Top Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread NAND Android ROM for HTC HD2

Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread (GRJ22) is the latest and greatest Android for phone. Here are the best Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread NAND Android ROM for HTC HD2. All of them are equipped with Google Talk v1.3 which support video and voice chats. They are based on Google Nexus One, CyanogenMod 7 and MIUI. Download and install to try them out…

TyphooN CyanogenMod 7
TyphooN CyanogenMod 7

HyperDroid CM7
HyperDroid CM7
NexusHD2 Gingerbread
NexusHD2 Gingerbread

Which top Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread Android ROM do you prefer?


  1. Hi Jayce, I need to send my hd2 back for service. Can you please tell me how I can set it back to WM after having been running NAND Android and MIUI?

    Best Regards,


  2. Hi Jayce did u find out that TyphooN CyanogenMod 7 doesn’t have the rotate off ringtone function ? or I just can’t find it….

  3. Hi Jayce, My name is William from KL.

    1st i would like to thank you for all the infor you provided, i learn everything here from
    0 – to now i have boot my HTC HD2 into android.

    Currently im using Android Ver: 2.3.1
    Baseband version:
    Kernel Ver : mdeejay@mdeejay-VirtualBox #10
    Mod Ver: MDJ-=Gingerbread=-v.1.0 RC4 RAM Edition
    Build number: MDJ RAM 2.3.1 GRH78 85442 release-keys

    MY HTC HD2 is T-Mobile

    i am having 2 problems
    1) GPS not working
    2) Video Recorder not working

    I am now looking for a ROM that everything is working (included GPS + Video Recorder) + internal memory is more then 500mb (since i have try 2-3 ROM before internal memory only 190++ or 2xx++ something only)
    Currently the ROM im using is 790mb ++ internal memory which i feel very good at least i can install a lot of app from the market.

    thanks for your reply.
    Have a great day ahead.


    William Seow

  4. Jayce,

    look like we are using the same rom
    may i know what radio u are using?
    my 3g some time lost, some time appear….
    and my apn setting was set by the celcom staff….
    i also dunno what to do…sigh

  5. Hi Jayce,

    DO you know how can I power off my HD2 after installing the Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread NAND Android ROM for HTC HD2? My phone will go into reboot mode even if I select power off. Appreciate your advice. Thanks.

  6. Hi Jayce,

    got some questions:
    i have installed on my HD2 a nexus NAND and got problems with space for the application. you recommended me to install an A2SD+ Rom that can use an ext3 parttition.

    i’ve created a 4gb parttition at my SD card with clockwork and installed “BOYPPC-SHIFTPDA_GINGER 2.3.4-Sense.s V27
    1. when downloading it i got 4 versions with diffrent sizes can you tell the diffrence between them? (

    2. when i’ve installed the ROM it kept all my details/data/applications etc… how i’m installing it and make it format first the old

    3. how to make the system know that there is a 4gb ext3 parttition for the system?

    4. which A2SD+ ROM is the best? and why?

    thanks for your help
    only beacuse of your site i was manage to get into the android world at my HD2
    thanks much !

  7. I changed the radio version to 2.15…it still works sporadically ….is there anything I need to change in android mode like the network settings?

  8. I have htc hd2 t-mobile (U.S version) running on android 2.3.4
    I see a lot of rom that could make my phone run better and more robust but alas, I don’t know how to choose or instal or upgrade.
    It appears all the guides are written for experts
    Could someone help

  9. Do I have to copy the files into new sd or existing sd where I already have zip that I used to install android gingerbread 2.3.4

  10. When I used volume button to navigate to Boot AD SD and press call button, it says SD kernel open failed
    Just a reminder, I am already running NexusHD2-Gingerbread_V2.8_NAND__Android-2.3.4__update

  11. These are the files that I used to flash to android
    HSPL3_PKG, MAGLDR_CWM_Recovery_v3.0.2.5_for_NexusHD2_135M, MAGLDR113_DAF, NexusHD2-Gingerbread_V2.8_NAND__Android-2.3.4__update, and Radio Leo
    Is it ok to just substitute NexusHD2-Gingerbread_V2.8_NAND__Android-2.3.4__update With JawsMIUIrec1.0 and start all over

  12. Hi Jayce :

    i am using Miui rom now….i encounter memory not enough issue after donwloading few application from Market. the available internal memory now left 12mb only …i already tried to move all the application to SD but still same. seek yr golden advise here. thx in advance.

