iOnRoad ~ augmented reality driving and real-time collision detection for Android

Experience dynamic augmented reality driving and real-time collision detection with iOnRoad for Android. I like the concept of iOnRoad. It combines machine vision algorithms with smartphone features to provide you with ongoing and objective skill feedback for better driving decisions. It calculates the time gap and collision potential with other vehicles and warns of high risk events. See the video below to find out more…

I took iOnRoad for a test drive just now after my lunch. Hmm… iOnRoad beta is not working 100% properly on supported Android device like Samsung Galaxy S II. I tweaked the settings to make sure it alerts me earlier. But it is still slow to response. And it failed to alert me when I almost hit the car in front sometimes. And it cannot detect motorbike. Hopefully, the final version of iOnRoad will be better. Try it out, and let me know your result. iOnRoad beta is free for download now.

Download iOnRoad beta apk here.


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