the process.
  19. That’s all.

Refer to this video if you don’t know how to use WP7 Update Cab Sender.

Download WP7 Update Cab Sender here.
Download here.


  1. Hello…Jayce…again thank you very much for your hardwork…how come there’s not a lot of gratitude coming from other people? anyways love the video instructions…miss the cool music though that you did in you older videos lol….thanks again!!! Jerome

      • hi i am unable to download wm7 folder from above link..where i can get it..i did steps till 9

        Connect USB cable from PC to phone.
        At PC, enter WP7-Update-Cab-Sender folder.
        Go to ‘if needed install this tool’ folder.
        Install Setup-UpdateWP (x64 for 64 bits Windows and x86 for 32 bits Windows).
        Copy to WP7-Update-Cab-Sender folder.
        Run WP7 Update Cab Sender.bat.
        Then type S – (S)end Cabs to device.
        After finished installation, close WP7 Update Cab Sender.
        Disconnect USB cable from phone.

        but i am not getting where i will found wp 7 folder…plz help…my card is not showing as sd card in computer..its locked.

  2. thanks so much. but i have a prob. it says on windows ‘An error has occurred
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: send d000ff partition data failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (1279)

    Error Description:
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (956)’ any help would be nice. thanks

      • i managed to get passed that already. thanks, but one more thing, when i installed the file to wp7, it rebooted and was about to do step 10, but no response from windows phone 7 whatsoever. is there another fix for the sd card? is there a rom that has that tool needed already installed? or can i decrypt the sd through computer. thanks for your help jayce.

  3. thanks for quick response, last question sir how about putting the SD card to other WP7? then I will follow your instruction is it possible? Sorry so many questions. 🙂 because I have 3 SD card and i can’t use it.

  4. hello, after all those steps, my htc hd2 t mobile doesnt load wp7…:(((( i got message :storage card not working. your storage card has changed or is non-compliant. any idea how to make that card work again:)?

  5. on step 7 i got an error saying-

    Update device 3f713324 – 264es21ae – 953d719d Complete with error code: 800B010A, error message: A certificate chain could not be built to a trusted root authority.

    it began to do something and when it said preparing to install this error came out!
    what should I do about this????

  6. hi Jayce…

    after i successfully installed the 7720… all are working well…
    im unable to partition the sd card, also unable to install storage lock…

    i have tried on kingston 8GB class4, and sandisk 16GB class4…
    any idea what’s wrong with it ?

  7. Hi Jayce.. I tried 2 times to get Mango installed but have error and reading thru, it seems my SD card is the problem. Can I just flash without SD card initially then try the re-insert during booting method?


      • Thanks… will try it.. u right, I was on Android NAND the last 6mths, played/flashed w so many ROMS out there. My only problem is the lost of Audio.. the sound suddenly become silent even though the settings are ok. With that, my phone call cannot be made, people cant lhear me too, many times it FC on Many have reported similar problem, even after clean install (start w Task29).

        Strange when I back to WM6.5, all are fine, now with WM7 NoDo, the sound/call quality is superb, I can say that WM7 is VERY stable, no FC or hang so far after a week. I found the Apps arent that extensive as Android tho, but maybe this is new Metro look, everything is new, take a bit of time to get used to… anyway, thank yoy for your videos, it helps alot in my weekend freetime flashing…

  8. i have nodo rom working on my 4gb sd card..

    if i want BTTF rom – do i need to unlock card with storage lock first ? or can i skip as card is working?

    then i will take out sd card out, reformat on pc, then load magdlr on hd2 remove mb stuff, then flash v2 will these be correct procedure??

    jayce – cant thank you enough your videos and tutorials help me alot… i llok forward to reply before i start

  9. yea hi ive folowed the instructions but when i open storaegunlock its says its already unlock and i try to lock it and unlock it again just to be sure but it gets a failed to lock or something like that any help

  10. minitool patrition recognises my sd (kingston 8gb), but i cannot perform any task. it shows no info about it, only’disk 2′. my other sd, that i also used to install wp7 has ‘bad disk’ notification in this program. I tried to connect them with magldr, but my pc does not recognise them as mass stprage

  11. hi i have a question abt the procedure, why we need to delete those both partition,? After we deleted it, and can i just make it into two partition and reuse it in my phone? Are htc hd2 mango going to detect this sd card?

