HP Compaq Presario C700 series Notebook PC Windows XP driver

HP releases a lot of model in C700 series Notebook PC. There are C700 CTO, C700EM, C700ET, C700LA, C700T CTO, C700XX, C701EA, C701EM, C701LA, C701TU, C701XX, C702LA, C702TU, C703LA, C703TU, C704TU, C705LA, C705TU, C706NR, C706TU, C707LA, C707TU, C708LA, C708TU, C709LA, C709TU, C710BR, C710ED, C710EE, C710EF, C710EL, C710EM, C710EN, C710TU, C711EF, C711EM, C711TU, C712NR, C712TU, C713NR, C713TU, C714NR, C714TU, C715BR, C715NR, C715TU, C716TU, C717NR, C717TU, C718TU, C719TU, C720BR, C720ES, C721TU, C722TU, C725BR, C727US, C730 CTO, C730BR, C730EE, C730EL, C730ES, C730ET, C731EM, C731TU, C732EF, C732EM, C732ES, C732TU, C733TU, C734TU, C735BR, C735ED, C735EE, C735EF, C735EL, C735EM, C735ET, C735TU, C736TU, C737BR, C737EL, C737TU, C738TU, C739TU, C740ED, C740EE, C740EG, C740EL, C740EM, C740ES, C740ET, C740TU, C741TU, C742EA, C742EM, C742ES, C742TU, C743TU, C744TU, C745EE, C745EF, C745EG, C745EL, C745ES, C745TU, C746TU, C747TU, C748TU, C749TU, C750ED, C750EF, C750EL, C750EM, C750ES, C750LA, C750TU, C751LA, C751NR, C751TU, C752LA, C752TU, C753TU, C754CA, C754TU, C755BR, C755EF, C755EL, C755ES, C755TU, C756CA, C756ES, C757CA, C757EA, C757EL, C757EM, C757LA, C758CA, C758LA, C759LA, C760ED, C760EL, C760EM, C760ES, C760ET, C760LA, C761TU, C762NR, C762TU, C763TU, C764NR, C764TU, C765BR, C765EL, C765EM, C765ET, C765TU, C766TU, C767TU, C768CA, C768TU, C769TU, C769US, C770ED, C770EE, C770EF, C770EG, C770EL, C770EM, C770ES, C770ET, C770TU, C771TU, C772EM, C772TU, C773EM, C773TU, C774TU, C775EL, C775EM, C775TU, C776TU, C777TU, C778TU, C779TU, C780EE, C780EF, C780EL, C780TU, C782TU…
Wow… There are really a lot of model in C700 series. πŸ˜›

Download all the HP Compaq Presario C700 series Notebook PC required driver for Windows XP here… Tested with C749TU, C769TU… More to come… πŸ˜€

Intel Chipset Installation Utility for ICH8

Microsoft UAA driver (install first)
Conexant High-Definition Audio Driver (install later. Use ‘have disk’ method to install. Note – internal mic not working)

Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family Video/Graphics Driver

Keyboard, Mouse and Input Devices
HP Quick Launch Buttons Driver
Alps Touch Pad Driver

webcam driver

Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC Driver

Intel PRO Wireless 3945 802.11a/b/g or 802.11b/g
Broadcom 802.11a/b/g
Atheros AR2425 WLAN b/g

Conexant HDAUDIO Soft Data Fax Modem with SmartCP Driver (Use ‘have disk’ method to install.)

Good luck on your driver installation on Windows XP. πŸ˜€


  1. C700 series has another 2 wireless modules – Broadcom 802.11a/b/g and Intel PRO Wireless 3945 802.11a/b/g or 802.11b/g. I update the driver lists once I get the wireless driver. πŸ˜€

  2. Thank you!
    Most devies are worked well but still have 2 problems.
    1. built-in MIC doesn’t work. (Audio)
    2. Wireless button is alway RED. (Wireless)

    I’m using 750TU and if you have updated infomation, please let me know.

