Mobile Control APK for RKM MK22 Plus

RKM MK22 Plus is a great Android TV Box that I love. All-rounder that perform well in almost every places but limited by useless IR remote with no mouse pointer. Haha… I was wrong. There is an Android application – RemoteIME to rectify this issue actually. But I did not know until lately. Lack of manual guide is the problem. Anyway, here is the Mobile Control APK for RKM MK22 Plus that I mentioned. Not sure that it will work on other Amlogic devices like S912 and S905X TV Boxes or not. Need to try it to find out…


In short, RemoteIME is the substitution of the simple IR remote that bundled with Rikomagic MK22 Plus. You get the usual navigation buttons like home, return, okay, D-pad, volume and others. Multimedia navigation buttons are included too. And the most important one – touch mouse and keyboard. Yes, this application fixes one of the major flaws of MK22 Plus. However, it is limited to Android devices only.

Download RemoteIME apk here.


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