Download HyperDroid CM7 v2.1.0 NAND Android A2SD+ Zip ROM for HTC HD2

Finally, XDA Developer, pongster updated his build ~ HyperDroid CM7 to v2.1.0 which is based on latest CyanogenMod 7 Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread and using latest Tytung R10 Kernel. As usual, it supports Google Talk v1.3 which has video and voice chat functions.

HyperDroid CM7 on HTC HD2

Quadrant score
ADW Launcher
Software information

By the way, I changed it LCD density to 240 because I donโ€™t like the default 167 density. Make sure that you change ro.sf.lcd_density=167 to 240 at build.prop (system folder) before you install the ROM if you want normal screen density.

Installation guide ~ How to Install CWM NAND Android on HTC HD2? (Video)

Download HyperDroid CM7 v2.1.0 [Kernel: Tytung r10] NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM here.


  1. Load the HyperDroid CM7 to v2.1.0 but it hangs up at the black screen with the white andriod symbol and the word android below it……have to pull the battery to get it to reboot….Please help

      • I have MAGLDR v1.11, I think radio 2.15 and clockworkmod v1.2 my carrier is T-mobile US

        I tried to set a partition (512) but the 2 files needed are erased…so I added them back but couldn’t get back clockworkmod to load….I reloaded clockworkmod and then copied the zip onto the sd card without a partition….it loaded it through clockworkmod but wouldn’t get past the android screen described above…..

        I reloaded JDMS Ultimate Android ROM and am back up and running but would like to work with other loads……

    • Hi,
      at me same like Duane. Install are fine, but when i want to start Android it Hang UP at Black screen with white Android Symbol. Maybe this version is`nt perfect or just I somthing misst?

        • Not for me…
          When i`m using MAGLDR 1.13 and when i try in MAGLDR massstrg mode to copy ROM in SD it stuck. When i downgrade back to 1.11 then gone the problem. CWM at me is 3.0##. In instaliation all is perfect, but when phone try to start Android stuck in black screen with android symbol.
          My phone is HTC HD2 LEO512. Yesterday i sit with this ROM at midnight, but nothing hapend… :/

          Sorry for my bad English :]

                • FINALY !!! :]
                  I`m on CyanogenMod 3.4
                  Well.. very very THANK YOU Jayce. With your this Blog i understand what a devil mobile phone i have. Just dont stop what you doing. You are great. Thanx a lot again ;]

                  Sorry for Bad english :/

                  • Got a problem :/
                    Camcorder does`nt work… When i try to change photo mode to video rec mode phone gives error table: The application Camera (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. And have a button: “Force close”.
                    Any ideas?

                    • Hmm… I did not test camcorder last time but it should work. You can try to reinstall this Android ROM again or try other Android ROM.

  2. Dear Jayce,

    FYI, I’m really fresh at this thing. I have 2 questions for you and hope you can assist me on it:

    1. Using your step by step guidance in , I manage to follow all the instruction till the end from installing HSPL3 to installing the suitable radio version (2.15) then installing MAGLDR and installing clockworkmod recovery. Later, based from your post above, I need to create an ext3 partition on my sdcard. After creating the partition, both the initrd.gz and zImage files will be erased right. So, using the backup data, I copied it back into the sdcard (because I will not be able to enter into clockworkmod recovery if the files are missing). I continue with copying the hyperdroid cm7 zip file into the SD card and continue with the procedure. I manage to enter the Droid boot screen but it hangs there. Can you assist me in resolving the issue.

    2. I can always return to SPL 1.66 right? Just need to flash the rom using SPL1.66 from HTC website and everything goes back to normal. Can you confirm?

    Thanks Jayce. You have a wonderful website here.

  3. Hi, at this moment, I have TyphooN CyanogenMod 7 and I want to change it to this. How do I save all my apps and data before doing this? Because I don’t want to reinstall everything again.

  4. Sorry Jayce, but I don’t understand what’s happening. Always used GBX and had no problem with Wifi. When I installed HyperDroid CM7 v2.1.0 it didn’t work anymore. Now I replaced GBX v12 again and Wifi is working again, so it ain’t a problem with my router. By the way, I’ve got a HTC HD2/LEO.
    I can’t find any other complaining about this problem on the internet and I’m sure it’s working with Pongster.
    I cleared data and cache when I installed the rom. Any idea?

      • Well, could be. I’ll try it all over again today. Found some people with the same problem on the xda site, but no solution. Did everything as discribed. I’ve got all the latest versions. Now I’ll start with a new download of the rom.

        • Yeeha, problem solved. I thought I had the correct version of CWM, namely v1.3. I installed this one when I started using GBX. I din’t realize that the 150M version would make the difference, but after I replace the CWM for the 150M version i got WiFi right away.

