Top 10 Sprint HTC EVO 4G Tweaks and Hacks

Sprint HTC EVO 4G is one of the best Android phones out there. I wish that I can own it but it is for US only. It is a nice phone but can be improved further with some tweaks and hacks. Below are the tweaks and hacks that I found so far. Let me know if I left out anything important. I will update it then.

Sprint HTC EVO 4G

1. How to root HTC EVO 4G? – To get more than 100% ability from HTC EVO 4G, you need to root it. Rooting will provides full access to its system files which allow you to modify the phone’s firmware and install third party applications, themes and custom ROMs. Custom ROMs usually come along with lot of nice tweaks and hacks. In addition, lot of best third party applications can be used too. Do be careful when rooting, you don’t want to brick your precious HTC EVO 4G. Get the guide here.

2. How to install Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC EVO 4G? – Don’t wait for HTC official release. It will take sometimes. Just like HTC HD2, I am still waiting for Windows Mobile 6.5.3 version and getting nothing yet. If you want to enjoy the latest and greatest Google Android 2.2 Froyo now, get the unofficial one here (Note – 4G and camera are still not working yet for EVOlutionV9 and EVOlutionX2). Or wait for another half year…

3. How to increase HTC EVO 4G battery life? – HTC EVO 4G is a battery eater like its elder brother ~ HTC HD2 (due to its large screen I think). There are some tweaks to improve the battery life like reduce brightness and display on-time, close the applications that are not in use, turn off wireless functions like 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth, Mobile Hotspot and GPS when not in use. Try to undervolt it with the guide here. It should help to reduce battery drain. Or overclock it (but this will eat more battery)…

4. How to enable wireless N on HTC EVO 4G? – HTC EVO 4G wireless chip support 802.11n WiFi but HTC disabled it by default. Luckily, there is a hack to enable it back. The WiFi performance will be improved and like never before. Grab the guide here to get better and faster connection.

5. How to get FREE WiFi Tether Mobile Hotspot on HTC EVO 4G? – Why need to pay Sprint $30 per month when you can get it free? However, this android-wifi-tether hack is for those with root. As I said, rooting is important (No 1 hack). More info here.

6. How to install Swype on HTC EVO 4G? – Want to type (swype) like superman? Do install one of the sliding inputs ~ Swype. It provides a faster and easier way to input text on HTC EVO 4G. Grab it here. It is a must installed keyboard tweak.

7. How to install Droid X multitouch keyboard on HTC EVO 4G? – Besides Swype, here is another great multitouch keyboard input from the up coming Motorola Droid X. Download it here. And you can press more than one key at a time then. Holding down Shift key while pressing a letter key to capitalize it is possible now.

8. EnamoRED Theme for HTC EVO 4G – Sprint HTC EVO 4G outlook has some red behind. Therefore, a red colour theme like EnamoRED Theme is a match for it. A tweak for those wanted to have a new better look on their phone. Get it here.

9. How to uncap 30 fps graphics limit on HTC EVO 4G? – There was a xda thread mentioned about uncapped graphics limit (removed now). But you still can fight for it by contacting HTC and Sprint support, make some (or lot of) noises. Hopefully, they will come out a fix soon. More info here.

10. The last one. You name it. I will post it. 😉

Finally, thanks xda-developers for all the precious information. Enjoy your Sprint HTC EVO 4G…


  1. Your #2 is dangerous. it’s not completely done and doesn’t support cameras or 4G. You make it sound as if it’s a “normal” upgrade to Froyo. The chefs are still working on it. At least put some caveats on your “recommendations” if you don’t know the dangers of everything.

    IF a person updtes their ROM to Froyo they will:

    lose cameras (it’s rumored that it’s almost done that cameras are working but the working ROM has not been released)
    lose 4G (same as the first point)

  2. While I want Froyo, I’m with sanjay… I need full functionality first. I can’t lost two very important features of the device. I mean, I at LEAST use the camera multiple times a day. 4G, not a HUGE deal, but really.

  3. I am one of these people who puts their entire life on their own cell phone so I received a Centro way back when and loved it- so personalized (color coding things like calendar appointments is a MUST for me) and easy to use. The Pre came out and I was loving it… but… well… it simply lacked some ‘me’ things. So, any time I noticed all that Android could do…. well I was very excited. I was blessed to have discovered 1 cell phone left in stock at a Radio Shack 40 miles away last weekend and I’ve been playing and customizing ever since.

    • No. I have rooted my white evo with unrevoked3. Works like a charm. Swype was added into stock, so I wouldn’t worry bout that cause you already have it. Unrevoked allows wifi teather 4g, no problems with anything strait out of unrevoked, trashed all the crapware, highly reccomend it, and it does work on my white evo.

  4. I also have a evo I just rooted a few nights ago with froyo, 4g and camera still works like a charm.
    No problems found yet. Still have access to everything and ditched the boat ware 🙂

  5. how about multiple exchange support? has there been any good information out there in regards to “jailbreak” HTC EVO 4G in order to configure multiple exchange accounts… just like the “jailbroken” iPhone?

    many threads out there, no real solutions that i have seen thus far…

    any ideas?

  6. P.S. This post needs updated. Android 2.2 is out and Swype is automatically on the EVO now. You can turn it on and off.

  7. Hi, Jayce, since this is american set. which all have carrier controlling under IMEI. If we unlock it and install Android (any version available for this model ?) can the phoneset HTC EVO 4G be used in Singapore after unlocking and reinstalling of Android ?
    Pls advise soonest.


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