Maximize Samsung Galaxy Note 2 incall, speaker & headphone volume

Samsung Galaxy Note II internal speaker volume too soft for you even on maximum volume? Want to increase phone incall conversation volume? Or Galaxy Note 2 audio output not enough to power your professional headphone? There is a hack to maximize all these volumes. How to do so? Basically, you need to increase incall, speaker and headphone output volume in default_gain.conf system file. Yes, root access is required in order to do so. You can edit them manually, or replace the file with pre-modified default_gain.conf from XDA Developer, EdgaBimbam. And don’t forget to make a backup first as always…

Maximize Galaxy Note 2 volume

There are 3 pre-defined mod ~ normal, mid and ultra volume mods. Try all of them and find out the best that suit your Galaxy Note 2 hardware. For those need root access, please refer to this guide – How to root Galaxy Note 2.

Download Samsung Galaxy Note 2 volume mod

  • Normal here
  • Mid here
  • Ultra here


  1. hi jayce is rooting samsung galaxy s3 same as rooting samsung galxy s2. i have the odin file but cant seem to download s2 root and the other file for rooting s2. your assistance would be appreciated

  2. So, Jayce, diving into better headphones? The last topics would prove that πŸ™‚ Personally I found Denon AH-D400 an am happy with it πŸ™‚

  3. hi jayce

    itired forum at xda delvelopers with no luck. is there another site to downlaod the rooting package for samsung s3 mini, everytime i downlaod from xda keeps saying not a valid archive file. i have a purchased copy of winzip and uninstalled it thinking it may be winzip, but dont have problems unzipping other zip files. any help would be appreciated.


  4. hi Jayce

    thanks for your time and help, 7 zip opened that file for rotting samsung s3 mini and now all rooted and done. appreciate your time and effort


  5. Hi Jayce, I have the original Galaxy Note GT N7000. It too like other samsung devices has a low volume. Can you please help me with a similar way to increase the volume on my Galaxy Note? I cant find the file you are referring to within the system/etc folder. Please help, I googled a lot but couldn’t find any related article. Even xda doesn’t have a hack. Your help will really be appreciated. Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  6. I tried this on my Bell Mobility Note 2 and it screws up the bluetooth where as if you are the caller on the note 2, the person on the other end can hear you but you cant hear anything on the note 2. Anyone else have this issue?


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