Download HTC HD2 Radio ROM Leo_RADIO 2.07, 2.08. 2.10, 2.11 and 2.12

Android 2.2 Froyo… My head is full of Android 2.2 Froyo now. Forget about Windows Phone 7 support on HTC HD2. In order to have Android 2.2 Froyo HTC Desire ROM on HTC HD2, we need to flash HardSPL3 on HTC HD2. Then flash newer HTC HD2 Radio ROM with CustomRUU. And install any Android ROM that suite you.

Download HTC HD2 Radio ROM here
Leo_RADIO_2.14.50.02** – link
Leo_RADIO_2.12.50.02_2 – link
Leo_RADIO_2.11.50.26** – link
Leo_RADIO_2.11.50.20** – link
Leo_RADIO_2.10.50.28_2 – link
Leo_RADIO_2.10.50.26** – link
Leo_RADIO_2.10.50.19_2 – link
Leo_RADIO_2.08.50.05** – link
Leo_RADIO_2.07.51.22_2 – link

I am using Leo_RADIO_2.12.50.02_2 right now. You can try out all of them. See which one perform better with your mobile operator. Download the radio ROM. Then rename the extracted file to “RUU_Signed.nbh” and flash it with CustomRUU. That’s it. Note – Flashing radio ROM will not hard reset your phone. But no harm to make a backup first.

  • Ken

    Sorry for a stupid question. will flashing the radio ROM and HSDL erase everything I have installed in my HD2?

    • No question is stupid. We ask question to learn. πŸ˜‰

      No. Install radio and HSPL won’t delete your stuffs. But no harm to make a backup first.

      • Branden

        after applying CustomRUU, my hd2 phone didnt reboot and it still won’t cut on. what should i do?

        • Did you manage to install HardSPL3?

          • Branden

            yes it installed perfectly

            • Remove the battery and put it in then turn on the phone. Can boot?

              By the way, I am using 2.12 radio. Which version did you install?

              • Branden

                i used 2.07, it still will not cut on

              • Prince

                jayce u r the man damn u r sooo genious i installed radio thanks its now 2.12 πŸ˜› same as yours now can i boot android will it work ??

                • Yes, should be.

                  • Deepu

                    Dear Jayce,

                    Thank you for all the info that you provide !

                    I have been following your blog for some time… did try out all the tips that you have provide and all of it did work for me…

                    i didnt have the courage to try out andorid on HD2 till now.. coz am not that techie…

                    i got andorid installed but do have a couple of problems… can you pls help me with these…
                    1. I got Flash HardSPL3 and has Radio 2.12 just as yours…no issues except that the date got stuck to Oct 11 1980 and i can change it what ever i do.
                    2. i got android also running except that when i reboot i get a message that “.net frame work is installed on an SD card asking to reload the card….

                    any idea how to reslove these….
                    android is working well… no issues.. though the date in andorid is also stuck….

                    2. Flash any HTC HD2 Radio ROM Leo_RADIO 2.08 onward

                    • Hi Deepu,

                      1. Sorry, I also don’t have idea.

                      2. Make sure that .Net 3.5 Framework (Windows Mobile) is installed on internal storage, not SD card.

                    • Deepu

                      Dear Jayce,

                      I got all the issues resolved….!!

                      once i soft reset the device couple of times.. the issue with the dates is gone!

                      I posted another query for you… regarding issue with Wifi, when using windows mobile… it is also sorted out… deleted and added the wifi network again… couple of times and its working fine now… i thought its an issue with the Radio…

                      now i understand….all it needs is a little courage to keep exploring more with the phone… and solutions will present itself…;)

                      I really like my HD2 … and am liking it more now.. coz of your tips … thanks a lot brother…

                      next i am going to try cookie rom.. .same as yours… over the weekend….

                      Keep posting… πŸ™‚


              • Prince

                i have question i have rom thats called hwr i did every thing now my radio is 2.12 okay sooooooo i dont need to install energy rom or other rom right jayce ???

