Samsung Galaxy S3 XXDLJ1 Jelly Bean Firmware Upgrade for Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines & Vietnam

Finally, Southeast Asia Samsung Galaxy S III users can enjoy official Android 4.1 Jelly Bean firmware from now on just like other regions. Yes, you should be receiving OTA update on Samsung Galaxy S3 if yours is from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam. What are the new features or changes in Samsung Galaxy S3 XXDLJ1 Jelly Bean Firmware? Better performance, thanks to Project Butter it’s even smoother and faster, reorganized settings menu, 2 Home screen modes, new Notifications bar, Google Now and sizable Pop-up play screen. Interested? Upgrade it now…

Samsung Galaxy S3 XXDLJ1 Jelly Bean Firmware Upgrade

Did not get OTA notification about this new XXDLJ1 Jelly Bean Firmware upgrade? Just go to Settings – About device – Software update – Update ~ Check for updates. If still no update available, try to upgrade with Samsung Kies. Enjoy latest Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean Firmware.


  1. last time i updated my s3 to jelly bean through odin…now still can update it with Kies? or i need to restore back to stock rom 1st?

        • i face the same thing i installed JB 4.1.1 via odin and when this release of new JB i tried Kies to update my s3 but no way as it show as this mobile phone not support update via kies
          so what i have did is downloaded the new firmware from sammobile then used odin again
          and everything is fine atm

  2. I did received the notification. but after connecting to server, a dialog box appear saying that they give to whom request for it. Please try later. Why is that?

  3. It says ‘access to the software update was provided in order in which they request for it. Try later’ anyone know what it means?

  4. Thanks for the info. Updated to JB via Kies as unable to do via OTA (remark as per nasgul99 mentioned). JB is blazingly fast. Many noticeable changes. Somehow i got this red frame flashing when opening certain apps (message, phone, contact) after a reset and when turning on the phone. A bug i guess. Else seems okay, touch wood. Jayce, is there a way to ‘reflash’ this update?

  5. Hi, I’m just why my google Now is acting up. Its not speaking. I ask something like whats the weather like, all it does is post the result but it does actually talk. is there a glitch or is there something i need to tinker in the settings?

    • Hi, I’m just WONDERING why my google Now is acting up. Its not speaking. I ask something like whats the weather like, all it does is post the result but it does NOT actually talk. is there a glitch or is there something i need to tinker in the settings?

  6. When i used the Poland JB rom, it was rather laggy..the interface was smoother but opening apps like Messaging and phone etc took longer than ICS, about 4sec to open up.
    Maybe i didn’t “wipe” the device when i upgraded but i shouldn’t need to.
    Even with this Singapore version, i was hoping it improved it but it’s still laggy like before…
    This happens on both my S3 phones…oh well…

  7. I have had problem updating any firmware using Kies lately, keeping telling me missing the ordinal 9272 could not be located in the dynamic link library mfc90u.dll. Can you please tell me me what I have to do in order to do the updating? Thanks.

  8. Can you help me, theres no software update on my s3, i tried kies but it stated there that 4.0.4 is my latest firmware…my baseband version is I9300UBLG5. What should i do i want the jelly bean?

  9. Hi Jayce,

    I’m Malaysian and currently using the Poland version of JB. If I flash with ODIN the Malaysian version of JB, you do mentioned that a factory reset might be needed, so would like to clarify, do I factory reset before flashing or after…or do I use CWM to wipe all data…thanks

  10. I have just upgraded my FW to JB 4.1.1 (MID)=Iraq, it’s baseband is XXDLID, PDA is XXDLJ1. The upgraded version is really fast and smooth but there are some bugs i’ve noticed. First, when the phone boot, there is no logo of samsung displayed on the screen except for sounds. Second, until now, i can’t find and i am still looking for the voice command that i have in ICS 4.0.4(for camera, alarm clock, for answering phone call). Third, just this morning, my phone suddenly restart. But the rest of the features went well. Google now is very nice! Well, im just wondering if you guys here got the same problem like mine, let me know by leaving comments on my post. Thanks! and enjoy JB 4.1.1 🙂

  11. Jaycee, finally got jb bro. Solved the unknown error stuff. Just reboot phone n pc(yea i didnt shutdown for weeks).
    Then everything’s ‘butter’. The stock keyboard looks sleeker.

    Jaycee how do i get the flash. Play store got like too many flash stuff.
    Can u tell me the stuff i need to search? Is it adobe air? Shockwave? Or just plain flash?