  12. Actualy i just screw up by making another partition and at the end the sd card can’t be read, hav to start reflash the rom again~how to dual boot if i dun make it two partition for wp7 and android? Any clearer guide for this part coz i dun wan to screw at the end of process again..

  13. hi jayce,

    thank you very much for your hardwork, ive folowed the instructions…But step 7 iget
    Error: no devices were found. can you help me? thanks

      • HI Jayce,

        I install the prerequisites (Windows7/zune software/WP7 Update Cab Sender), but still there is an error. I have made a picture (print screen). I can send it to you?
        I have still the problem Error: no devices were found. Please, can you help me?

        Thanks and greetings,


          • Hi Jayce,
            I’m really stuck. I followed your great instructions through a few roms for my HD2, but when I tried to go from XBmod-Yuki ROM v2 to Mango RTM, I only noticed at the last step that the file isn’t available anywhere, and my card locked soon after when I tried to install ultrafruit instead. I now have the same problem as RFT above when I run WP7 Update Cab Sender.bat to unlock the SD card (Error: no devices were found). I do have the prerequisites… Do you remember if you managed to fix this issue? Your help would be greatly appreciated, cause I’m really really stuck.

              • And you’re fast too! I’ll keep trying then. And once I get it running (or buy another one) what do you recommend to install first, as a new base to work on? I’m not sure what will happen when I put a “new” card into the phone. It must be a dumb question because no one else seems to be asking. Thanks

                  • Last night I installed Ultrafruit with a 2G card, and have access to Marketplace etc. I was hesitating because I didn’t know if any prerequisites were installed on the old card, and how flashing with a new one would affect the phone. Anyway, 2G isn’t much space, but I’m just glad everything is functionning well. I’m sticking with WM to keep using WindowsLive calendar.

                    You should get a Nobel prize for your work here Jayce! Thanks so much – for a newbie like me, you have the clearest instructions out there and I can’t believe how available you are.

  14. Hi Jayce as i run wp7 update cab sender after copying to WP7-Update-Cab-Sender folder and type s it writes ERROR : No UPDATE FILES so what i am suppose to do???

    TNX by the way

      • hi max :
        Nope i didn’t find any solution i refused it and this is what i do for dual booting
        i used 2 sd cards one locked sd card stays on my wp7 and i formatted another one with my nokia n79 and copied sd android rom on it and i can now boot 2 of them
        Android 2.3.5
        WP 7.5 Mango
        if u know how to unlock it with PC plz help me to know??
        Sorry for Bad English

  15. i noticed that my sd card has been locked , so , if i no longer run wp7 in my phone , using another sd card of course , is it possible to save the previous one ? i mean , to install wp7 again using the first sd card or , to install wp7 within another one and than to insert the first one trying to unlock it ?

  16. hey jayce i downloaded the dev storage lock rar file….when i extract it there isnt any .cab file in it…after extracting it says file… when i copy this file to the wp7 update cab sender folder…it says choice not allowed….so where will i find the .cab file….???

  17. Okay so here is the problem :
    Everything worked till i came to this thread. i send everything to my phone and everytime i start it it says i have a problem with my sd card, if started it without a sd card and if tried with 3 other sd cards Help ! i cant use my mobile phone if it isn’t working

    But still thnx for all the hard work

  18. as i could not get it detected in my PC…i was unable to transfer files on my sd card which were important for me…. i was not able to explore my sd card….neither in phone nor in pc….that was the problem…now how do i get it detected in my phone…??

  19. Hi,
    Im having a bit of a nightmare with this sd card lock situation!

    Reading your instructions here, I dont know how to navigate to the update-cab-folder as since the sd card has become unreadable so has the phone! Having said that, it is connected to Zune, but I can not access anything on the fone, files etc. My PC is not seeing my fone as a mass storage device, but does display the ‘remove safley’ icon in the task bar (Win.7).

    Anyone had this problem? or know of a way to get to the said files?


  20. BTW… the plan was / is to partion the sd card and duel boot android… hopefully!

    Ive just noticed in a thread above, you say do everythinig through Zune, like iTunes??? I can not see where / how to access my files in Zune :S Zune does not feel very user friendly to me!!! This is coming from a Zune nooobie! 🙂

  21. amigo, para desbloquear la micro sd, hay que hacerlo con el wp7.5 instalado?, o cuando instalo el wp 7.004 ?… he intentado desbloquear la micro sd con el wp7.5 y me sale error… que puedo hacer?.

