Download MIUI Starcraft II Theme

Starcraft II is one of my favorite RTS games. Can’t wait to play the next 2 episodes. While waiting for them, I installed MIUI Starcraft II Theme on Jaws-MIUI Android ROM for HTC HD2.

MIUI Starcraft II Theme

To install ~ copy file to SD Card\MIUI\Theme folder. Then select it with Theme Manager. Reboot to Windows Mobile then back to android. Enjoy…

Download MIUI Starcraft II Theme here.


  1. Hi. I’m trying to get your StarCraft II theme to work on MIUI (v1.9.30) but no luck. i’ve tried rename trick (change file extension from zip to mtz) and still nothing. Is there an updated version of this? or do you know of a way i can convert this to the current format used in MIUI? thanks in advance


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