    To make sure all flash experience is unhindered. Thx again.

  12. Hi Jaycee… Just wanna ask i upgraded my OS to JB.. EVERYTHING WAS oK except the flashing rectangular frame everytime i unlocked my home screen and opening any applications. How can I remove it? I went to samsung service center at the megamall and the technician told me that there’s no official update here in the Philippines so i need to reformat my cp and back to ics. 🙁

  13. Hi Jayce,

    Thank you for your replies. They are so helpful. I have a slight problem here. I have been trying to upgrade my firmware with OTA but freezes in the middle of the upgrade. I try upgrading with Kies but same thing, always freezes at 74% or 83%.

    What should I do if it freezes or hang? It has been more than 30 minutes. Is it safe to just force shut down the computer?

    Thank you in advance.


    • Hi Levi, it is not safe to stop while firmware is upgrading on your phone. But you have no choice since it freeze, right?

      Do consult Samsung support if you still face this issue.

  14. I’ve been trying to wait for the OTA update and still it says no update available. I tried to connect it via Kies hoping that it will prompt an update – it says that I already have the latest firmware.

    My phone it still on Android 4.0.4. baseband/firmware has not changed (still XXLFB).

    How do i get the JB Update then? Need help.

  15. Hi..

    Need help..

    Previously using your instruction and upgraded to the Poland JB via ODIN.

    Thinking to use back the official one for Malaysia. But when I plug into KIES, it says Firmware Not Supported anymore for this phone.

    Anyway i can go back to the original firmware? I dun mind wipe out data cos i have backup.



  16. Hi,I was using Samsung Kies to update my phone…1st few parts went as normal…till when it finished downloading the firmware…the whole Samsung Kies app closes its own unexpectedly.

  17. Hello Mamm;

    I am from the Philippines but my SGS3 was brought in Saudi arabia, when i check my upgrade it says the KSA firmware, can i change it inmy region? thank you.

  18. hi guys…i just upgrade my samsung s3 gt-i9300 to jelly bean via kies on my laptop… i got an error in messaging (sms)….cant open messaging….cant sent n received sms….b4 i upgrade i got no problem at all…,any1 hav any idea on how to solve this problem…..i already did factory reset after upgrade…thx in advance.

  19. Hi guys..i have problem with my s3.when go to about phone and select software update it says there are no update avaliable but jelly bean is brother update his phone and i try to update via kies but nothing happen please help me and i dont want odin or whatever it called i want normal update !

  20. Hey jayce m from India I got an auto update f jb but after its done
    An error pops up every five min as “the process has stopped working nd
    While this pop up s on it’s way s3 kind f freezes gets stuck need help!!!

  21. A few questions. Is I9300OLBDLJ1 really the official update for all samsung galaxy s3 in singapore? anyone also notice the dim red light when charging? incase i would like to downgrade back to ICS is the version I9300OLBBLH1 4.0.4 correct for my device. By the way my carrier is singtel. Thanks a lot.

      • Thanks but thats where i actually got my current firmware now which is I9300OLBDLJ1 by using odin. My previous problem was about charging and battery life. I used the Poland version and thats when my problem started. The red light seems to be dim when charging and when i use the phone while charging battery discharges. It takes time to fully charge about 4 hours from %15-%100. Now im in DLJ1 JB that dim redlight is still there(randomly happens). is this a bug? and i think my battery life is also much better in ICS than JB.

            • i m having same issue as you war10ck…mine even worse..charge more than 15 hours..only reach 90%..
              this happened soon after i update to JB via OTA

              have you solved this charging issue? if yes how u did it?

              p/s: theres no issue with battery usage..still can last me the same amount of days before i update to JB from ICS..

              • Im still puzzled with this issue. What I did is i revert back to the original ICS and all went smoothly. Charging is fast and battery drain is lesser than when i was in JB. Last night i tried to update again on JB but this time using via OTA I still have the same exact problem as the Poland version and now even using my regions JB. Im still not sure if I try updating using Kies but im doubtful it would work. Im still waiting for any solution on this else il just stay in ICS and wait for another update to come out hopefully solving this issue.