              • umair

                helo jayce.have u tried rom 3.14 .i am using 1.66 rom what u suggest me whether to use energy rom or 3.14 .if energy then which flavour.thanks

                • Yes, I tried ROM 3.14 but stick with NAND Android now. All Energy ROMs are good. Just pick the layout that you like.

                  Pick NAND Android if you can. πŸ˜›

          • Prince

            hi jayce which is the best radio for htc hd2 plzz help

            • It is depend on each user configuration (Windows Mobile ROM + Android ROM + Phone carrier). I am using 2.12.

  • lunas66

    how you back up the Radio?

  • Nel

    Hello, I would like to downgrade my radio from 2.12 to 2.08 and your procedure will still work right? The reason of doing this is I want to put my hd2 to its original rom and radio. I have energy rom by nrgz28 installed right now. Thanks.

    • Yes. It should be the same.

  • Walkiria

    I flashed the HARDSPL3 to my htc hd2 without any problem. The problem is that I can not flash the Radio ROM. I down loaded the Custom RUU and radio Rom and all it says is: ERROR (240) : FILE OPEN
    The Update Utility can not open the requested file. Please check your
    Update Utility.
    I don’t know what else to do. Can you help me?

    • Did you rename the extracted radio file to β€œRUU_Signed.nbh”?

      • Wesley Collins

        Quick question jayce, what is the proper rom to run with the radio 2.12?

      • Walkiria

        Yes, I did and still no luck

      • Freaki007

        HI, Thanks for your help but I’m having a problem. I’ve doanloaded the Custom RUU and Radio rom but i keep getting error [262] :Update error and I cannot complete. I’m trying to go from Radio 2.13 to radio 2.12 to get rid of the robot voice on a TmoUS HD2. Thanks in advance

        • Did you install HSPL3?

  • chari manlapaz

    hi. i hav my htc for over 3 months now and did not change my custom rom ever. just wanna ask help how can i flash this android rom on my phone (ready to do it now, i guess) step by step so i wont brick my phone. thank you so much for the help.

  • kelly

    Hi Jayce,

    I’ve just got my HD2 last week, and been stuck to your blog ever since πŸ˜€ .. I am very interested to get android running as secondary OS in my HD2, so I’ve taken the daring step ever, being a noob and trying to follow whatever the web says πŸ˜€ ..

    I’ve managed to get HSPL2.08 installed, but now while trying to install Radio Rom using customRUU, in the verify screen it says:

    From: Image version 1.66.707.1

    To: Image version Radio

    This stopped me, because 1.66.707.1 is not my original radio rom version, instead my ROM version (I’m using stock version 1.66.707.1 WWE) ..

    I am bit worry that, if I continue it will overwrite my ROM thus potentially brick my phone ..

    my question is, is above normal and IT WILL NOT OVERWRITE MY ROM, instead will only update my RADIO ROM?

    Thanks in advance ..

    • Hmm… I forgot the exact information that display when I flashed it. But flashing radio will not overwrite the ROM.

      By the way, having HardSPL installed will fix phone brick issue. You can flash custom ROM using SD card if your phone is bricked. But I did not try it yet. πŸ˜›

      • kelly

        Hmm .. I can’t really afford to brick the phone yet .. this is my Raya phone, and it just a few days before Raya haha .. guess I’ll wait till after raya for this ..

        anyway, do you have any problem using radio rom 2.12*? I’m using digi and on the unlimited data plan .. I know you are using celcom, but do you encountered any problem in 3g, GPS or even in call quality?

        Thanks again for the fast responses ..

        • No issue on Celcom.

          Happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri. πŸ™‚

          • kelly

            Thanks.. haha..anyway i did it! now my hd2 is running froyosense by darkstone.. cool.. android in big screen.. haha.. thanks jayce for all your help and keep posting.. your site now is on my bookmark, a start point for anything that is related to my hd2..

