Maximize Samsung Galaxy Note 2 incall, speaker & headphone volume

Samsung Galaxy Note II internal speaker volume too soft for you even on maximum volume? Want to increase phone incall conversation volume? Or Galaxy Note 2 audio output not enough to power your professional headphone? There is a hack to maximize all these volumes. How to do so? Basically, you need to increase incall, speaker and headphone output volume in default_gain.conf system file. Yes, root access is required in order to do so. You can edit them manually, or replace the file with pre-modified default_gain.conf from XDA Developer, EdgaBimbam. And don’t forget to make a backup first as always…

Maximize Galaxy Note 2 volume

There are 3 pre-defined mod ~ normal, mid and ultra volume mods. Try all of them and find out the best that suit your Galaxy Note 2 hardware. For those need root access, please refer to this guide – How to root Galaxy Note 2.

Download Samsung Galaxy Note 2 volume mod

  • Normal here
  • Mid here
  • Ultra here