How to test Redmi 1S hardware function?

Want to know is your Xiaomi Redmi 1S hardware condition is perfect or not? Well, you can do so just like Samsung smartphone. Xiaomi provides a hardware testing tool for their testers to check your phone hardware function before leave the factory. Usually, your Redmi 1S should perform just fine. But you might want to double check it again after bought it online through Mi Store. Just bring up the Test mode to check all Redmi 1S hardware functions. Okay, here is the catch. It is Chinese. So you need to know to read Chinese in order to use it. Oh well, Xiaomi is a China company. What to do?

Redmi 1S Test Mode

How to test Redmi 1S hardware function?

  1. Bring up Phone.
  2. Dial *#*#64663#*#*.
  3. That’s it.

You should know this step if you had gone through Xiaomi Read Me App‘s FAQ. It’s not too late if you still now read it yet. So is your Redmi 1S hardware in perfect condition?


  1. hi jayce, I have bought rhe Mi Note recently for my wife and also bought a bigger mereory card. but to my surprise, the camera doesn’t allow camera shot to be saved in the card . can u help us on this issue? tks alot

  2. I am having issues on low volume of speakers in media and ringtone. Can you tell me which option is for speakers/volume and how can i increase the volume of speakers. I came to your post after searching on net for last 2 days. This seems to be the last option but comes with very high hope, as other options like mobileuncle mtk etc dont work on redmi 1S.

  3. there is a problem in redmi 1s. headphones are working properly but there is no mic detection of any headphones. please help me.


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