  22. Hi Jayce

    i can`t unlock my sd card . every time i use WP7 Update Cab Sender.bat. after view minutes
    i get on the screen error: not arrested in the update applied. i don`t know what that is?i have print screen en i can send it to you… thanks

  23. Hi folks
    the best is to get an Nokia f.e. Communicator – an oldone or other.
    Insert the Card an go to the systemsettings an format the card.
    Now you can handle the sd-card as normal under windows.
    Testet on Transcend 2,4,8GB and some Sandiskcards.


  24. Dear Jayce,

    I really followed the whole steps one by one, but unfortunately i again come up with the big loss & corrupted my 2nd sd card of 8 gb. now my win 7 syaing there is no sd card after deleting the partion & again starting up my hd2.

    Do you have any solution



      • Dear jayce,

        I want dual boot in my hd2, so to have it I followed your given steps to revive n unlock the card after unlocking I delete the partition as you mentioned here. All went perfect until I inserted the card back to my hd2. Now when I start win 7 it take too much time to reload and after this I again go to unlock option to unlock the card and now ot says there is no sd card & have lost my 2nd card too. It also not shown in PC.

        Kindly help me out of this



          • dear jayce,

            i think you are not getting. i said after unlock my card showed by pc and phone too. but after formatting, it stops working and itself. i hope u got that.


              • This means I supposed to unlock it only then follow your dual boot procedure to have android OS in my HD2.

                1. Just Unlock
                2. Put Android files in it (Right)??
                3. Follow your procedure
                4. Finally, i can have dual boot.

                Now the question arise, wheter I can have dualboot with win 7.5 mango 7720 installed in my hd2.

                  • Dear Jayce,

                    I got my card recovered with NOKIA E 63. but problem now is that when i installed a freshcopy of win7 xumbi it normally started (For date & time setting), but when I install devision .cab via cab sender it restart (as per procedure) & then hang on win 7 home screen. I did all these procedure, before encrypting my sdcards and use win 7.5 mango 7720 for 2 month perfectly. Moreover I am facing this problem even i restart win 7 xumbi without installing

                    What could be its cause.


  25. i did all above but after step 8 device opens with sd card error and says put original sd card that came with phone. i again reflashed the rom and repeated the step. But same error again. Help me out. Sd card runs when i flash WP7. But dont know how to unlock WP7 for full functionality. Can you help me out for either unlock SD card or Unlock WP7

  26. Hi Jayce,

    I followed all your steps, but stuck in step 10 “At WP7, launch StorageLock”. How to come there, I can not find how to explore my SD card!


  27. After step 7 it gives every time ERROR: NO update aviable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Hello Jayce…I am having problems with my sd card after installing windows 7 on my HD2. I followed the steps on the guide, when i opened up storage lock my sd card was already unlocked, so i moved on opened partition wizard but i dont see my sd card. Please help! did i do something wrong. And thanks for the guides and videos. Awesome!

    • Sorry, I have no idea since StorageLock mentioned it was already unlocked. Maybe you can try on other PC see. If still cannot, try to use Nokia smartphone to unlock it.

  29. Hi Jayce

    I don’t seem to be able to install the StorageLock cab.
    The installation starts fine but after 3. reboot it says completing installation…and then an error. This happens EVERYTIME.
    The error is saying something about not having enough space on my phone?!?

    I have deleted cache files in explorer and maps on the phone, rebooted phone, rebooted pc but I still get the same result everytime.

    Am I missing something here?

    Thx for your hard work though. 🙂

    I have tried with two different sd cards. A 32GB Transcend Class2 and a 4GB Kingston class4

  30. hi
    i try to unlock my SD card but stuck in step 7
    is zune required?
    i tried to install zune but fail
    is it true zune only works on windows xp SP3

  31. hi
    regarding the zune it is already settle
    but i still stuck at step 7
    in ur video, update cab sender does ask u ur option, then u type S
    but in my case, there is no choice given
    it just state “collecting logs from device” then “device logs saved to my doc blablabla” then
    “moving files to logs directory” then “done”

    any advise

  32. Hi reading your thread and wanted to ask a question. i flashed my HTC HD2 with the unlocked phone rom, its version is 7740. my question is, is it possible to flash the latest updated rom 8107 with out damaging the SD Card? will it still be married to the phone? or will i need replace it? Hope I made sence.
    Thank You

