Superuser ~ grant and manage superuser rights for Android

Yes, I learned something new today. All the while, most of the Android builds that I tested came along with Superuser application by xda-developer, ChainsDD. And I did not bother what are its functions. I tried Moto-Mytouch 4G V0.4 alpha Android build. It was rooted but I cannot take screenshot with Screenshot application due to no root access permission. Huh? That build is rooted but I failed to access root. So I installed Superuser application from Android Market. Granted Screenshot application access to root. And it is working like a charm now.

Superuser for Android

Note – Superuser requires that you already have root, or a custom recovery image to work. This is good for those Android HTC HD2 builds that already have root access but did not install Superuser application. A must installed application for rooted Android phone. Try it out…

Download Superuser v2.3.6.1 here or search for ‘Superuser’ at Android Market.



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