How to undervolt Galaxy S4 GPU?

Play lot of 3D games with your Samsung Galaxy S4? Undervolt Galaxy S4 GPU will help to improve battery life a bit. And make it cooler too (not much of course). GT-I9500 PowerVR SGX544MP3 GPU is powerful enough for most of the casual 3D Android games in the Play Store. GPU will auto scales to higher clock speed when more 3D processing power is needed. You can underclock GPU to save battery but that will decrease 3D performance as well. Impact gaming experience is not what we want here. So undervolting is another solution.

Undervolt GPU with STweaks

How to undervolt Samsung Galaxy S4 GPU?
Install custom kernel for Galaxy S4 I9500 first. Then use the bundled along app – STweaks to configure GPU voltages. Reduce them in a small step by step until you get the lowest power with stable gaming performance. Else you will end up with lot of freeze issues. What are the best values? Try out your own because every PowerVR SGX544MP3 GPU chip is unique. Yours might perform better than mine so can undervolt further…



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