HTC One X 3 dots Menu soft button issue

Nothing is perfect. Same apply to the latest flagship HTC One X. Well, HTC decided to use hardware buttons on HTC One X which loaded with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Google gives Android smartphone manufacturers the choice to use hardware buttons and on-screen software buttons. HTC had done nothing wrong here. But this decision brings an annoying issue to all HTC One X ~ on-screen 3 dots Menu soft button issue.

HTC One X 3 dots Menu soft button issue

Most of Android 4.0 ICS optimized applications should not have this 3 dots Menu soft button issue. But some still have this issue even on Google official YouTube application as you can see from picture above ~ 2 menu soft buttons in red circles. Yes, you have extra 3 dots Menu soft button on every non-ICS optimized applications and games. That’s almost 95% of the Android applications out there. You have to suffer with it until each of the Android developers fix it on their applications and games.

Luckily, this is a software issue. And can be fixed with a patch from HTC. But the question is when… Or you can apply a modification from XDA Developers manually now. But root access is required to apply that mod.


  1. Hi thanks for the tip! But i m more concerned of the 3 Touch Sensitive key i.e. Back, Menu, Recent app button at the bottom, it’s too bright for night usage, Is there anyway to Disable the Button light or Tune down the brightness without root the device?


  2. Thanks for reply! Pretty disappointed htc never thought of the disturbing bright touch key at nite usage. If I root the device will it affect the warranty? Or I can simply perform factory reset if i need to send it for warrant?

    • You need to unlock bootloader in order to root HTC One X. Unlock bootloader == warranty void (at least to me). Some still can claim warranty after unlock bootloader, depend on your luck…


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