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Zipit Chat – The communication app with military-grade AES 256 encryption

Yeah… No worry about sending sensitive confidential messages like password to others anymore. Zipit Chat is the one that saved my day. Yes, it is a communication application that encrypts all your chat, VoIP call, notes, images and emails and attachments with military grade AES 256 encryption technology. It is an end-to-end encryption, messages can only be decrypted by intended recipients. Still remember the RM100,000 challenge to break 3 codes? There is no winner as none of the contestant is able to extract the message from the encrypted text given. Rest assures that all of your communications are now protected with the highest level of security!

Celcom Samsung Galaxy S5 Promotion

Hmm… No free Galaxy Gear 2 for me this round. Celcom is not giving any free Galaxy Gear or Galaxy Fit when you buy Samsung Galaxy S5. Maybe Samsung Malaysia did not want to promote Galaxy S5 and wearables this time. Oh well, here go my plan on getting Galaxy S5 with free Galaxy Gear 2.

Celcom Samsung Galaxy S5 Promotion

Celcom 4G LTE on Galaxy Note 3

Enjoy free Celcom 4G LTE access from now till 31 December 2014. Yes, my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is getting 4G LTE data connection right now. And the speed is fast. However, Celcom 4G LTE does not fully cover the whole Malaysia. And have limited coverage at my home town, Sungai Petani, Kedah. But hey, I still can enjoy it. Better than nothing at all, right? Too bad, my Galaxy S4 I9500 supports 3G only. Hehe… Maybe I can use it as excuse to change to Galaxy S5?

Celcom 4G LTE Connection Speed

Which 3G mobile broadband should I choose in Malaysia?

Internet is part of our life now. Most of us cannot live without get connected. We surf Internet for information, playing games at Facebook, watching video at YouTube… Lot of interesting stuffs can be done with Internet. And 3G mobile broadband is becoming a norm now. There are 2 type of 3G mobile broadband ~ USB modem and mobile phone. Both of them have different pricing. I am going to cover 3G mobile broadband for mobile phone only now. Why? Most of the smart phones like HTC HD2 can be acted as 3G modem. There is no need to subscribe another package for home usage if you are using it alone. There are 3 main 3G mobile broadband providers in Malaysia ~ Celcom, Maxis and DiGi. Let’s see how they perform…

Factors to consider when choosing 3G mobile broadband

  • Coverage
  • Connection speed
  • Usage quota
  • Price

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in the house

Yeah… Samsung Galaxy Note II is the latest gadget at JayceOoi.com. I managed to grab Samsung Galaxy Note 2 at Celcom Outlet @ Bangunan KWSP, Penang. Well, I was 20+th of the first 50 customers when I arrived at Celcom Branch, Penang on 11:35am. Therefore, I got free Samsung Galaxy Note 2 flip casing and RM 40 KFC vouchers. Too bad that the flip case is not the original Samsung flip case but generic local brand ~ Sun-U Verus. Don’t think it worth RM 149 and have to wait for 2 weeks to collect it (no ready stock there).

Samsung Galaxy Note 2


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