HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4 ~ Which to buy?

HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4. Which one will survive in year 2013? Well, HTC One X lost the battle with Samsung Galaxy S3 last year. Faced lot of issues on my HTC One X. I was hoping that HTC One X can perform better than my legendary HTC HD2. I put too much hope on HTC One X and it failed terribly. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S3 is a developer friendly device. And I do not face issue on both software and hardware. So does it mean that Galaxy S4 will win this year too? Time will tell…

HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4

HTC Malaysia PR failed to send me a HTC One X review unit last year. So I bought one myself to explore. Gave HTC a chance since I heard lot of issues on HTC devices and they are not as good as before. Is that true? Yes, I myself faced them too. Poor hardware and software. Warranty service also bad. You can read all my ramblings if you want. Will I buy HTC One? A big NO. So I requested for HTC One review unit. Too bad that HTC Malaysia PR can’t send one over now because they have limited number of units. And most of them are being used for roadshows and trainings. No choice but has to wait. Stay tuned for my HTC One review (if I get one from them). But I highly doubt that they will send it.

As for Samsung Galaxy S4, it is priced RM100 cheaper than HTC One (I9500 Exynos 5 Octa version) at RM2199 in Malaysia. I don’t care about I9505 Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 version with LTE connection. Why? LTE is not so popular in Malaysia yet and have limited coverage. Will wait and get Galaxy S5 with LTE instead. So will I buy Galaxy S4? A big YES.

Is HTC One a bad smartphone? No, it is up to each person taste and usage. It has its own advantages and weakness (same apply to Galaxy S4). Just HTC Malaysia screwed me up with HTC One X. Really lost hope and don’t plan to spend precious money on HTC devices. Galaxy S4 is not a perfect device too. Just it suite my taste more…


  1. Helo Jayce.
    for me..
    Go for S4..HTC just design only..
    camera compare.vid low light..etc…htc one lose with S4
    Galaxy S4 is not a perfect device too..yeah..agree..
    but overall S4 much n far better than htc one..except design.
    and must remember htc great design but almost impossible to repair
    i hold what u say last time about one x..hehe
    if htc one priced Rm300 cheaper than S4
    i still go for SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 (LIFE COMPANION) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Wow..worst articles ever! font blame HTC…why send your dumbass an awesome phone? Be a waste!! Enjoy your crap Samsung troll!

  3. Hi Jayce, I think it’s pretty clear the GS4 is heads and shoulders above the One in almost every aspect. Not only is the software handsdown better, it even has a thermometer, humidity sensor, pedometer, light sensor, movement sensor, on top of the usual IR sensor, barometer, all with great big removable batteries and micro sd card support… I don’t think it takes a genius to see the GS4 straight owns the One. People really shouldn’t compare the 2 phones in the same sentence.

  4. Yo brother. Well, btw, I see some of my friends who got the HTC One X having problems with their phone (bad wifi signal, bluetooth problem). Luckily mine was a Singapore unit so it had no such problems that my friend had (he sent to the factory twice). In terms of built and camera functions and how efficient it is, the HTC One X wins hand on against the previous S3. S4 cannot be compared as it is a brand new genre of phones that was supposed to beat the other phones.

  5. word of advice

    Although you may have a personal grudge with htc, but your review of their phones should not be affected by that grudge….. i own an htc one x and love it , its a great phone


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