How to solve Galaxy S4 WiFi intermittent disconnect issue?

Yeah… Here is another Samsung Galaxy S4 issue ~ Wi-Fi intermittent disconnects. HTC One fans, are you happy now? All right, back to the issue. I usually keep my Galaxy S4 connected to 3G data connection. Seldom use WiFi even I am at home unless I am downloading big size files. So I did not notice much about this intermittent disconnect WiFi issue. Yes, I do face this issue too with my D-Link router (TM Streamyx bundle modem – D-Link DSL-2640B) just like everyone else. By the way, my Google Nexus 4 also failed to detect that router at first. Solved after changing wireless channel.

How to solve Samsung Galaxy S4 WiFi intermittent disconnect issue?
In short, get another brand router. Most of the users reported this WiFi issue are using D-Link router. Don’t want to get a new router, play around with the settings then. It might solve the issue, and might not. Here is how I did it.

  • Set 802.11 Mode to G only.
  • Set wireless channel to 13.
  • Set Security Mode to WPA2 only.

After setting these, I do not face WiFi intermittent disconnect issue anymore. Luck maybe? Try it yourself to find out.