            • I’m having the same problem! How did you figure this out?

          • umair

            helo jayce..hope u are fine.i want to ask that i have hd2 t8585 with 448 mb ram.rom 1.66.707 radio 2.06.xx.can i install radio 2.12.50 and then energy rom.and which version of rom u r using.plz reply it would be great.thanks

            • Can. I forgot which version of Energy ROM that I use. Sorry…

              • umair

                thaks for ur more question is it necessary for energy rom that
                radio version must have xx.xx.50.xx (.50) in radio version.hope u understand

                • Yes, based on what Energy ROM chef said.

              • umair

                do u have tmobile or international version of hd2 with 448 ram

                • International version with 512MB RAM.

                  • umair

                    thanks again..there is confusion
                    u said u have international version
                    with 512 mb ram.when i check from settings,abot
                    mobile,hardware there is written 448 mb ram and rom i
                    512.ur ram is 512 or rom is 512.thanks

                    • T-Mobile HD2 has 1GB ROM but international HD2 has only 512MB ROM.

              • umair

       rom can be installed on hd2 t8585 with 448 mb ram or on
                t mobile hd2 with 576 mb ram or on both and with which radios.thanks

                • Both. I tested radio 2.12 with it.

                  • umair

                    thanks again.but there is confusion u said u have
                    international version of hd2 with 512 mb RAM
                    but when i check in settings hardware there is written
                    448 mb RAM and 512 ROM.u have 512 mb RAM or 5
                    512 ROM.thanks

                    • Actually, both T-Mobile HD2 and international HD2 has 576MB RAM physically. Some use for video, so left 448MB RAM for Windows Mobile.

                  • umair

                    thanks and wow 576 mb ram.but is there any way to unlock rest of the ram.

                    • Use custom Windows Mobile ROM like Energy ROM will unlock it.

                    • umair

                      helo jayce.
                      i was wandering that htc has announced 3.14 rom.i am using 1.66 what u say which is better and have u installed it on ur hd2 if so then whats ur openion on it.or i should continue using 1.66 as long as i learn to install custom roms .thanks

  • Dharmmy

    Hello Jayce, i can say u r the bomb of the best……… i have not flashed my new hd2 yet, but i might do that asap….. i stalled the call recording software last night and i began to experience freezing issue every minute this morning and i will have to restart my phone every moment…. pls what can u do for me? also, is there a way that i can activate 3ways calling on my network? i used simple mobile which they do not allow 3ways. thanks in advance.

    • I am not sure. Maybe that is limited by software or service provider.

  • Zainab

    Hi jayce,

    im having alot of trouble with my hd2. i am not very good with computers but anyways…
    Do u maybe know good sites that help you step by step downloading..
    Like first go to file explorer ect .. and where to put the file and how to extract.

    i just want to make my htc an android badly and nothing seems to work :(:(

  • Zainab

    hi jayce..
    ok i was able to put miri enlegancia and radio 2.12 on to my hd 2 but android is still not working
    i do get the android logo for a while but then it says that there is an error blabla..
    i now want windows mobile back cuz i find elegancia ugly
    only i couldnt find on the net how to??
    do you maybe know??
    im super depresses:( android is not working plus my phone is now ugly
    i want windows back so badly cuz android in not working:(:( hope you can help me ….


  • lunas66

    hi… i want to upgrade my radio rom. now is and plan to go for I read somewhere that not to upgrade radio from .51 to .50 version since it can brick my phone. Pls someone can verify this? really wan to upgrade as i plan to flash Android to my HD2… thanks.

  • lunas66

    Thanks Jayce… good to know that yrs us exactly like mine and didnt hv problem upgrading. Will do tonite, hopeful to be smooth one. Btw, which Android version u are using and where can i get it. Another q, do i need to flash my ROM to others or is current Stock Rom will do? My current ROM is 1.66.707.1 (76641) WWE.

