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NoiseHush NX26 HD Stereo Headphones Review

I love listen music. Playing it all day long while writing my articles on this blog. And will put on earphone when I am on the go. Playing mobile games with it. I received NoiseHush NX26 HD Stereo Headphones from WirelessGround.com last week. How does NoiseHush NX26 HD Stereo Headphones perform? Let’s find out…

NoiseHush NX26 HD Stereo Headphones

Apple App Store for iPad ~ Maxis10 (Video)

I am not a stranger to Apple App Store anymore since I got iPhone 4. It is a place that you can buy applications or download them for free. And there are thousands applications specially developed for iPad. Besides iPad applications, you can access to 350,000 applications for iPhone too. And more applications are coming. What does this mean? You can do more stuff with iPad. In addition, have more fun with multiple games to select from. More is better, right?

Apple App Store

How to create custom ringtones, alarms, and notification sounds for Android?

Yeah… I should post this article long time ago. HTC HD2 has lot of custom Android ROMs. But I don’t like most of the ringtones that come along. So how to create custom ringtones, alarms, and notification sounds for Android? The task is as simple as ABC by using Ringdroid. It is an Android application for editing and creating your own ringtones, alarms, and notification sounds. And supports MP3, AAC/MP4, WAV and 3GPP/AMR file formats.


Download HTC HD2 Music Stability Update

Yup, another hotfix for HTC HD2. This time is music stability update after HTC HD2 Handwriting Stability Update. Err… This is not the update that I am waiting for. I want a ROM update to Windows Mobile 6.5.5 soon. Else I will get the unofficial ROM already.

[pull_quote_center]This update for HTC HD2 HTC Sense enhances the stability of the music application so your enjoyment of your music is no longer interrupted by the player behaving unexpectedly.[/pull_quote_center]

Do you have issue with HTC HD2 music application? Yes, I do. I do face issue when I plug in my speaker input. It will skip or stop playing songs sometimes. Hopefully, this hotfix will fix that issue.

Note – This update is only applicable to ROM versions equal to 1.73.xxx.x, or lower.

Download HTC HD2 Music Stability Update here.

Download TTPlayer 千千静听 latest version

Yeah… The latest TTPlayer version is out. Hehe… It was released long time ago. I just noticed it when it prompted me to install.

TTPlayer 千千静听 v5.6.3


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