To buy or not to buy Samsung Galaxy Note?

To buy or not to buy Samsung Galaxy Note? That’s the question… Samsung Galaxy Note is the ‘big’ thing in Android world beside its smaller brother Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. In short, it is basically a bigger version of Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 with 720p Super AMOLED display, upgraded CPU and has S Pen stylus as input. It is a phone and tablet hybrid. Or you can also say that Samsung Galaxy Note is too big as a phone and too small as a tablet. It is really up to personal taste and usage. I usually buy stuffs online without even hand on those products. Same applied to my HTC HD2 and Samsung Galaxy S II. I ordered them without even see them in real life first. Just read lot of reviews about them then made the decision to buy. However, I have hard time to convince myself to buy Samsung Galaxy Note without see it and hand on it first due to these 2 reasons…

Samsung Galaxy Note

It is using Super AMOLED RGBG subpixel rendering layout or PenTile technology. Yes, HD (1280×800) helps to improve actual pixel density compare to Samsung Galaxy S2’s WVGA (800×480). However, PenTile has only 2 subpixels compare to 3 subpixels RGB stripe in Super AMOLED Plus used in Samsung Galaxy S2. This makes the images and texts look less sharp. There is no Samsung Galaxy Note from Samsung Malaysia yet. And I might need to wait for 1 to 3 months to see it myself. I did compare Samsung Galaxy S (which use Super AMOLED too) and Samsung Galaxy S2. I can easily see the weakness of PenTile. Can HD Super AMOLED help to solve the less sharpness issue?

Super AMOLED vs Super AMOLED Plus
RGB stripe vs RGBG PenTile

5.3″ Display
I like smartphone with big screen. Love to play games and watch video on big screen. So I bought HTC HD2 with 4.3″ display. It has the largest display (for smartphone) 2 years ago. So Samsung Galaxy Note should be my cup of tea, right? I have no issue to pocket in HTC HD2 and Samsung Galaxy S2 (which a bit longer than HTC HD2). Samsung Galaxy Note is 146.85 x 82.95 x 9.65 mm in size. It is not an issue to put into jean pocket. However, can you walk, sit, run, bend down, going up stairs properly?

My thumb can access to 70% of the screen of Samsung Galaxy S2 while holding with one hand. Can I hold Samsung Galaxy Note and operate with one hand? Personally, I don’t think Samsung Galaxy Note was designed to use with one hand because it has S Pen. One hand to hold it and another one to use S Pen to input. So don’t think to get Samsung Galaxy Note if you wish to use it with one hand only.

Until I get my hand on Samsung Galaxy Note, I won’t order and buy it. How about you?


  1. Not for me I’m afraid. I’d love one, but I just don’t think it’s practical. My S2 fits all the criteria I want (for now). Jayce, the point you make about using only one hand is a very good one it’s one or the other. A phone or a tablet not a poor man’s compromise of the two.

    • Well, this “compromise” is certainly not for any poor man, because the Note costs more than a lot of tablets and smartphones out there.

      However, the Note is not really a compromise. It allows you to enjoy larger videos and games on its large screen, without the inconvenience of carrying a large tablet everywhere.

      Then, the S Pen is very useful. Think of some of the uses:

      -Make quick notes by writing onto the screen. Imagine a friend is talking to you on the phone, and he’s giving some information, like someone’s address. Instead of hunting for pen and paper to write it down, you can write that information into your phone’s screen with the S Pen even while you are still talking.

      –When you go travelling, write notes with the S Pen directly on some of your photos, for future reference. Write the names and details of people you meet, on their photos that you take with the phone; write info about some tourist place you visited on some of the photos; write info about a restaurant you visited and some new dish you tried out, right on the photos you take; etc. The only limit is your imagination.

    • You must see the display of sgs1 and sgs2. If you have them both infront of your eyes and run a movie from the same source you will be disapointed as i did. Im great fan of galaxy family. I have galaxy s1 and 2, and tab. Unfortunatly the how bad the display of gs2 in movies has pushed me to go back to gs1.

  2. “Or you can also say that Samsung Galaxy Note is too big as a phone and too small as a tablet”
    as you have already said, the form factor doesn’t really suit me well
    am waiting for the asus transformer 2 which rumored to be released on 7 Nov 2011 to replace my netbook πŸ™‚

  3. I had already galaxy s1 from 10 months. Which has super amoled disply. Recently last week i bought galaxy s2 with super amoled PLUS. I did actual and real comparison especially for the displays of the both. L gs1 is better in all aspects. Really i was diapointed the display of s amoled without the shit of plus is marvelous and realistic but in galaxy s2 it is really artificial and their claim that black is really black but they ignored in real life there is some times greys and shdows i switched back to gs1 because the display issue is no.1 concern

  4. I have been using HTC HD2 for the past two years. Stock OS was Windows Mobile 6.5. It was ok.
    After approximately a year, I switched the OS to an NAND Android Froyo. Comparing between WM6.5 to Android, I personally like Android more. The main factor before I made the purchase was the screen size and didn’t really considered its battery life (which I should have!). Although I felt 4.3″ was big initially but after a while I wished it is bigger something like 4.5″ or 5.0″. So Samsung Note’s 5.3″ will definitely be a welcoming feature to me (I think it’s an optimal size between a phone and a able). I dearly hope that the Samsungs Notes’ 2500mHA rating will last for two to three days before recharging with heavy use. Have there been any review on this? Finally the S-pen thingy is something that I look forward too as I can draw circuits diagram, write notes (I like to write) and perhaps do random doodling. It’ll definitely be my next phone upgrade.

