Is buying stuffs online secure at Malaysia?

There was a case on 11Street where a man ordered iPhone 6S but received steel padlock instead in Malaysia last month. Here is another new case where another person bought Redmi Note 3 from Mi Malaysia online store with some other accessories. Out of his surprise, he found out the parcel have accessories with a free screen cleaner bunny only. No Redmi Note 3 there. FedEx was the courier that sending the parcel. Who fault is it then? The buyer? Mi Malaysia? Or FedEx?

Missing Redmi Note 3

Hmm… I usually sign and accept the parcel if the seals are still intact. The actual procedure should be – open the parcel in front of the courier person and sign only when everything is okay. Else don’t sign and reject it. Too bad that not the way that most of us in Malaysia will do. Who know that buying from official channel like Mi Malaysia online store also can face this kind of issue? What about those other smaller and new sellers?

This is a special case. I helped my sister to get Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 from Mi Malaysia as well. And it was shipped by FedEx. Thankfully, Redmi Note 3 is there but faced delay with Delivery exception – Future delivery requested issue. By the way, 11Street replaced a new iPhone 6S for the padlock case. Let’s see how Mi Malaysia will deal with this case.

As a conclusion, do be careful when purchase stuffs through online. That’s why I usually use PayPal to buy online stuffs as it is covered by PayPal Purchase Protection. I can always dispute that transaction if anything wrong. How about you?


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