  22. Hi Jayce, I have done a firmware update to the latest via Kies. Everything was ok except that I noticed the charging of the battery takes a very long time to fully charge. Before I upgraded, the Battery charges fully in a few hours. Now even after switch off completely, at very low batt, the indication is only half after 6-7 hours of charging. I have called the Samsung helpline. They advised me to do a factory reset after a firmware upgrade. I am reluctant to do it as I need to set up all my accounts and restore my data again. I also had problem backing up my phone on the Kies as it always gives me error on the part of the Applications backup. I have a exported all my data to my computer using Kies but not able to do the full backup version.

    Need your advise. Can I resolve the problem of the slow battery charging without doing a factory reset?

    • Hi Michael, nothing much can be done except factory reset. However, you can try other charger see. It might be your charger which has issue (but unlikely)…

    • hi michael tan,
      i am having same issue as you..battery charge for more than 16 hours but only able reach 90%+
      till now i still cant find solution…did you solve this issue? if yes, how you did it? appreciate your help.

      • there is no point doing a factory reset or a battery pull.. i did t twice and even re”flash” my jellybean software.. problem still persist.. anyway u all manage to solve the prob? and may i know if battery drop 1% every 7 min i on my phone is it normal?

  23. Hi Jayce, I encountered 2 issues after update to JB malaysia version.
    1) Red Rectangle frame flashing whenever open an apps or press home button
    2) Battery charge for 15 hours only reach 90%

    I noticed it happens to other S3 users above and mostly advice factory reset.
    What will happen if I hit factory reset?
    Will my address book(phone number), watsapps contacts, sms been wipe out? Also will all the apps i downloaded gone? Will my photos(in gallery), songs & videos removed?
    Besides this, what else will be wipe out?

    Need to know, before I hit the reset. Hmmm….


  24. Hey Jayce, quick question. If you already have the POLAND JB why would you want to get your own country JB update? Are there any pros of having the correct JB update? I got my phone in amazon and update to POLAND JB using your guide and I haven’t encounter any problem so far.


    • I don’t. I usually use Europe firmware because they get updated faster. Choose local firmware if you wish to use the local languages. Else basically they are almost the same.

  25. Hey Jayce!

    I’ve been trying to upgrade my s3 to jellybean for the last week now (it was finally available for my network) but i’ve been having problems… First of the software update button was not in the about section of my phone at all and i have no clue why.. Kies was not working with the update either since it wont recognise my phone, I then decided to use Odin to XXALF2 to see whether that fixes my problem, it did for the software update button, but it did not give me the jellybean update.. it only gave me the XXBLG1 and Kies was giving me S3 XXBLH1… I have tried factory resetting it but that didnt do any help.. Also for some reason when i click of status and look for my phone number it just shows 0’s rather than my actual number.. This is frustrating me so much since my brother had no trouble getting jellybean same with my friends.. Would you be able to help me?

    Thanks in advance!

  26. That’s weird.. Both my friends are on EE (tmobile) and they have the update.. Thanks tho!
    Do you have any advice as to what i should use a firmware while i wait for JB to roll out?
    Preferably one that has the software update button?

  27. Hi Jayce, I heard about the S3 4.1.1 JB but I try to check for update but failed. I have 2 sets S3 – one for me and another one for my wife. When I try connect with USB kies – this notification show that “Your device does not support software upgrading via KIES”. Pleas help man. Thanks.

  28. Hey bro noticed after upgrading to jellybean here in the philippines the feature lacked smart stay….what do u think happened? It was updated by a samsung service center

  29. Hi Jayce, after upgraded into Android 4.1 Jelly Bean firmware I found out it’s abit laggy especially playing games and surfing net. Do you have the same problem and any remedy on this? Thanks

  30. Hi Jayce. I facing same problem of charging battery for my S3 from 19% to 100% full charge took me 8 hour… I have read some article said that try to dried battery to 0% and recharge it to 100% in off phone mode. Will this method can solve the problem.
    By the way if we do factory rest will the samsung apps all gone? like S-voice, S-note, S-planner…Coz i try using Kiers to back-up but cannot back-up the apps..other can be back-up, just kiers not allow me back-up apps…anyway to do the back-up for apps? Thank alot.

    • Hi Christopher, are you using official Samsung charger? Yes, it is better to do a full cycle recharge 0 to 100% once a month.
      All built-in system apps will be there even factory reset. You can use Titanium Backup to backup those apps but root access is needed.

      • Dear Jayce,
        First of all, thanks for your reply.
        Yes, i am using the official samsung charger which wall plug type come with USB cable, for your information from 0% to 100% took me around 5 Hour plus to full charges. After it, i let it drain untill 20% and charge to 100% and it took around 4Hour plus to fully charges…ya it look like improve alot after i had did a drain to 0% before, but it’s also look like charging time very slow.. Just yesterday night, i charging from 74% to 100% and it took 2Hour time. For your opinion it this a normal sign or the problem still like old time?

