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Top 10 T-Mobile HTC HD2 Tweaks and Hacks

Yeah… The US folks can hand-on the famous Windows Mobile phone from HTC ~ T-Mobile HD2 at a very attractive price now. We in Asia and Europe paid more but had been playing with HTC HD2 for almost 6 months earlier. Such a great phone after you tweak and hack it. Below are the tweaks and hacks that I applied on my HTC HD2 (Asia version), but they should be able to apply on T-Mobile HD2 which have larger RAM and ROM too.

T-Mobile HD2

How to enable HTC HD2 WiFi Draft N support?

How to enable HTC HD2’s WiFi Draft N support? Huh? Are you serious? Based on HTC HD2 specification at HTC website, HTC HD2 does not support WiFi Draft N. It supports Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g only. Yes, our lovely HTC HD2 does have WiFi Draft N chip inside but disabled by HTC.

HTC HD2’s WiFi Draft N in action

How to set HTC HD2 owner information?

How to set HTC HD2 owner information? This is a question that every HTC HD2 owner will ask including me. Why we need this owner information? There are certain applications like Resco Explorer or games need owner information to generate serial number in order to register. Therefore, HTC HD2 owner information is a must key in value. Hmm… How to enter it then? There are 2 ways to set it ~ the simple way and the hard way. I am not going to teach you the hard way which require registry editor or tweak to enable the owner information then set it. Let’s do the easy way…

Go to People tab and click on ‘All People’

How to rotate HTC HD2 application into landscape mode?

How to rotate Windows Mobile application like Garmin Mobile XT into landscape mode from portrait mode? That was the question that I asked when I tried to rotate my HTC HD2 and Garmin Mobile XT still in portrait mode. Err… Is my HTC HD2 G-sensor not working? I used to the look of my Garmin Nuvi 200W. I want Garmin Mobile XT in that way too. I searched around. Found the hard way which needs to change registry setting. And also the easy way by using the powerful BsB Tweaks v1.6.

Yeah… Garmin Mobile XT in landscape mode

How to hide folders with pictures from HTC Album?

Arr… My HTC Album shows too many pictures already. It shows pictures from my album in DCIM folder which is correct. But it also show other folders with pictures which I don’t want. How to hide these folders with pictures from HTC Album? It is not hard to hide them. All you need is Windows Mobile Registry Editor. And key in some values.

Things to do…

  1. Open the registry editor
  2. Go to HKLM\Software\HTC\HTCAlbum\Ignored (create the Ignored key if doesn’t exist)
  3. Create a new String Value and name it whatever you want (Example, Garmin)
  4. Set the Data for the new value to the full path of the folder to be ignored (Example, \Storage Card\Garmin)
  5. Finally, restart your phone to take effect

By the way, the folder and its sub folders will not show up in HTC Album after you set it. This trick works on my HTC HD2. It should work on other HTC devices like Touch Diamond 2, Touch Pro 2…


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