    Thank you.

  3. Yup. That’s the problems we all face here. We need to use external mic and live with wireless LED alway in red colour for the moment. πŸ˜›

    Sure will update when get latest working driver. πŸ˜‰

  4. i am install the windows xp profesional, always come to the last step it cannot allow me to install it at compaq presario c778tU

  5. sorry that i dunno as i doesn’t show..just that there is a wireless button and light…both also in orange/red color

  6. Does C777TU has wireless module? You can actually see the module. It is near the memory. Just open the Memory/wireless module compartment.
    Hope this help. πŸ˜€

  7. i also bought the compaq presario c749tu, why my dvd/cd-rw combo drive cannot play a dvd. i found that in the device manager, i found that at the system show that i just have optiarc cd-rw crx880a, how to solve it?pls help me!

  8. mic not working as well.. huhu… but i still get 1 unknown driver… not sure what should that be… anyone??? mine was c767tu

  9. cheong, please call HP. They might give you the wrong hardware already.

    kar-el, try let the hardware search the sound driver through internet. Some user managed to get the internal mic working by this method.
    Have you install HP Quick Launch Buttons Driver? It might solve your unknown driver issue. πŸ™‚

  10. I am using C777TU as well. Initially I though this laptop dint come with wireless, wat do u mean it come with wireless module (hardware)?
    Can we add it?

    I think you previous post did mention this laptop dint come with wireless, I a bit confused.

  11. kar-el, I will let you know when I try it. Busy lately. πŸ˜›

    Gan Fenhae, He… He… I am also confuse with all these so many models. πŸ˜›
    We can add-on wireless module ourselves. Some users buy old wireless module from Lelong and it is working fine with it. But the easiest way is plug in USB WiFi stick and it is cheaper. πŸ˜€

  12. jayce, i sure that my computer have the combo drive, it cannot play a dvd after i format the computer.
    kar-el, how to do it? i had installed Quick Launch Buttons Driver.

  13. Hi to all,

    I am having problem on the audio installation….. the notebook is C756TU on windows XP>>>> please help and thanks a lot.

    Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!

  14. cheong, not even 1 DVD can be read?

    Stephen A . Limong, please try ‘have disk’ method. Else let the hardware search the sound driver through internet.

  15. jayce, yes lohhhhh!
    Stephen A,Limong , how? i try to update the device by go to control panel, double-click system,choose hardware, then device manager, double-click the dvd/cd rom,the right-click, then choose update driver, but it still same. is that any methods else?
    thanks a lot!

  16. finally i success to play a dvd liao! but i only can play it by using nero, i try to play it by using windows media player and others, it can play but there are no sounds, why? is there anyone to help me????????

  17. yes!!!!!! i can play mp3 with media player, i also can play dvd with it but without sounds. i dun know what happened to it!!!!!!!!!!

  18. thanks jayce!!!! all the drivers worked really well except, of course for the int. mic…will use an external mic….it should work right.
    please let me know when u get any drivers for the nic. thanks again

  19. Thanks Jayce, all most everything work well except my wireless, it doesnt work at all, the light is orange. xp32- how can I install this ? I try to use ” hard disk method” but it doesnt work .

  20. hello , please help me ; i have hp compac presario c700 i want to install xin xp but i am fearfull about driver >
    wirless driver Ok or not

  21. Most devies are worked well but still have 2 problems.
    1. built-in MIC doesn’t work. (Audio)
    2. Wireless button is alway RED. (Wireless)

    I’m using 754tu if you have updated infomation, please let me know.

    Thank you.

  22. hi,

    i have Compaq C774TU laptop. I tried the sound driver available on your this site. after installing the exe file , i could not saw the .inf file which might be required to complete the installation.

    any help or the right pointers will be appreciated.


  23. i got it through your drivers. earlier i tried hp drivers by the forcing method which you guys were using.

    thanks mate
    and long live

  24. hi having problems with my windows. not able to access the hard disks by double clicking on them through my computer. when i do that it asks me to select a program to open it. what do i do?

