HTC HD2 does not have much internal storage space like native Android phone. It has only 512MB NAND memory to use. And most of them are used by system files and left only around 150MB to 200MB for user data. This is not enough for certain users. This is not a big problem because Android 2.2 Froyo can help to move applications from internal storage to SD card. But this is a manual task…

How to install applications to SD card directly on Android?
NAND Android with A2SD+ does not have this kind of issue because it will install applications into EXT partition on SD card directly. However, not all the NAND Android supports A2SD+. But we can make it happen by ourselves with Darktremor Apps2SD’s help.

Darktremor Apps2SD Features

  • Move applications (both free and paid) to the Secure Digital card.
  • Move Dalvik Cache to run either from your Secure Digital card or from your cache partition and clears the cache on demand.
  • Boot Loop Protection: prevents the phone from boot looping in the event the SD card could not be mounted.
  • Dalvik JIT for faster performance on Roms which support it.
  • User selectable sizes for the Dalvik heap sizes, allowing a user to freely optimize their system.
  • Activate a swap partition on your SD card and sets how often the swap partition is utilized.
  • Automatically fixes configuration issues.
  • Users can check the free space on their SD card and check the installation to make sure all is setup correctly.
  • Runs ZipAlign on demand…this makes your programs load faster.
  • Built in help system for easy reference of commands.
  • All features can also be reversed without repartitioning your Secure Digital card.
  • New logging features assists in troubleshooting issues.
  • Commands to set the Low Memory Killer feature at boot time. Great for those people who are the “set it and forget it” type.

I successfully made JDMS Ultimate NAND Android Zip ROM to support A2SD+. First of all, you need to create an EXT3 partition with ClockworkMod Recovery. (I tried to install Apps2SD on EXT4 but failed). Then install it like the way to install NAND Android on HTC HD2 with ClockworkMod Recovery. That’s it.

All your installed applications will be moved to EXT3 partition on SD card. And new applications will be installed there as well. No need to worry running out of internal storage space anymore…

Download Darktremor Apps2SD Beta 03a here.

via: xda-developers

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