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OtterBox Galaxy S4 Defender Case Review (Video)

Love outdoor activities like mountain trekking, biking? I have a rugged case for you to protect Samsung Galaxy S4 while keep your active life. Yes, OtterBox Galaxy S4 Defender Case is the one. It is a multi-layer protective case that provides rugged protection. So no worry about drops, bumps and shocks. The built-in screen protector will help to prevent scratches to the beautiful 5″ Full HD Super AMOLED screen. And finally, there is belt-clip holster that can acts as kickstand to watch movie. Are you an outdoor and adventure type person? Be sure to read through my OtterBox Galaxy S4 Defender Case Review to know more…

OtterBox Galaxy S4 Defender Case

The best Nexus 7 case

Which one is the best case for Google Nexus 7? Is the official Nexus 7 Case suitable for you? Well, I prefer Nexus 7 sleeve case personally. I don’t want to put on any cover / case on Nexus 7. It will surely add some weight on it. I know that I might loss the stand ability from certain Nexus 7 cases. Prefer a dedicated stand for Nexus 7 because I don’t use it much (holding it most of the time).

The best Google Nexus 7 case (for me)

Nillkin Super Shield Shell for HTC One X Review (Video)

HTC One X has a nice sexy design. Personally, I prefer to use HTC One X with pouch. Leave it naked. However, its camera location is not good because you can scratch camera lens even by putting on plain surface like table. So a case is highly recommended to protect HTC One X camera lens. And I got myself a value Nillkin Super Shield Shell for HTC One X. How does it perform? Let’s find out…

Samsung Galaxy S II Mesh Case Review

Samsung Galaxy S II is a very slim and light weight smartphone. Plastic is being used to reduce its weight. However, those parts are easily being scratched. Therefore, case is needed to reduce unwanted scratches especially back of the phone (camera and bottom). As the result, I bought Samsung Galaxy S2 Mesh Case from eBay. Based on the seller ~ miki4you, it is genuine Anycall case from Samsung Korea. The golden tag at behind is different with silver tag on official Samsung case that sold in UK. How does it perform? Let’s find out…

Apple iPhone 4 Antenna Test ~ Maxis10 (Video)

As per requested, here is the Apple iPhone 4 antenna test. Does Maxis iPhone 4 have the same antenna issue like US and other countries? Check out video below to find out… (Watch it on full screen to see it clearly)

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T10 Review – A Cheaper BlitzWolf VP14 without Mirroring Function?

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ADATA DDR5-4800 & XPG LANCER RGB DDR5 High-Performance Memory Modules Unveiled

ADATA Technology, a manufacturer of high-performance DRAM modules, NAND Flash products, mobile accessories, gaming products, electric power trains, and industrial solutions today announces the...