  25. i am install the windows xp profesional, always come to the last step it cannot allow me to install it at compaq presario c778tU

  26. i have got a compaq c756tu laptop and want to install xp service pack 2 but not getting the drivers for it
    please help where to get the drivers from

  27. I have a Presario C777TU from citibank.
    my wireless still ain’t working bud.
    I’ve tried all drivers,Intel Pro, Broadcom Wireless, Atheros. Searched everywhere.

    sp37950.exe Broadcom
    sp34136.exe Intel Pro
    sp34152.exe Broadcom
    sp35426.exe Intel Pro
    xp32- Atheros
    xp3264- Atheros
    (pardon, i don’t have links cause i’ve download those from various source)

    I’ve tried to install all those drivers with every method including the “have disk” method. But wireless still ain’t working.

    Now i’m wondering if the laptop has any wireless module, and i don’t dare to open the bottom because the laptop ain’t mine….

  28. doom compaq!!(and hp).
    I search everywhere and they all says c777tu needs wireless drivers so i thought 777 has wireless.

    man i used two days trying to make wireless work and in the end it doesn’t have one. my heads gonna blow.

  29. can any one please teach me how to install the wireless? i install all 3 but there is no effect, i am using window XP SP2.

    thank you so so much!

  30. thnx jayce i’ve already use all the drivers here, but the modem driver u gave cannot display the device driver using have disk , anything else wanna add abt installing it modem audio device stl needs exact driver and one unknown device, wat else? tnx for sharing all of these more power…

  31. yup jayce, i did all the procedure you stated here carefully, anything else? tnx for replying …is there any sites that can help me on this? i appreciated the action….more power!!!

  32. jayce, tnx i’ve already installed the modem device, another issue is the ‘unknown device’ still on yellow mark, where will i get the driver for this ? and one more question, the audio driver is installed right, but the sound icon is not coming it’s not highlighted on the properties to configure, what is the solution? tnx again

  33. jayce, lots of thanks i’ve tried all what u have said, and now its working fine, yesterday i tried to fix my audio problem and tried some sp’s and this morning when i turned on laptop, the audio is working fine, it would not be possible to fix this laptop without ur kind help…thanks…il keep in touch….

  34. Jayce, I think you should add WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe to your set drivers since we need this also.


  35. Maybe it’s also useful for installing other MS Windows program. πŸ˜‰

    Another problem is I can’t play DVD movies but VCD okay. πŸ™

  36. OOO… Try to install the correct codec for DVD playback. Else upgrade Windows Media Player to newer version. It will help to update the codec too. πŸ™‚

  37. chong yoong choi, the wireless driver is on this page. Try using have disk method if normal installation is not working. πŸ˜‰

    Steven, thanks… thanks… thanks… πŸ˜€

  38. I need some help with sound and other device ? I have downloaded all drivers over and installed them. Everything is fine but i can’t hear any sound and sound device it’s seem to be doesn’t work. I use C767TU. thanks all

  39. Please install Microsoft UAA driver first. Then use ‘have disk’ method to install the sound driver. Normal installation won’t work. πŸ™‚

  40. I’m sorry but i have done everything. I have used ‘have disk’ method to install and it’s seem to be found in my laptop. But it really doesn’t work. I can’t hear any sound. So what’s problem. Plzz help me again. And once more unknown device named Ethernet Controller so how can find this driver. Thank a lot !

  41. cool site. some of the driver i’ve been searching for the past 3 weeks come to an end but the problem is now is there any other driver for sounds of my presario c700.? please help thanks.

  42. I think after all, everyone will shift to vista, seems C700 series is designed for vista and does not required any driver installation…..hahaha….now I’m so afraid to reformat my C770TU as everything is working fine….

