How to test Samsung Galaxy Note 2 hardware functions?

Is your Samsung Galaxy Note II perfect from hardware defect? Well, you can check all Samsung Galaxy Note 2 hardware functions before you pay for it. As usual, Samsung includes its very own hardware testing application – LCD Test for Galaxy series smartphones. Therefore, you and I can check Samsung Galaxy Note 2 hardware function with it. The very first thing that I tested – dead pixel on display with red, green, blue, white (Receiver) and black (Vibration) colours. Luckily, mine has perfect HD Super AMOLED screen…

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 hardware test

How to test Samsung Galaxy Note 2 hardware functions?
Bring up dialpad. Then key in *#0*#. LCD Test application will be loaded.

You can check lot of stuffs in Samsung LCD TEST application for Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Check the display colour with Red, Green and Blue. White and black colour with Receiver and Vibration tests. Continue your test on Dimming, Mega cam (back camera), Sensor (accelerometer, proximity, barometer, lights, gyroscope and magnetic sensors), Touch, Sleep, Speaker, Sub key, Front cam, LED (notification lights) and Wacom Test (S Pen). Personally, I don’t know what these tests are about ~ LOW FREQUENCY, Barcode Emulator Test and SensorHub Test.

Do make sure that you run all these tests before leaving mobile phone shop. And happy owning a perfect working Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


  1. Thnks brother for your valuable post
    But I m confused coz wen I tried the wacom test its always showing fail
    ….pls help

  2. unfortunately i haven’t read your post before i bought and make a test, and now i have problem in the lcd after bought it 2 days. it’s been like leaked. no drop and not pressed before. just like lcd become blank. already get to the shop but they won’t change for a new one and ask me to wait from samsung service centre for further checking. sadly 🙁

  3. thank u bro..for ur kind information…but when i test for sensorhub always shows fail?why so???is there any problem with ma mobile?
    kindly replay


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