  • Zainab

    hi Jayce,

    do you know how to get windows mobile back?
    I liked wm better than the rom i have now..
    Sorry for bothering you so much :$

    • What do you mean by getting Windows Mobile back? HTC HD2 is loaded with Windows Mobile all the time.

  • Alex

    Hi Jayce,

    I have a problem with calling people. I hear this robot voice everytime i call someone. Will flashing the new radio ROM fix the robot voice?


    • Alex

      i forgot to mention im running Android 2.2 FroyoStone Sense V2 build.

    • 2 factors that might cause robotic voice.
      – Radio ROM
      – Windows Mobile ROM

      Try to upgrade radio ROM first. If still cannot, use custom WinMo ROM like Energy which I am using. πŸ˜‰

      • Alex

        Alright thanks i will give it a try

  • Justin

    Just bricked my phone with .51 radio..BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • clownz


    i got “Error [260] : Connection”
    i already connected my HD2 to my PC…..
    already rename “RUU_Signed.nbh”…..did i have to paste the radio rom in my SD?

    any advice?


    • No need. Put into PC will do. As for connection error, is your Windows working properly? Any issue when sync with ActiceSync or Windows Mobile Device Center?

  • ahmad

    how do i know which radio to download, i have t mobile usable and my phone is spl 2.10

    • It will depend on which ROM that you are going to install…

  • Tim

    Hey! so I am having some issues when trying to do this to my HD2. When I run the customRUU thing it get an error that says ” The Update Utility cannot open the requested file. Please check your Update Utility” im trying it with the Leo_RADIO_2.12.50.02_2. but idk what i’m doing wrong. I renamed it and shtuff. is it possible that I have the radio rom on the wrong place on my phone? should it be on the sd card or the phone itself? and should the radiorom be in the same folder as the customRUU? or does it matter?


    • Did you install HardSPL3?

      • Tim


        • Oh… It should be stored at PC and execute there.

          • Tim

            ok, i tried it from the pc, and i get the same error?

  • Chinn

    I always purchase unlocked phones and I currently have the Telstra HD2 on AT&T and the HTC Touch HD on T-Mo. I’m free to make changes as needed with either one. My friend has a T-Mo HD2 and want me to change it to Android. Will I need to unlock before installing and if so what do you recommend I use to unlock?

  • Jay

    Plz help Jayce
    okay i have downloaded rom but when i go to open the file It says it cant open the file. I have downloaded another and it saying the same thing. What should i do??

    • Use to unzip it.

      • Jay

        whats the exact link i need use to put the rom on my phone

        • Put those files in PC and run from there.

  • Hi Jayce,

    Silly question for you…I recently picked up an HTC HD2 phone. It GSM appears to be locked to the carrier (T-Mobile USA).

    In order to run a custom ROM, do I need to unlock it first?

    As for the radios, are there any that I SHOULD NOT use as they may brick my device?



    • Hi digira,

      Sorry, can’t help much on unlock question because mine (Malaysia version) is already unlock by factory.

      As long as you have HardSPL3 installed correctly. You should be able to install custom ROM and radio through SD card. So no worry about bricking the phone.

      • Thanks for the quick reply!

  • JanGun

    Hi. I got HTC HD2 with Duttys creme de la creme (V9) WWE rom. Radio version is
    I use Darkstone Froyo 2.2 and my problem is a quite loud background noise when making a call.
    Any solutions for that?


      • JanGun

        No. Not robotic. Voice Is clear but bg noise is loud. like you were outside all the time.

      • JanGun

        And another thing is that when having a call the one that im speeking with tells that his voice is echoing to his own ears. What can we do about that?

        • Try to use other Windows Mobile ROM like Energy. See that solve this issue or not.

