KeypadLedControl v0.4 ~ keep the backlight of the keypad on

An old tweak ~ KeypadLedControl v0.4. By default the HTC HD2 keypad lights turn off after 10 seconds when the device comes out of standby. KeypadLedControl v0.4 keeps the light on while the display is on. A nice tool to search the keypads in dark.

Shine… Shine… Shine…

I tried KeypadLedControl v0.4 but did not keep it. I don’t need it as I know where the keys located after 4 months of usage.

Note – soft reset is required after installation.

Download KeypadLedControl v0.4 here.


  1. I think this development is to target those who like stylish look, not too much on functional improvement.


  2. Well it seems to be a good tool to download and install nut I am really worried about my battery life after installing this

  3. I installed this and it seemed to work, but isn’t it supposed to stay on all of the time because it seems to go out when the screen goes into dark mode.


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