Maxis10 iPhone 4 Reviewers

Finally, I managed to get all the Maxis10 iPhone 4 reviewers’ blog. Feel free to read their reviews on the sexy iPhone 4. Or follow #Maxis10 on Twitter for their latest updates. Sorry guys, I am not active in Twitter. So you can’t see much from me there.

Maxis10 Reviewers Programme

Maxis10 iPhone 4 Reviewers

Some of them are previously Apple iPhone 3GS users. And some are like me ~ a totally new iPhone user. Shh… Don’t tell anybody, I did not use an iPhone before. Wakaka…

Enjoy the reviews…!


  1. Didn’t manage to check out the remaining 9, but I caught one of them being a bias Apple Fan girl who totally has no clue. She even deleted my comment on her blog and her tweet which was pointing to me scolding her.

    I wrote about it at my blog/website:-—they-can-t-take-being-proven-wrong.aspx

    also it seems that there is a problem with the dataplan i wrote ( more like to screenshots ) about that also at here:-

  2. ah sorry, accidently press posted before even I finish the comment.

    I see that you are one of the reviewers, Hope can look forward to an unbias review, give credit where credit is due and bash where needed to be bashed. πŸ™‚

  3. Hey, the SG free bumper program I guess it has been closed,
    since my friend which claimed last week and he did received a call from Apple bout the free bumper case program been cancelled due to their research for iPhone 4 no more issues on the antenna….>.<… I am kinda sad, claimed last two day ago… mostly would be cancel too!


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