  • joe

    hi, whitch Radio ROM should i download? how do i know whitch 1 is my rom?thank you.
    Leo_RADIO_2.14.50.02** – link
    Leo_RADIO_2.12.50.02_2 – link
    Leo_RADIO_2.11.50.26** – link
    Leo_RADIO_2.11.50.20** – link
    Leo_RADIO_2.10.50.28_2 – link
    Leo_RADIO_2.10.50.26** – link
    Leo_RADIO_2.10.50.19_2 – link
    Leo_RADIO_2.08.50.05** – link
    Leo_RADIO_2.07.51.22_2 – link

    • I am using Leo_RADIO_2.12.50.02_2. Working fine with Energy Windows Mobile ROM and Android. πŸ™‚

      • JanGun

        And u don’t have any voice issues of anykind?

  • joe

    hi, how do i check my radio rom?

    • It is located at bottom of the screen when you start your phone after shutdown.

  • Joe

    Hi jayce, after I download the radio rom what should I do with it? Thanks.

    • Flash it with CustomRUU.

  • William


    I have htc hd2 i have updated it to android2.2.1 dark stone.
    Everything is working right except for date connection, it goes on and off.

    And when the connection does work for a couple of minutes it wont give me any Internet access except for skype.
    Any help would be most appreciated.


  • Abdul

    Dear sir,

    I have installed android, everything is fine, but when i make calls i cant here anything , then the line is disconnected, i dont know how to solve this issue, My sofware information

    OS Version 5.2.21869 (2.869.5.0.82
    Manila Version : 2.5.19211619.0
    ROM Version : 1.66.415.9(76641) WWE
    Radio Version :
    Protocol Version :

    This is the original versions, so whether i have to ugrade any version please let me know

    thanks and regards


  • Bart

    In the folder (Radio that I extracted are two files. Should i run CustomRUU file to install that ROM? Or i have to rename this folder with two files inside?

    There is a problem because i dont know how to add .nbh to end of this folder to complete steps.

  • alvin

    Hi Joyce, I just installed “mattc Leo + Froyo w/Sense 1.8” to my HTC HD2. Everything is great excpet: The camera flash is delayed I believe something wrong and the g sensor also is unstable. do you know how to solve it?
    By the way, which one android rom you recommed?

    Thank you for your help

  • Bart

    Ok theres everything right i have challenged it and it is all working

    Thank You

  • Asif

    hi dear joyce ,
    plz read me
    i just got htc hd2 but i want to b on android froyo…there r many sites i googled and found v v simpler ways to install OS android froyo in which they say that download that zip file , extract it in a folder named android on yur SDcard and then by file explorer find HARET tap it and then tap CLRCAD and U R DONE
    bro, the thing i am afraid of is that if i do the same steps and if i stuck then what will i do then???
    JOYCE pleeeeez help me , im waitin4ur reply…..

    • Just follow other sites’ step ~ copy Android folder to your SD card. Try it out. If you can load then no need to install the Prerequisite at here. πŸ˜‰

  • Asif

    dear jayce ,
    i have two different versions of froyo, one by darkstone and one by mattcleo froyo 1.7 , i did d same as i wuz told in different sites, bt when i hit haret , the screen of hd2 went black nd 4 narrow lines appeard on top left corner and then it was stuck there and did nothing ahead….
    what shud i do more???pleeeez help

  • Asif

    dear jayce , mi hd2 infoes are following
    OS version 5.2.21869
    manila version 2.5.19211619.0
    ROM version 1.66.405.2
    protocol version
    Radio version
    i know nothin except ds f….n WINMO info…..
    u r my helper in this …only u…plz help

    • Please do all the prerequisite == Install HardSPL3 and correct radio ROM. Guess those many sites do not tell you the truth. πŸ˜›

  • Asif

    dear jayce ,
    i have installed hardspl3 but when i try to install radio 2.12 it gvz me error 262…where im using window 7,my antivirus is off,active synce with laptop,but it givz error 262…what i am supposed to do now………………..pleeez help im waitin 4 u anxiously…thanx….