        Beside that, if we using a high mA charger, the charging time be shorter, right? But would it damage the battery? Coz i have a 1 car charger which is 2100mA (not from Samsung), and charging really fast.

  31. good day jayce.. I have been dealing with an issue of slow charging after the update of JB.. Now ut takes so long to charge.. Any idea whats haopening n how can i solve the prob? Already did restore factory setting twice… It didnt work.. Thanks

    • Hi Skyong, how long your charging time, mine from 19% to 100% maximum took me 8 hour with phone off.
      I have try drain off the baterry to 0% and took out the battery for 10 sec (make sure the battery not so hot/warm) and then put in back and charges it to 100% in off phone mood. It took me 5Hour + to full charges.. I donno the problem have solve or for on phone charging because i read and saw many people comment on phone charges took more time, even 1% need 15 minute…i didn’t try yet.
      Will update your guys the status later.

      Jayce, so far any suggested method to solve the long charging battery issue? After read so many article and comment at forum, summary is do a factory reset & did the method i mention above . ..if still cannot, downgrade to ICS 4.0.4

      • Guys, On my case i can charge it just about 3-4 from 7%-100% with 2 devices tethering on it. I’m not sure if it’s the phone or the charger. and i don’t turn mine off.

  32. hi jayce, im using samsung galaxy s3 and im from philippines, my s3 firmware version is 4.0.4 and now my phone pop up new update firmware to jelly bean download via wifi. is it okey to update version of jelly bean? hope u can help me. tnx

    • Suggest temprary in ICS4.0.4…coz we all facing long battery charging time after upgrade.
      Please read/refer the above pass post comment/suggestion/experince before you upgrade to JB4.1.1.
      Good luck.

      • Use the tutorial Jayce made in installing the Poland firmware. no lag here and save much power too. charging time is only 3 hrs from 17%-100%(that’s my s3 is on and have 2 devices tethering on it. Just make sure you have a full battery before flashing since it will take a few minutes to install/replace your current firmware. total size of firmware is about 1.3gig once you have unzip it.

  33. Hi, just want to ask if i install flash the Poland update on my SGS3(Philippines) will it work just fine and will i still get the OTA for the 4.1.2 update for my region once it’s available? And it seems that my kies is not detecting my sgs3 for some reason… its shows that i have the latest version which is Keis 2.5 but im being asked to get the Keis version 3 for sgs3. any solution for this 1?

    • Yes it will work fine but you can’t get OTA update for you region since you are already using Poland firmware.
      Update Samsung Kies and wait for official release for your region.

      • OK thanks for the info. i have already installed the 4.1.2 version and it works just fine. no issue, no lag, and all apps working. it’s faster now and kinda save much on the battery life. too. same version will be release in the future and i tried checking the software update and unlike when i still have the 4.1.1 that shows “no update available”, I’m getting the “You have the latest firm ware installed” notification so i guess i won’t be needing the OTA for my region anymore. ^^

        Thanks for the tip Jayce you’re the BEST! ^^

  34. Why say to do a factory reset after installing 4.1.2. I just upgraded my galaxy S3 but did not do a reset afterwards. It’s working fine, do I have to reset? If so why please.

  35. hi jayce,i’ve been following you since galaxy s2 days….now i have sgs3……i am very experimental user….today i just partitioned my external sd card and swam some 512md then i downloaded swapper2 app from google play store and ran it……and after few mintues my phone switched off….i tried to start but it sticks to “samsung gt-i9300″screen.
    i can bring my phone to download mode i tried to flash stock firmware xxdlj5 but after flashing stock firmware it strill stucks to that welcome screen…..dont have any clue now…..only you can save my 500bucks i guess…..please help me out soon with some guidense

  36. wait there is one more thing when i tried to factory reset this happens
    wiping data
    E: failed to mount /efs(invalid argument)
    formating cache…
    data wipe complete….

  37. hi jayce,i have googled alot on this found someother guys like me…..efs partioion does not mount after using swapper2 app from the playstore…..only solution is galaxy s3 toolkit,then by using adb shell command.i have my efs backup in ext-sd……can you suggest me other way to on usb debuging,coz i can not boot my phone up………thats the last hope to save my 500bucks!


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