  5. Hey bro … how are u ?

    I am buying Galaxy Note in the following 2 days from BCI ( the official distributor of Samsung mobiles in Jordan) … They made a special offer from 21 to 25th December (Christmas offer) that is 15 % discount with free flip cover and 8 Gb memory. I just want to know where this device is made before buying and unboxing it as I want the device that is ” Made in Korea by Samsung ” not other Countrys like china or Vietnam . How could you help me bro ???


  6. Hi Jayce,

    What make you change your mind by saying “No” to Note? I am planning to have a white Note, but just to ensure it fit me… (using HD2 now… still can’t let go Garmin).

      • I was typing these lines at 2 am… What do u expect…??

        And is it a grammer test that u r checking my speling mistakes…?

        Just point ur view thats it…!!!

        I have iphone 4 But loved features of note so i thought of buying it… Thats why i asked u… But you u r so great that u r bring out my mistakes…!!! Wtf man…!!!!

        Whatever Tc. I respect ur view..

  7. hi you have mentioned that you already have a Samsung Galaxy S2.. Have you tried opening and running the flash games like FarmVille, The Sims Social, FishVille, etc. when using facebook on a web browser? What is the screen display? is it just the same as when using a desktop computer or a laptop? Can you accept game gift requests? How about in Samsung Galaxy Note? Sorry for these questions, its just that i’m planning to buy SG S2 or SG Note and I need to know if the web in these units works just like when i’m using a real computer.. Hope you reply please.. thanks a lot.. ^_^

    • I only tried Facebook Restaurant City on Galaxy S2. Running extremely slow. Not sure about the Flash performance on Galaxy Note. If can, go hand on to find out.

  8. Everyone talks about the the big screen, its pen …. etc of Galaxy Note. No one mentions anything about its battery life. Any comment on the battery life ….comparing it with SII / Iphone’s ?

  9. confused ! !
    samsung galaxy s2 or samsung galaxy note ……?
    which one i buy …..?
    which one is value for money ….?
    which one using well ….?
    any expert please recommend …
    hey jayce what u say…?

  10. please tell is it good for my new s2 upgrade to ice cream.. ?

    and also tell is it official ice cream upgrade in india, may i install or not ..?

    waiting …

      • my means is ..
        after install is s2 warranty got expired or any other problems start up … ?
        please tell any problem of upgrade ics of s2 after or before ..?


        • my means is ..
          after install is s2 warranty got expired or any other problems start up … ?
          please tell any problem of upgrade ics of s2 after or before ..?


          m waiting jayce

              • hey jayce
                recently my little brother bought samsung galaxy ace 5830 single sim,
                so now i want to upgrade android ginger to android ice cream,
                so please is it possible if can then please tell how … ?

                and my 2nd question is galaxy ace got less than 200mb internal memory,
                so i want to save my all data directly to sd card, please tell how …?

                please reply fast both of my question


  11. hey jayce
    please help
    how to take continuous pics from samsung galaxy s2 camera .. ?

    if any andriod application for this please tell .. ?


  12. hey jayce, help me dear

    i have samsung galaxy note & my question is i put caller image in my contact so when i recieved a call from caller his caller image is shown small how to increase caller image size from that when we recieved call we saw big caller image…?

    any setting or any software for that ?

  13. hey jayce i have doubt please clear
    i hv samsung galaxy note & my issue is when i touch my contacts it takes some seconds to open contacts list but some time i open my contacts it takes less than 1 seconds & i dont know how but i wants my contacts r always open in less than 1 seconds but i dont know how .. ?
    my contacts r saved in phone memory & some individual numbers have 1 number & some have 1 or many number.
    my issue is when i want to open my contact its just open in less than 1 seconds means with out taking so much time to open.
    i have 200 contacts.
    help me jayce


  14. my frnd have samsung galaxy s2 but he is facing problem please help
    contacts are slow to load it took 4-5 seconds to load , why this happen ?
    and how contacts are fast to load ?

  15. hey jayce i have samsung s2 & i upgrade to andriod 2.3 to andriod 4.0 but after having some issue like hanging many times in a day so now i want to re upgrade my s2 but i dont know how ?

    and my another question is which one i reinstall again, andriod 4.0 or andriod 2.3 in my s2 ?


  16. i already done factory reset 3 -4 times but after few hours same problem starts even some times display light auto off or on 8-9 times

    i dont know what i do now ?


  17. Hi Jayce,
    any update about your views on Galaxy note? i am still having htc Hd2 and very much happy with it expect the internal memory part.
    which is the best way to save the memory (i am running ice cream sandw. 4 downloaded from here).
    if not then will it be a good deal to buy a note N7000 white in 430 $ ?

  18. hey jayce my galaxy n7000 always open contacts slow when using ice cream andriod but when i am using andriod 2.3 gingerbed contacts always open fastly.

    what i do which andriod version i used.. ?

    my another question now jelly bean also launched for n7000 so please is it solved my issue regarding contacts slow open, is this version open contacts list fastly… ?

    reply dear

  19. hey jayce, how r u .. ?
    i have samsung galaxy s2 and i want to use data card for internet but however is it not connected please provide me any software for that i use usb data cards for working with intenet ..?
    how i connect data cards to s2 & enjoy internet,
    any apps or any setting .. ?

    waiting dear

  20. hey jayce
    how to root samsung galaxy note 7000 .. ?
    any video or any other help .. ?

    and also confirm me that any disadvantages from root .. ?


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