  • Asif

    and jayce, pleeez how can i know that which radio rom suits me the most cuz 2.12 is gvng error 262…. i am now on :
    OS version 5.2.21869
    manila version 2.5.19211619.0
    ROM version 1.66.405.2
    protocol version
    Radio version
    thanx broooo……..

    • Glad to know that you solved it on other post’s comment. May I know how you did it? Thanks.

  • Asif

    hy jayce , first of all i installed hspl3…then i tried to update radio by custom showed me error 262
    when error 262 came in updating radio , i selected hspl along with rest alphabets(i dnt remember what were those ryt now),but it gave me 2 options, one with hspl and one with, while updating rom instead of and then 1nce again i did the same procedure that fst i updated rom and then radio by custom RUU and they said…….WE HACKED IT……and then i installed android froyo sense 1.8 and now everything is working perfect in my hd2…
    but i cant see my phone when i connect to pc for transfering music or anything…..if i use sd card reader , i ll have to run android again,which sucks….do u know any else method or some drivers for my cell that when i connect to my laptop,it should show me atleast my sd card…it only says , USB debugging connected….but i am not able to c my sd card on my pc…pleeeez help dear bro….will ya????

    • Thanks for the explanation, Asif. πŸ™‚

      Sorry, I faced the same issue on transferring files. Even I mount it as disk drive then copy files. I need to restart Android in order to see the files. So end up I copy files through SD card reader.

  • Asif

    oh craaaaaaap…………….ok…thanks for the quick reply……let v surf sm methods….hit and trial ones…..haha…….tc broooo…nd thanks a lot….

    • Dalkava

      Jayce, please help me:

      I have HTC HD2, when it is called it makes no sound (sound and volume settings are all fine) and also does not display the calling number. I suspect there’s an issue with radio-ROM software compatibility, I’m trying to flash a new radio but can I know the compatibility matrices for the rom/RADIO. Here’s the software information:

      OS Version – 5.2.7000 (7000.7.0.4)
      Manilla version – 2.5.19211619.0
      ROM version – 7.00.700.3 (77003) WWE
      ROM date – 01/11/10
      Radio version –
      Protocol version –

      I tried flashing with CustomRUU but was always getting an update error (262 I think) which would always lead to recovery. Has this ROM 7.00.700.3 (77003) WWE been used anywhere? I got the phone from China.

      Please somebody help me bcoz I can’t use the phone.

      • Is your issue on Windows Mobile or Android?

  • Ahmed Hassan Khan Niazi

    Hello Jayce
    hope you doing good.
    your comments are quite informative and helpful
    I have been trying to install android 2.2 but it stuck on “Jumping to kernel” . I searched on why does it gets stuck . The solution i found was to update my radio rom.
    I have tried installing new radio rom but even on installing radio rom it gets stucks ::(
    wy does it gets stuck and what is the solution for that.
    please help me !!!

    • Which ROM are you using? Did you wait for 10 minutes for the first boot?

    • Brandon

      I had the same problem too. What I did was re-load/update the radio and it worked fine. It is really inconsistent though. I can use android some times and other times I cannot. All I do is just re-load the radio and it works fine.

  • Dear Jayce,

    I have the following on my phone

    OS version 5.2.21869
    Manila 2.5.19211619.0
    Rom 1.48.479.1
    Rom date 11/18/09

    I need to upgrade this to new version. Should i upgrade both the ROM And Radio for Newer version directly or have to do step by step and first what should be flash ROM or Radio ??

    • Do you plan to use Android? Else upgrade stock ROM v3.14 from official HTC website.

      • yes i do plan to use Android but how to upgrade can i upgrade rom direct from 1.48 to 2.X and Radio from 2.05 to 2.10.

        • I am using HardSPL3 + Energy custom ROM + 2.12 radio == Windows Mobile + Android. You can try my combination too. πŸ˜‰

  • KShock

    The Update Utility can not open the requested file. Please check your Update Utlity.

    Has anyone gotten the above error messagewhen trying to run the ROM utility?

    What am I doing wrong?


