Download JDMS Ultimate NAND Android Zip ROM for HTC HD2

Arr… I cannot wait for JDMS v1.7 Ultimate which should support A2SD+ and in Zip ROM format. So I took the beta unsupported build Zip version to play. It is exactly the same as previous build which is based on Ultimate Droid 2.5, Android 2.2.1 and using Hastarin 8.6 Kernel. But this one is using ClockworkMod Recovery method. I can backup and restore it now. Yeah!!!

JDMS Ultimate on HTC HD2

Quadrant score
Software information

I found bug but no a big deal ~ MIUI FancyWidget is not working. The stuffs that I use like phone call, Wi-Fi, 3G, Android Market and Internet are working. Quadrant score is slightly lower thou but that don’t stop me to use this ROM daily…

Installation guide ~ How to Install NAND Android on HTC HD2 with ClockworkMod Recovery? (Video)

Download JDMS v1.6.2 Ultimate [Kernel: Hastarin 8.6N] NAND Zip ROM here.


  1. Hey Jayce. If i install this rom on hd2 running on android already do i have to uninstall the rom that it already has? I believe i have the NAND android stock rom. Another thing, if i install this rom do i have to hold the power button until i go to the MAGLDR bootloader menu and go to usb flasher right? I appreciate your help.

    • No need uninstall existing ROM. Installing new one will replace it. But this one is a little bit special, you need to use ClockworkMod Recovery method to install. Just follow the guide to learn it.

  2. Ok, so I got Jaws MIUI to work on my phone, but I’d prefer to have this ROM. So I put the file onto my SD and then went into clockworkmod and installed the zip file from the SD card, but what had happened to me before with the Jaws MIUI (would go to htc screen and reboot, in this case gets to android on skateboard and reboots) is happening with this ROM.

    Any advice?

    I extracted the files just to see what was in it and noticed there was no data folder like in it like Jaws MIUI, could that be the problem?

    Again, thanks for all the help you’ve given me already and hopefully you could help me figure this out as well.

      • Ok, I’ll remember that for if when I decide to change ROMs again.

        It worked with what I said I did down below, so no complaints haha. If it starts to bug, then it would probably be because of what I did and then I’ll use the correct method.

        Thanks again

    • Ok, so I took the data file from the JawsMIUIrec1.0 and added it to the file and then put it on the SD and installed using Clockworkmod and it works.

  3. Hi Jayce,

    Are you currently using JDMS 1.7 beta or JDMS 1.6.2 for daily use? My hd2 still running wm 6.5. I am thinking to switch…but how can i backup my contact and sms? Thanks!

  4. Hi Jayce, the guide to install provided above is for Jaws-MIUI ? how to apply it here for jdms 1.6.2? follow all the steps and replace Jaws-MIUI with JDMS 1.6.2?

      • not yet solved..i am using the usb flasher option to install JDMS…otherwise my phone cannot be used at all because my sd card cannot be detected…anyways to solve this? now i got JDMS installed and from the notification, it’s written there sd card damaged…

          • im not sure if it is still ok because it’s written there sd card damaged from the notification above the left hand corner of the phone…this happen after i installed the clockworkmod recovery in which when i choose option 3 usb mass stg and connect usb, my laptop hang and cannot detect the sd card….i dont have a sd card reader…shld i get one?

            • Laptop should have SD card reader nowadays. If still don’t have, try to borrow from friends first before buy it. Or test your SD card at other system which have SD card reader. 😉

  5. Hi Jayce,

    to install JDMS 1.6.2, just download the zip ROM u provided above and copy the extracted files to SD card? then which zip shld i install? Thanks!

  6. hi jayce, actually i’m already installed clockmodrecovery but i try to download [CWR] BOYPPC-SHIFPDA GINGER V16 (14.Apr) via xda-developers very hard to download.could you pls give a easy download link? TQ

  7. Hi Jayce, it seems that JDMS v1.62 Ultimate is not rooted yet as I cannot make Titanium backup working on this rom. Could u kindly confirm that?

  8. hey jayce i hav windows 7 runin on my hd2….as the pre reqirments are same i tried instalin clockword and den the steps u said in order to install android but aftr it is instaled its stoping at the boot go go go….help me i scrwed ma phone n dnt hav ny now….is that v hav to remove wm7 first as the boot order sc ad is 2nd where as in video it is showin 1st ….in my phone wip(dnt remembr name)is frst which is windows boot vinstall while installing wm7…..:(\

  9. I got stuck at android screen… Im using clockmodrecovery method… I try different ROM but get a same result.. What should I do? helpppppppppppppppp ngeeeee…

  10. Hey Jayce, I downloaded this rom and I found this problem. My led light does not light up when I receive a notification. It only lights up when I unlock my phone. For example when my phone is on stand by it does not light up. Please help.

  11. Hey jayce, out of all the roms you have used or know about, which has the best and longest battery life that i can use for everyday use. I like the roms that you just download the file and flash it with usb flasher. i hope i am making sense


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