    Oh ya, is C770TU come with bluetooth? I wan so confuse when I was been told that C770TU has bluetooth but after buying this model and found out no bluetooth, my dealer told me that this model has no bluetooth….

  43. Dear All

    Plz help me to get driver for button of HP Compaq Quick Launch for C733TU series. Some driver from my dealer of Notebook not suite for this type. Some Fuction of F1, F2, F3, F4 and some other button have not fuction. Thank alots before.

    Muh Darsono

  44. hi jayce, can u guide me how to install the artheros wifi?? i exract the file but dunno what to do with it.. T_T

  45. thanks, will try that tonight.
    1 more question, i install all the driver already, but seems noting changes in the desktop,seems no special icon or program being installed except the intel graphic things icon appear on bottm right corner.

    is it normal?? and the audio quality so bad??

  46. Hmm… What do you expect to come out from the desktop?
    The sound quality is OK. I can watch movie and listen to MP3. Don’t expect too much from this cheap notebook lo. πŸ˜€

  47. hi jayce, thanks for ur help, now my artheores working pretty well, able to connect to some1 network FOC from my home.. lol

    but 1 got 1 last question, inside the my computer, always show a Removable Disk (G:), it is like a USB Mass Storage device, i can remove it as usb drive but it will appeared after i reboot.

    inside the Device Manager also have the link under the USB Controller.

    hope u can help me again.. thanks

  48. hi jayce, i just formatted my c770tu but then all the drivers r gone..now my laptop dont have the audio n wireless..i have downloaded all the drivers u provide but it doesnt seems to work. is it bcos i’m using windows xp professional? help me plizzz..

  49. hi all,
    i have to problem to install the wireless driver…
    can anyone help me how to detect the network adapter for wireless device?
    i cannot c any wireless device detect and do not know how to install the driver for it.
    thanx ya !

  50. 4get to tell u guys the model for my notebook…
    it is C793TU, which is not listed in the above C series…
    is it suitable for this model?

  51. how to improve the Hp internal mike, any 1 got solve this problem yet? my laptop is 795TU, installed with Xp, all ok but internal mike not sound…..

  52. bro, i am using the citibank promotion lappy C734TU,
    but now got serious problem, recently my laptop keeps on showing the usb power surge error something like that, and now suddenly the 2 usb ports at the right are not working.
    however the last usb port at the left usually i connected with my mouse is working fine.

    any idea of my situation bro?? need help please.. T_T

  53. Hmm… Did you install or change anything lately that cause this error?
    Else it might be hardware failure. And I think you need to consult HP if hareware failure.

  54. I recently bought a Compaq C793TU, got all drivers workin. Thanks to this site! only problem remains is the built-in MIC…. STILL DOESNT WORK! but hopefully in time we can find a solution to this.

    WIFI Button RED/BLUE Indicator — FIXED
    TOUCHPAD Vertical/Horizontal Scroll — FIXED

    Internal MIC — NOT WORKIN… Hopefully Soon…

  55. Hi! Can’t install modem drivers on C793TU. I tried using the have disk method but since it doesn’t have a .inf file, it’s not working. Tried running sp36089.exe but an error appeared. Please help. Thanks!

  56. Hi Jayce! I’ve fixed it! I just overlooked something. Now, the only one missing is the SM Bus Controller. How am I going to install it? Thanks!

  57. Just run the exe files first. The setup will failed. Re-install it using have disk method afterward. You should able to find the extracted files some where in C drive. πŸ™‚

  58. hi… just received my notebook yesterday and now trying to install the drivers from here. unfortunately the HP Quick Launch Buttons Driver i dl not working. some sort of error. so kinda stuck here. one question, can i skip installing this quick launch buttons first and proceed with the rest of the drivers as i’m still dl again the driver for the quick launch buttons.

