How to revive SD card after install Windows Phone 7 on HTC HD2?

How to revive SD card after install Windows Phone 7 on HTC HD2? Yes, Windows Phone 7 ‘kills’ your SD card during its installation and partition with its own file format. Your SD card is practically useless now unless you revive it by repartition it again. No worry, I just revived my SD card and you can do the same too.

How to repartition SD card after install Windows Phone 7 on HTC HD2?

Method 1

Note – only touch SD card partition. DON’T do anything to your hard drive.

  1. Download Partition Wizard Home Edition here.
  2. Put in your SD card into card reader.
  3. Launch Partition Wizard Home Edition
  4. You should see 2 partitions on SD card.
  5. Delete both of them.
  6. Create a primary FAT32 file type partition.
  7. Click ‘Apply’ to begin the process.
  8. That’s all.

Method 2 ~ Suggested by Amit
Load MAGLDR. Go to Services. Select clearsd MBR option. This will remove the hidden partition.


  1. I did exactly as described on the Step-by-Step guide. Didn’t work for me at all. I have downloaded the MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition and it yes I did get my MicroSD Card show, but I did not see 2 partitions on it. I still Deleted the partition and made a new one, setting up FAT32 on Primary. Inserted the card in my HTC HD2 still nothing, not even ZUNE software is recognizing any new added space. I have like FREE space and I can’t store anything, it’s really irritating and annoying. I hope anyone can advice.

    Thank you.


  2. This is spam! Cards formatted with Windows Phone 7 cannot be recovered with ANY partition software. Period. This is a pump scheme to get folks to download crap software.

  3. I did exactly as described on the Step-by-Step guide. but my sd card is 8 GB but i don’t know why it shows it is only 200 MB . CAN YOU HELP ME ,PLEASE

      • Hi Jayce,

        I’m having the same problem. I couldnt solve it. My 8 GB SD Card was working fine. Ive installed Windows 7 on My HTC HD2. Then I removed Windows 7 and downgraded back to 6.5. But my SD Card is showing only 200 MB. The card is showing in the Drives with 199MB capacity. Windows Disk Management (Right click on my computer -> Manage -> Disk Managment)is showing two partitions 200Mb and 7.23GB. I tried using SD Card formatter 3.0(Error: Either the drive or Memory card can not be supported by this software) and EASEUS Partition Master 9.1.0 Home Edition(The card drive doesnt show up in the list) with no success.

        Can you help me please?

          • No, Partition Wizard Home Edition is not working for me. It doesnt show the drive in the list. However I’ve solved the problem. I have an Olympus 7010 Digital Camera with me. It took 5 seconds for my digi cam to format it and it turned that to full capacity card immediately.

            Thanks for your help. I got this idea also from this forum only.

  4. Thanx jaycee, u r awesome. it worked and i recovered my memory card.
    Hey jaycee but from two days i am facing a new problem, when my cell is kept locked and i try to unlock it and press hardware buttons, nothing appears on screen. i have to remove battery to make it work again plz can u help me????

  5. why not just put the card into a digital camera and do a format? works for me everytime. You people do seem to be making a mountain out of a molehill…

  6. Yep…not working. When i’ve install the 7720 RTM Mango i had to change some stuff from magldr from services…
    • Move down to and select Services
    • In Services menu select option 4, uselast24nand.
    • You will auto return to main menu
    • Move down to and select Services
    • In services menu select option 5. clearsd MBR.
    • Confirm selection.
    This is the only part that’s different from the others win ph 7 os….i tried everything you said in the last post…but the phone, the mini tool partition manager or the sd card formatter 3.0 can’t find the card…i mean the partition with only 200 mb.

  7. hi jayce, i installed windows phone 7 last night. it wasn’t booting any longer and so i reinstalled one of ur energy roms. it worked fine but my hd2 cannot find the sd card. i inserted the sd in a micro sd reader and downloaded the minitool partion but my pc still doesn’t find the sd. any help?

  8. Hello,

    I did all the steps but after step 3 I and have downloaded the MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition but cannot see my SD card on the list 🙁 otherthan my harddisk on my PC

    Any other solution

    I am using WinXP


  9. Hi Jayce:
    Yesterday, I installed wp on my HD2 and it crash after turn on.
    I wat to remove wp and revive my SD.
    I use magldr 1.12 in USB Masstorage mode.
    In the step 3,when I start Partition Wizard, I can´t see de SD.
    When I connect my HD2 to the PC, I hear a sound and see the F partition in the file explorer but is a hidden partition. I can´t see on Partition Wizard.


  10. hey hi jayce

    please tell me how see my sd card data in windows mobile 7 in hd2, like my (photo,vedio,word,excel) other fromat file

  11. I experienced the worst of problems with my card (completely unable to detect etc. following mango). NONE of the solutions have worked including the one posted above. I finally found the simplest solution… Windows 8 plus SDFormatter V3.1

    The solution works because Windows 8 will recognize the SD card and assign it a drive letter with “Access Denied”. This allows SD Formatter to detect the disk and format it.

    Good Luck!

  12. Hi Jayce, you can also add that if MAGLDR is in use then Under Services -> clearsd MBR option will also remove the hidden partition. I just did the same to my old 4GB Card and now, I can use it as a regular 3.XX GB Fat32 Card.

  13. Jayce, I have a HTC Trophy that died, I tore it down and removed the 16 GB microsd card and want to use it elsewhere. Will this utility recognize that card? I can see this thread hasn’t been touched since 2013, hope you are still monitoring it!!!


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