Top 10 T-Mobile HTC HD2 Tweaks and Hacks

Yeah… The US folks can hand-on the famous Windows Mobile phone from HTC ~ T-Mobile HD2 at a very attractive price now. We in Asia and Europe paid more but had been playing with HTC HD2 for almost 6 months earlier. Such a great phone after you tweak and hack it. Below are the tweaks and hacks that I applied on my HTC HD2 (Asia version), but they should be able to apply on T-Mobile HD2 which have larger RAM and ROM too.

T-Mobile HD2

1. BsB Tweaks v1.6 is the top application you want to install on HTC HD2. It can tweak lot of stuffs like adding rotation support and add zoom support to any applications, enable/disable data connections, enable high glyph cache, graphics render for faster graphics, enable Wifi N to improve network throughput, decrease screen response sensitivity… By the way, BsB Tweaks v1.6 requires Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5 to run it.

2. Co0kie’s Home Tab ~ enhancements to HTC Sense. It gives you 4 views on home tab, extended quick links (3×3, 4×4, 4×5 and 5×5) up to 3 pages (27, 48, 60 or 75 shortcuts), extended appointments, call history button, configurable links for Alarm, Calendar, Call History, Date, Weather and Clock… And its editor ~ CHTEditor is a must install along with it. Co0kie’s Home Tab will change the feel of Manila 2.5.

3. Touch X Taskmanager will make your life easier. You need to do several clicks in order to bring up the task manager in HTC HD2 (ROM v1.43). With Touch X Taskmanager, only 1 single click. It is useful to kill those unresponsive programs.

4. SRS WOW HD v1.5.1.0 for HTC HD2. SRS WOW is like a must have in audio world. With it, you can have immersive 3D audio, improved bass, elevated sound and high frequency clarity.

5. BattClock displays time, battery, date, free memory on taskbar. HTC HD2 does not have large capacity battery. So it is useful to see the battery life in percent at the taskbar. No worry on forget to charge it.

6. Windows Mobile Start Menu – 4 / 5 / 6 Items Wide. Don’t waste your HTC HD2 large 4.3″ screen by displaying 3 rows honeycomb items only. 4 rows are perfect for me. You can set up to 6 rows if you want.

7. Data connection on / off shortcuts like 3G / HSDPA data , Bluetooth, WiFi and soft reset. Just add them in home tab as shortcuts. 1 single click to turn on or turn off them.

8. Add Flash to Opera Mobile 9.5, 9.7. Opera Mobile 10 does not support pinch and zoom. So Opera Mobile 9.7 is still my cup of tea. Adding Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 into it will make it a wonderful browser in HTC HD2.

9. Swype v3.9 for HTC HD2. Yes. It is for HTC HD2 because T-Mobile HD2 already have it built-in. Swype v3.9 will make you type like superman.

10. Hide folders with pictures from HTC Album. By default, HTC Album shows all folders with pictures in the album list. Use PHM Registry Editor to edit the registry to hide those unwanted folders.

Any other must apply tweaks and hacks that I miss out? Let me know…

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  1. I’m speechless love the apps hacks, cant wait to see whats next I have a htc hd2 us , an everything works great, other then the auto rotation on the home screen but that’s fine

  2. Awsome tweaks 😀 But does anyone have an idea, why the Touch X Taskmanager dosent work on my HD2?????? I just loaded the new rom last night.. PLEASE PLEASE HELP

    And yes i have enabled the “Enable Quick Menu on Today screen”.

  3. Hello i just want to know after i put the programs from my computer to the phone i just restart and then the they will be installed?

  4. after installing byb tweaks when making a call or receiving one i cannot use the touchscreen or access the keypad. it allows me to once i hold send button, switches over to speakerphone and then allows me to use any function on the screen. any comments or feedback regarding this minor issue?

  5. I want to install fring on my HTC HD2, i saw many sites and they said tht i should disable HTC sense…can you please tell me where is tht HTC sense in HD2..i wasnt able to find it though…Pls help

  6. im a noob with my phone,just got it,i wanted to ask about the bsb tweeks aplication . it says that it reduces screen sencitivity
    1. can this not be done like turned of or smth,or is it permanent after you instal aplication?
    2. and what about other options,if i get it right not everytging is customisable?
    3. what if i want to undo everything will a simple uninstall do or will i need a hard reset (whatever it may mean)?

    • 1. You can change the setting.
      2. Only settings listed there are customizable.
      3. No, uninstall BsB Tweaks won’t restore your setting. Therefore, hard reset is required to get back default setting.

      No worry, I installed it. And it stays until now. This is the best tweak tool for HD2 out there.

  7. Dear Jayce,

    Thanks so much for the tweaks posted however i have been searching for a tweak for my phone and it seems nobody required it before. I keep my MSN signed in all night long between me and my GF and eacht ime teh battery goes under 25%, windows live services sign out/stop syncing automatically to save battery life. This will sign out MSN as well. and when when i wake up i try to sign back in and it states that I have a problem with signing back in. Only a restart can solve the problem. Is there any tweak for the registry where I can stop this feture from turning off the Live services even if the battery is low or critical? I am using ROM 1.66.405.2 and Radio with HSPL 2.08.

    Please advise fi possible.



    • Sorry, no idea as I don’t have MSN on mobile. Or do you use any power saving program? That might be causing the issue. Else just plug in USB cable to power it up. 😉

  8. hehehehe….no there is no power saving program…the power saving feature is embedded within Windows Live as Activesync doesn’t stop syncing, but Windows Live pops-up a message that it stopped syncing due to low battery and stops MSN with it 🙂 I was trying to see if there is any known reg key that could disable this windows Live feature from activating on low battery. Anyway thanks a lot 🙂


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