  59. sir just want to know if those drivers would work in compaq presario c793tu… thanks

    another question is this… Thus the GMA X3100 could carry games? CAUSE Im a game fanatic I want to play games to my laptop… just wondering if this integrated GPU could handle my games … Im planning to buy the c793tu model. so just asking for me to decide… thanks youre a big help to us…

  60. My sister is using C793TU right now. She is very happy with it. Note – internal mic is not working with current sound driver.

    Depend which kind of games you play. Normal simple 3D games is OK. However, don’t think that you can play extreme 3D games like DOOM3, Half-Life 2 with it. πŸ˜›

  61. I received my c793tu which I bought for RM1399 delivery to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

    I’d downloaded almost all, including refreshing the link to the new chipset driver, and even downloaded vista drivers from hp.

    Just tested skype and yahoo messenger using the new sound driver. The internal and external mike works but only slightly less loud. I tried these microphones on my PC, it does not seem to be clear at all.

    Since I failed to install the old sound driver, I cannot compare with the sound coming from it, but the sound output from the new sound driver is good enough.

    Should I upgrade to Vista?
    My daughter who should be using it, wanted badly for a good microphone.

    If she really wants to use it for sound communication for long, she would need an external phone and mic, so the older Conexant should be better.

    I’ve increased my RAM to 3B, thanks to this site, for RM130 using Corsair Value RAM. Not much increase in speed though compared to the original 1G.

    Typing using notebooks is just too troublesome.

    Thanks Joyce for this forum. It had helped me a lot and gave confidence in purchasing this notebook.

  62. Thanks sir Jaycee…
    I want to play need for speed with c793tu could that be possible? Is nvidia geforge go 6100 installed in msi is much better or far better than the X3100? thanks again..

  63. Not sure about NFS. But Nvidia 6100 should be better than Intel X3100. Just a bit only. You should get a discrete display mobile card if want to play fast 3D games. πŸ™‚

  64. Jayce for the last time… he he…

    I made a canvass for laptop and found my self interested to this 2 lappy… please help me to decide what is the best between this 2… performance wise… thanks

    Im choosing between this 2… compaq presario c793tu and msi s430…

    heres the link of review for msi… I know youre an expert in compaq presario… he he he,… please help me to decide… thanks…


  65. sir my sister had bought the compaq laptop with celeron processor and with operating system windows xp now unfotunately they uninstalled audio drivers kindly explain me how to install the audio drivers for laptop model no:


  66. sir,I am a mca student. i have taken a compaq c773tu model laptop dith free dos.i have installed window xp o.s.i have no driver for this c773tu model.so i faced a lot of problem when i format my laptop.so please give me solution how i get the driver for the c773tu model.please give me the site where i could doen load this driver.bye.

  67. I have found an updated Alps Touchpad driver from Toshiba website. The configuration screen has more options and more user-friendly.


    In addition, there is an apps worth installing in notebooks called Notebook Hardware Control http://www.pbus-167.com/. It is for the purpose of monitoring the CPU temp, battery charge, etc. The battery lifetime is another feature so that you could anticipate how long you can still work before needing to plugin. The apps could also be used for overclocking by adv. users but use it at your own risk.

    Finally, to make life easier with the Wifi LED issue, just copy the command below into Notepad and save the file as “WLANLED.reg” (without quotation marks). Double-click the file to activate. Avoids any typo and easy to implement.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


  68. Must be the restriction of the blogsite to automatically change words too long into __LongTerm__ . So the actual registry location is as below broken into 2 lines. Just copy them and join them in Notepad into one line


  69. Intel removed the old driver. I updated the link to the newer driver. You can download it now.
    Just disable the β€œSATA Native” option on BIOS before Windows installation. πŸ˜‰

  70. can somebody please help me…i’ve just installed windows enterprise server 2003 on my presario c750ed, and most of the drivers avaible drivers here don’t work….do i need to install another windows, or can it be fixed? please help !!!

  71. Hi:

    I am a newbie when it comes to drivers and system files. I have bought a Presario C793TU and installed Window XP on it. Now I do not what is the next step to get the drivers installed.