  13. Hi Jayce, thanks for all of your knowledges donation
    I am using a rom which was bulit on 2011-1-3, (i forgot the name but i think its a 2.2 DHD rom created by zynan, which only has bulit in ram free memory only 38MB left)
    and I found few problems, one is when I turn off my HD2 and charge for 2 hours, its still in charging mode(orange led on), so then I stopped charging and the orange led was still on and I can’t turn on the phone instead I need to reboot the phone, already bugging me for so long….
    but I can fully charge my phone when its on.
    1.Do you know if its the problem caused my the rom or the phone itself?
    2.and which rom you recommend the most,
    3.and which verson like android 2.3.3 or 2.3.4 or 2.2?
    thanks a lot!!!

    • 1. It should be Android ROM issue. I don’t see this kind of issue with the ROM that I have tested.
      2. I am using BOYPPC SHIFTPDA GINGER HoneyComB now.
      3. 2.3.4

  14. Hi Jayce, thanks for your answer, I have few questions coming up now, hope I am not disturbing you because I am new for HD2.
    1. I double checked I am using zovan HDH rom now (actually I am not confident enough so I take my phone to some store to help me nand my HD2), is is possible if the charging problem happens because of the incorrect steps in nanding my HD2 by the store keeper?
    2. So far have you found any problems for the rom BOYPPC SHIRTPDA GINGER HONEYCOMB you recommended?
    3. I am going to bring my phone to the store and ask the store keeper to nand my phone again, do I only need to download the rom and ask him to do the overall step once again? or is there any specific directions are needed in installing this BOYPPC SHIFTPDA GINGER rom?
    4. I found out the source of BOYPPC SHIFTPDA GINGER is not downloadable, is there alternate link?
    5. I rooted my HD2 and installed a apps2sd app from market (need to be rooted first), but most apps can only move 2/3 memory to the sd card (for example, adobe flash 10.2 cost 12MB in my phone, if I move to sd cost only 7.2MB). Compare to the a2sd method, which method is better and if I use a2sd method does it mean I can move the whole app to sd ( i mean all memory of the app).

    Sorry for the disturbing once again, but I really feel nervous since I am new and I don’t think the store keeper is as professional as you…

    • 1. What kind of charging problem?
      2. No big problem for me.
      3. The installation process is about the same as the guide in my post.
      4. Get it from XDA website.
      5. I did not use apps2sd. As far as I know, the whole apk is stored at SD card with A2SD+.

  15. Hi Jayce,
    What is the difference between the rom [CWR] BOYPPC-SHIFTPDA_GINGER 2.3.4-Sense.s V35 (12.Jul) and [CWR-CLEAN] BOYPPC-SHIFTPDA_GINGER 2.3.4-Sense.s V35 (12.Jul)?
    (i mean CWR and CWR-CLEAN)
    which one you recommend? and is V35 stable?
    thanks a lot!

    • Clean is the lite version which remove some apps (but I am not sure which one). I usually pick the clean version for speed. Did not try v35 yet.

  16. Dear Jayce

    I am using old verson aMAGLDR V1.11 by cotulla 2010, if I use it to flash this new rom is it ok? And what’s difference between it and new 1.13? does the old verson has conflict with installing this new rom?

  17. hi Jayce, m so new to nand android. I just got my hd2 flashed with 2.3.4 Gingerbread, and I find it not my type. I want to ask you how we can change the nand rom? Thanks

  18. I don’t think my sd card has been used as directory for apps. I still have to manually move apps to sd from phone. For your info, M using this rom:
    it provides for Apps2SD+ in the thread as well.

    And for sd format to EXT3, I use SD formatter V2.0 and MiniTool Partition Wizard Home edition.

    I have read some of your threads regarding GParted or something, but I found no clue how to work on it! Please advise if the above programs I used are correct, and if not, what is the next step I should take?


  19. I have tried CWM quite a few times, but all I got was error kernel or something when I loaded AD SD. It just couldn’t get through! Can you suggest me some ROMs with A2SD+ build in? Thanks

  20. Hello Jayce,

    How r u? Pls i’m running android nand 2.2 on my HD2, how can i update it to android 2.3.4? also, how can i install it? can it support 4g network?
    Thanks alot in advance

  21. Hello again,

    My HD2 still shows a black screen with HTC in green. I’ve tried to shut it down, remove batery .

    When it starts it shows
    “Booting android from nand”
    load done
    go go go

    an then nothing – just a black screen with HTC in green. HELP


  22. hi,

    may i know how to upgrade from 2.3.4 to 2.3.5, now i`m using HD2 NAND boyppc-dhiftpda version/baseband TQ.

  23. This file does not exist, the access to the following file is limited or it has been removed due to infringement of copyright………

    it is still available?

  24. thanks for fast reply mr. can you give me the right link? I was downloaded liquid_mecha-ota-eng.v3.1… and JellyBean…but I don’t know how to install it. no config n data in this specific folder….thanks in advance


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