  33. hi jayce i hv a problem,i try to upgrade my htc hd2 to DFT_Ultrafruit but my phone got hang and now i cannot use my phone,it cannot boot,just show thered green screen,and error tells ur rom update fail….help me

  34. hello and thanks a lot for these totus, i install (for try, my first install in nand) android4 and WM7 (not in dual boot) and try all thinks (MAGLDR, CLK, ….) with your tutos (videos).

    now i use NexusHD2-ICS-CM9-SD_v1.2_3

    please witch rom in v4, is stable for hd2…

    one last thing if you want format your SD after installing WM7, use Linux distribution like ubuntu, (i use redo backup the ubuntu distribution)., it’s very simple…

  35. hello thank for the info the install of windows 7 was easy
    but i do have a question how do you use the memory card i cant seem to find anything that alows me to find it on my phone
    and of course i can not update or delete sms because it tells me not enough space
    i have looked on the phone and on zume but cant find anything to access my memory card
    thanks again

  36. Can you please explain this to me because Im so confused, Your tutorial has me very lost!!!

    Im confused on all these steps

    At PC, enter WP7-Update-Cab-Sender folder. <— When I extract I dont get a folder I get these
    Log Folder
    tools Folder
    if needed folder
    WP7 Update cab sender

    Go to ‘if needed install this tool’ folder.

    Install Setup-UpdateWP (x64 for 64 bits Windows and x86 for 32 bits Windows).

    Copy to WP7-Update-Cab-Sender folder. <– Is this the
    If so Im still not sure where to copy it

    and Whats the folder Called Tools for?

    theres an x64 and x86 I have 64 bit so I go x64 I Understand that, but what do I do with it, please reply to me asap.

  37. Thank you Jayce, worked like a charm!!!
    You have one of the most useful sites I have seen, keep up the good work.

    Everything best with your new wife 🙂

    Deyan Georgiev

  38. Hi, when i try to send Cab via WP7 Update Cab Sender and give command s for send, it shows “no update files” be noted i have pasted the full file (as downloaded) and also i tried the the file inside the zip named, will u please tell me what to do now. i want to use card.

  39. hi jayce.,
    i have installed WP7 tango 8773 rom on my htc hd2.. And i want to do dual boot anroid and WP7. one thing i fopund was that my memory didnt get unlocked. after i installed WP7 and did first boot, i removed it and connected it to my laptop using card reader. i was able to open my memory card except that i got only 200mb of FAt32 partition. whereas my memory card is 8GB one.. now so should i perform all the steps to unlock memory card? or just follow steps from step 14. i want to have android on SD. please tell me what to do

  40. Easiest way to recover ur card, put it into nokia mob, format it and thats it.

    No Need to follow such a lengthy process (if u have a nokia mob)

    Tried by me successfully.

  41. I experienced the worst of problems with my card (completely unable to detect etc. following mango). NONE of the solutions have worked including the one posted above, where I had the problem with “Update device 3f713324 – 264es21ae – 953d719d Complete with error code: 800B010A, error message: A certificate chain could not be built to a trusted root authority. ” I finally found the simplest solution… Windows 8 plus SDFormatter V3.1

    The solution works because Windows 8 will recognize the SD card and assign it a drive letter with “Access Denied”. This allows SD Formatter to detect the disk and format it.

    Good Luck!

  42. After I try to do step seven it says I don’t have update files. Do I have to download these files or are they provided in a place where I can’t find them. Please help me I have a locked 32GB memory card!

  43. I installed Windows 7.5 on my HTC HD2 and it rendered my MicroSD card useless (well, it could only see about 2mb of the total 2GB space on it even after formating). Being a stick-to-it addict, I didn’t throw it away, and trawled the internet to find a ‘cure’. Anyway to cut a long story short, I decided to format it with my digital camera (Samsung ST700) and it’s worked!! I have my 2gb back.

  44. HI , Jayce 🙂
    I have a dude i installed the same windows phone 7 but 2.1 from xda , ok then i tried to upgrade it to windows phone 7.5 mango but the link of doesnt work… i dont know if u have another …. caouse i already looked for it at google and in the XDA blog.
    I cant revive sd card port , is it necessary do the revive whit the sd card , its because i put it in when the ‘revive’ was done and then i connected the cellphone and it didnt recognized the sd card just th phone.
    And … i need to know if the windows that i installed works whit market place … if i ask for the activation code
    Thanks for take the time to answer this questions , please help me to fine the file it will be awesome or another way … 🙂
    thanks again !