    At this point I have no sound and no wireless icon.

  72. how can i fix this problem of my compaq presario c700 built-in MIC doesn’t work and Wireless button is always red in windows XP. But in windows vista is working…….. please help JAYCE

  73. i hav a problem with my wireless, Audio and Modem driver C747TU compaq presario C700.

    can u help me???
    did u have driver for that???

  74. hey jayce, it seems that the graphics link which you mentioned here isn’t working… it says that the file you are looking for either removed or replaced..?? any other link?

  75. hi, can you please let me know the method to downgrade my laptop to XP? I downloaded all the drivers which is required for XP. But i heard that Vista version having SATA disc and we need to disable that first in roder to install XP. Please guide me thru those and where can get the software to disable SATA disc??

  76. i have laptop Compaq windows vista but i want change to windows xp because i don’t understand the windows vista . windows xp is very for me. now is totally ten i have hp laptop Compaq but i unhappy . i thank why i buy windows vista.

  77. dziΔ™ki za te stery szukalem cely miech sterownikow do tego ethernet bo mi nie dzialal i wreszcie koniec meki πŸ™‚ dzieki wielkie!!!!!!!

  78. Hi There

    Thanks for all the drivers great solution!
    would be a nightmare to reainstal my harddisk..
    i just have one problmem some how wireless issent working!

    i instald al the drivers (correct!) but if i have a look in device manager it commes up with an Error 10 Device wont start!

    probebly it has something to do with the wlan on/off buton becuse i can push it as much as i want the light stays red and i dont have any reaction at all in windows..

    can some one help me!!!
    pleas mail me ananda_db@hotmail.com


  79. Thank you so much!!!
    To seek all these drivers costs plenty of time!
    How come there are only a few drivers on the official HP website…gosh!

  80. i have problem after installing context high defintion audio it says driver installion failed could not find media device for the driver reply to my mail what to do

  81. can u give me xp driver for V3839TU??


    BUT when i dwnld from the internet for the driver my mouse can’t work aka the notebook can’t detect the mouse!!! why??

    and also for audio n wireless it is also not function !!!!


  82. Hi, I’m reinstalling c793tu with windows xp due to insufficient memory that comes originally with the notebook.
    but then, i’ve one unknown device on the device manager.
    it will be great help if anyone can give me a suggestion of what might that be.
    and also, i’ve problem with the wifi LED that always red.
    any help pls?

  83. having a problem wif my wireless driver…cannot works.the wireless button still red after download from the link.help plez…tq

  84. halo, i have problems regarding my audio drivers.. no sounds are being produced.. send me some help.. i need audio drivers,, and also modem driver.. send me through my email.. please.. my laptop is compaq presario700.. with an OS of XP..

  85. i have installed Conexant High-Definition Audio Driver using have disk method for presario c712tu and it worked but whenever i put headphone the speaker of the notecook doesn’t turn off. i too search is there any seetings to be changed but i found nothing. is it the fault of the driver? or…any solution

  86. Hi
    I have a compaq c731tu and am trying to do a complete system recovery as it wouldnt start up fully, but takes me to where u add the time and date and wont go any further, i have not done the recovery discs and dont know what else to do, cant seem to find where i can get the discs either

  87. Please help me. I’m using Compaq Presario C751NR and I downgraded from Vista to XP. All the drivers work except the audio. I’m using XP SP3 Professional. I got the Microsoft UAA driver to work after doing something in the registry to install on Windows XP Service Pack 3. I did the next step and I tried installing it via Have Disk method. I used the .inf file WiSVHe5.inf when I installed it that way. Is that the right file. I did that then rebooted but nothing. No sound. I tried to configure my sound but nothing. It said there is no sound device. Why is this? I know this post is like 3 years old but please look back at this I really need sound because I need this for school projects and Windows XP is better for it and I need to be able to hear music and stuff. PLEASE HELP ME! (and yes the device is enabled)



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