S2U2 (Slide2Unlock2) ~ a highly customizable lockscreen for Windows Mobile

Hey hey hey… I got myself an Apple iPhone 3GS. Just the iPhone style slide unlocking with the help of S2U2. 😛

S2U2 (Slide2Unlock2) Features

  • lock the device on stand-by
  • lock the device on incoming call/talk
  • lock system notifications
  • lock with password protection
  • replace the system CallerID (may not work on some devices/ROMs)
  • replace the system Volume Control (may not work on some devices/ROMs)
  • don’t lock when a user specified application is running
  • lock/unlock sound
  • auto unlock with various customizable events: on cradle, on power, stylus pulled out, keyboard slided out etc
  • show most of the system info on the lock screen: operator name, phone status, alarm time etc
  • show reminder/appointment/task/missed call/sms/mms/email/voice mail/flex mail/live message info on the lock screen
  • remind any reminder/alarm/missed call/unread sms/mms/email/voice mail
  • show weather info from your favorite weather application
  • full integration with S2P
  • fully customizable graphics: wallpaper, clock, battery, icons etc
  • support 40 languages
  • it’s free

S2U2 is new to me. Still need time to play around with it. First impression == good. By the way, if you are using Co0kie’s Home Tab v1.7.1, be sure to disable CHT and default lockscreen in order to make S2U2 to work.

Download S2U2 v2.41, clock pack, battery pack and language pack VGA/WVGA version here.


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