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Nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger & Locator Review

Hey guys, check out my latest car charger. It is not an ordinary car charger that you can find in the market easily. Why? Because it is also a smart car finder that can help to locate your car too. Yes, Nonda ZUS smart car charger is the star today. It has 2 reversible USB ports (4.8A max) and ElegantShine Lighting to enhance usability in the dark. Loaded with military grade quality that can withstand high temperature. Designed in Germany and also winner of 2 prestigious awards – reddot and iF. How does it perform? Let’s find out…

aLLreLi 34W / 6.8A 4-Port USB Wall Charger with International Plugs Review

Travelling soon? I have a USB wall charger to introduce you. Yes, aLLreLi 34W / 6.8A 4-Port USB Wall Charger with interchangeable US, AU, UK & EU international plugs will ease your travel then. No matter where you go, there is a plug that suit you. And it is loaded with max 6.8A output which charges iPad Air & iPad 4 Mini (2 x 2.4A) and Android devices (2 x 1A) simultaneously at full speed. Sound great? Read on to find out more…

USB wall charger & audio cable promotion from aLLreLi

Good news… aLLreLi is having a special promotion for both its USB wall charger and audio cable up to 50% discount. That is 30% off for 34W / 6.8A 4 Port Portable USB Wall Charger with US, UK, EU, AU Interchangeable Plug and 50% off for 3.3ft Male to Male 3.5mm Universal [Gold Plated] Audio Stereo Cable. Be sure to check them out – charger here & cable here.

aLLreLi 36W (5V 7.2A) 3 Ports USB Car Charger Review

“Let me use the charger!” “No, I am still need it” Face this kind of situation during long hour of travel in the car? Well, this issue can be avoided if you have aLLreLi 36W (5V 7.2A) 3 Ports USB Car Charger like I do. Yup, it is USB car charger that has 3 outputs. Each one of them provides 2.4A. Therefore, it is very useful to charge all the smartphones and tablets for your family at the same time. How does aLLreLi USB Car Charger perform? Let’s find out…

Monaco Mobile Phone Solar Charger Review

“Warning, low battery. Err… Why did I forget to charge my mobile phone yesterday night?” Luckily, I have Monaco Mobile Phone Solar Charger with me. It is a solar battery charger. With it, you can charge your mobile phone like Samsung Galaxy S, Apple iPhone 4 or other portable devices like Apple iPad and iPod which don’t have replaceable battery. A nice backup battery for them. Just plug in the USB cable and connect to your phone. Your phone will be come alive again by getting power from it. For me, I use it to charge my HTC HD2 anytime and anywhere.

Monaco Mobile Phone Solar Charger


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