SonicGear Earpump TWS 12 ANC Review – Budget ANC Earbuds for Starter

Hey guys, meet the latest budget active noise cancelling earbuds by SonicGear. Yes, Earpump TWS 12 ANC is the star today. It is loaded with powerful bass and clear voice. 5.5 hours music playback and extra 22 hours with the charging case (with ANC). Does it sound great? Let’s find out now…

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Packaging and Design
Everything comes well-protected. Once opened, you can find Earpump TWS 12 itself, 2 additional pair of ear tips, charging case, USB-C cable and user manual.

Build quality is great for the price. It is loaded with sturdy plastic housing. Matte surface as you can see. And it comes in 2 colours – black and white. As usual, do check out all the photos for its design and outlook.

Fit, Comfort & Isolation
Fit is great even with oval bore tip design. As usual, make sure you use the correct ear tip for perfect seal. Comfort wise is decent as well. No complaint here. As for passive isolation, it is average at best. It can block some of the environment noises while music is being playback.

Performance Result
Great active noise cancelling performance for the price. Yes, Earpump TWS 12 does a great job on cancelling the environment noises. Better in ambient noises like engine from airplane, train and so on. They disappear mostly when you play music with ANC turned on. Besides ANC, there are another 2 modes – normal and transparent. Transparent mode increases environment sound so that you can aware of your surrounding while commuting. Normal mode is without ANC.

As for Bluetooth range, it is decent as well for TWS. It can go up to 7m with obstacles like walls. Connection is very stable too. In addition, AAC audio codec is supported and it has lower latency than the usual SBC codec. Yup, audio and video are virtually in sync that great for movie, games and MV. Lastly, you can use Earpump TWS 12 as stereo or mono as you wish.

5.5 hours music playback and extra 22 hours with the charging case (with ANC). Slightly more playtime without ANC. Phone call experience is average. But it does get the job done.

Sound Quality
Warm sound signature is what you get from Earpump TWS 12. It has slightly more bass than treble. As usual, this is the result that you get from perfect fit. Bass is gone if fit is not perfect. Highs are clear and clean. No harshness for sure. As for mids, vocals sound natural in both male and female. I like the warm touch on those. Bass is punchy and powerful. No worry, it is still in control. The soundstage is decent for the price. Not the best out there nor the worst. Overall, Earpump TWS 12 sounds great for the price.


  • Warm sound signature
  • Great ANC for the price
  • Great build quality
  • Comfortable for long hour wear
  • Long battery life
  • Budget in price


  • Average passive noise isolation

Looking for a budget ANC earbuds for starter? Do check out SonicGear Earpump TWS 12 ANC. Great sound and ANC for the price. You can get yours at Shopee.


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