    • Hi Javier, no need to revive SD card if you still want to use WP7.
      Yes, you need activation code in order to use Marketplace.
      Sorry, I don’t have the file. Maybe you can try to install the latest WP7 build at XDA website. No need to upgrade then.

  45. when u installed the wp7 in your phone with the sd card , will u be able to save the apps that u download from the market? its because i dont have space in my phone whit out sd card i dont even have space for facebook app
    (i dint have sd card i bought it today and it doesnt work its like dont have any)

  46. Haaaa NO wait I haven’t SD card plug in during WP7 installation and yes i have it in the cell phone but its like having nothing, Sorry :S , and what can i do in order to make the installation again, so i can do it whit the sd card ( that was the problem right? )

  47. Jayce…thanks much for this tutorial.

    One user tip: At step 5, DO NOT unzip DEV_STORAGELOCK befor copying to WP7-Update-Cab-Sender folder. If you do, it does not work.

    Thanks again! Works perfectly.

  48. hi Jayce….. thanks for your support for installing WM7 on htc HD2, when i installed wm7 on my HD2 it hangs after 10 to 15 minutes…. due to this issue i reinstalled windows 6.5. BUt now its SD card is not working. What cold be the issue with SD card. I even tried with card reader but SD card was not working. Please guide me regarding this that how can S card can be repaired. Can android Ice cream can be flashed without SD card or not. Waiting for your usual support. Thanks

  49. I Tried to unlock my sdcard(followed all the instructions, at the end i see the following error

    Installing updates: Completed in 26.06 seconds
    Checking your phone’s status: Completed in 0.01 seconds
    Restarting your phone: Completed in 79.47 seconds
    Completing updates: Completed in 7.21 seconds
    Update device 9c79b25c – 736ad7f2 – 2d31d2fc – 223f12a8 Complete with error code: 80180011, error message: IU (Image Upd
    ate) installation failed on phone: None of the packages in the update are applicable.

    ╚══════» Done

  50. Hey all,

    Thanks for all your help! I’m stuck again though..

    I’ve put an 4gb sd card into my HD2 and have flashed my phone with
    the radio (Radio_Leo_2.15.50.14)

    After flashing, I didn’t got the MAGLDR bootloader, so I (like Nigeldg said) flashed my phone with
    MAGLDR afterwards.

    After that It worked and now I’m able to enter the MAGLDR bootloader with no problems.

    Entered USB Flasher and:
    put a WP7 (although, that’s what I thought) ROM on my phone…
    The name of the file is ( 3_HD2 Pdaimatejam Rom Wp7.8 OS 7.10.8835.35 v8.5 )
    After installation however the installation program gave me 3 errors:

    An error has occurred
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: send d000ff partition data failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (1279)

    Error Description: block send fail
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (962)

    Error Description: Block is after end.
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (704)

    I AM able to boot my HD2 and Windows 8 (surprisingly 8) booted normally, untill it said that it doesn’t recognise my sd card. Only
    option is to shut down my HD2.

    I’m now thinking to put another ROM on it, I already installed on my pc only (3_HD2_20Pdaimatejam_20Rom_20Wp7.8_20OS_207.10.885 8.136_20RMT_20v8.7) from Dxdy’s links.

    When I deleted my sd card from my HD2 and booted it, it still booted normally with the Windows 8 loading screen and the error about the sd.

    I want to delete at first that ROM and put another one on it. How can I delete it? It is ( I think) not installed on the SD.

  51. Well this would work great. There is one problem. My phone got broken and I have a 32Gb SD card that I want to use with my new android phone, but I cant do anything to the SD card apparently without the phone working. There is absolutely nothing I need from the SD card. I’ve tried everything I know to do. Formatting it in windows 7 doesnt work. Please help. Is there anything that can be done?

  52. hi,

    please help, i have installed wp7, great all is good until phone boots, sd card says bla.. bla… not detected and so on, problem is with this screen my only to options are emergency calls and turn off !! i cant actually get to phone desktop to do the whole StorageLock stuff, my other option was enter MAGLDR and go to services and select the clear sd MBR option, partitions are deleted now but no change. any ideas ?

    im thinking put the sd card in a reader and format the card using windows FAT32 format tool ?

    any info greatly appreciated.

  53. Thanks for this great tutorial! I used this (and failed initially to realize that you said to create a PRIMARY partition) and was able to use my sdcard from my Focus on my new Lumia 521! Good work 🙂


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