          Thanks for thinking with me.

  5. How were you able to get a 261 MB/411 MB as seen on your screencap? I can only get 130MB/411MB on mine — and now down to 111MB after installing some applications. Thanks

  6. hi jayce…
    i am u r fan…right now i am using typhoon cm7 2.3.4… i am changing to it advicable to change to this ROM?

    is it better than the remaining ROM?

  7. Hi,

    Do i have more density options? or only 167 or 240?
    Can i use 200?

    at 240 it very nice looks like high res. but can i stratch the phone dialpad?


    • I think you can select any density that you like. But not all are good for display. Personally, I stick to 240. Stretch the phone dialpad? It is already full size on 240.

  8. i have a question i have a htc hd2 but i wanted to know if i buy a evo would i be able to put android roms like this on it just like the hd2

  9. hi jayce

    i installled hyperdroid cm7…as u said we must increase the lcd density size to 240 from 167…actuallly i have installled the rom…now i want to change to 240

    what should i do?

    can i edit n save it again n continue my working
    should i change it n again reinstall rom??


  10. Hi Jayce,

    I am currently using prj_build_v0.2 right now & it is working properly thank you very much for providing it. But now I want to upgrade HyperDroid CM7 on my htc hd2 so can you please guide me how to install it on that step by step?

  11. hi jayce..

    for nearly a month i have beeen using hyperdroid 2.3.4…but now a days i get some battery drain around 10 to 15% for 7hrs…is it better or is there any way to reduce battery drain…

    and also i tried using the gtalk installled in 2.3.4….but when i call i get echos, some noises ,disturbance…do u know what is the problem?or is there any way to avoid it…

    thanks in advance

    • I have the same battery issue among Android 2.3.4 builds (tested few). Wi-Fi seem like ‘eating’ battery too much.

      Sorry, I did not use GTalk voice call function at all. No idea for the moment…

  12. huhuu..just finish falshing…im suprised that 1st time ON, all the icon are very small..hahaha i forgot change the screen density..i used Root explorer to change the density to 200. lol..

    few month using HD2 to flash few Nand rom and my concern now is the battery consumption for these Rom used in my phone ..lot of the rom i flashed with, the longest my phone cant stand is 1 day..

    but how in the world that Jayce phone can stand for 2 day…r u not thinkering with yr phone Jayce?..
    please advise..?

    mind always online 24hr with facebook, whatapps, Hold to talk,YM,browing, games, wacth utube…easy to Data always on..hehehe..

  13. 1) If i create a 1024 partition from CWM will the clock work work after that , as all the files will be deleted from the sd card ? after creating the partition , what procedure should i follow to install the rom frm CWM?

    2) As all the files are going to erased after partitioning , how should i copy my hyperdroid zip to Sd card ?

  14. also i downloaded Ultimate Droid 3.3 NAND Android A2SD+ Zip ROM for HTC HD2 but the files JawsMIUIrec1.0.7z and .data folder given in the installation procedure, were not found when i unzipped the file. any help?

  15. Finally Hyper Droid ๐Ÿ™‚ !

    1 ) How can i check the running programs in it , and how to close them ?

    2) How to log out of face book ?

    3) How to stop the dial pad vibration & unlock screen vibration when the screen is tapped ?

  16. Having some problems :

    1) The application camera ( process ) has stopped unexpectedly . Video cam not working .

    2) The options that appears when we tap the home screen or a icon on it ( to edit them or remove them ) are not popping up .

    Any solutions ?

    • 1. Works fine for me! Are you using the T-Mobile HD2 or the European HD2? I am using the European one. Also try reinstalling the ROM.

  17. Is there a way to change the density once its installed? Also, if I wanted to put music from my PC onto the phone, what do I need to do?

  18. 1) I did a factory reset but nothing changed in my phone all the setting remain the same , what should i do ?

    2) Pls tell me how can i reinstall hyperdroid ( i already have it installed right now on my Hd2 ) but what ca i do to reinstall it safely ?

  19. Many thanks for the icon size tip (ro.sf.lcd_density=167 to 240) i luv the rom but the icons were too small so it was great to be able to change em to a bigger size

  20. Hey , Jayce

    I am having a slight problem , using Hyperdriod :

    – I selected a song as a ringtone from the options in the music player,i got the ring tone but i dont know in which directory it is being saved , now its always showing the song in my ringtone profiles , so how can i remove it ?

    – When using Ringdroid App to make ringtones same thing is happening , earlier it use to be saved in a folder named Ringdroid but now there is no folder and i also removed the app , but i still dont know where all my songs are being saved as a ring tone .

  21. Hi !

    How can we stop market updating automatically on Hyper Droid ? after getting updated it dosent work properly , gets crash down on downloading anything .


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