    • KShock


      I have an HTC HD2 currently running Windows.


  • Andrew


    Your explanations are great! I’m lost here… I’ve installed the HSPL… I’m on 2.08… So after I do the HSPL for 2.08, then I run the custom RUU?? How do I then put the Radio on?? I’m lost… Can you help?? Please!

    • Yes, it is just like flashing ROM upgrade. Detail guide can be found at HTC website.

  • chari manlapaz

    Hi jayce! i was able to flash hspl3 already on my phone (big thanks to your posts) but when i was flashing leo radio 2.12 with the custom ruu, i encountered a communication error..i did the steps again and again but the radio wont upgrade..any suggestions? thanks so much! πŸ™‚

    • Try to boot into boot loader manually (reset the device and on it while pressing the volume down button). Then connect USB cable from PC to phone. Your phone should change to USB mode. Then flash the radio.

  • KShock

    I have 2 questions.

    (1) I installed Android 2.2 on my HTC-HD2 so now it is running like a Nexus One. During the process ended up with a dumbed down version of Windows. Is it possible to reinlstall to the factory settings.

    (2) Is it possible to install the Android 2.2 by mdeejay at this point? What would be the process?


    • 1. Dumbed down version of Windows? Sorry, I don’t get you.

      2. To change Android build. Just delete the existing Android folder and replace with the new one.

      • KShock

        I replaced my current Android folder with another one and it did not load.

        I got a white screen with the green HTC letters and that’s it.

        Is there anything you can suggest I do?

        • KShock

          So I finally got the mdeejay v2.3 to load. However it says i have no data connection. I can send and receive text messages as well as make and receive phone calls, but i set up my gmail and it does not show the weather, which I am assuming is because of the lack of a data connection. I also tried connecting to my WiFi network and it keeps dropping the connection.

          Any idea as to what’s causing this?


  • KShock

    Still searching for the best build…

    So i ditched v2.3 and installed v3.1, still have the data connection issue, but its intermittent on this build.

    I get the following error code when trying to set the apn

    “Sorry the process phone has stopped unexpectedly….”

    then an option to force close.

    Have you encountered this before?

    • Old Android build will have this kind of issue. Try latest one, they are much better.

  • @umair, it is depend on you. I am using NAND Android now.

  • umair

    helo jayce.
    thanks for ur suggestion .i read nand android procedure its very diffficult.hope i can do it.since then i will try to flash energy rom.
    can u tell that when i press the end call key the lock key comes and when i swap my fingure to un lock it some times it is unlocked instantly but some times when i swap across it stuck for 5 to 6 secs then main hd2 screen comes.have u any idea why is this so.

    • Sorry, I have no idea. You can ask Energy ROM chef for detail…

  • umair

    helo jayce.hope u r fine.
    1) jayce i am using 1.66 with radio 2.6 i want to flash energy first i have to flash latest radio rom i.e 2.15 then energy rom ?
    2) and in future if i want to jump again to 1.66 then i have to again flash 1.66 standard radio or just flash 1.66 and radio 2.15 would remain there.

    • A1. Yes, correct radio is a must.
      A2. No, radio will be replaced with 1.66 ROM radio.

  • umair

    thanks ,

    so u mean correct is a must for energy rom. so is 2.15.50 radio correct for any energy rom.


    umair safdar

    • Based on ROM chef, .50 radio will do.

  • albert

    i cant install HSPL3_PKG.. can you help me pls

  • albert

    i cant install radio ROM and HSDL.. pls help

  • Truth

    Hey man. You seem to be the most helpful person online these days. I think I made a great mistake.

    I flashed my HD2 with Android 2.2. I have a baseband Radio

    I did not upgrade my radio before flashing my phone.

    Is there anyway to upgrade the radio post flash or do I have to start over from scratch? If I need to start over, can you tell me how?


    • Is there any problem with your Android now? If no, why bother to flash a new radio ROM? πŸ˜‰

    • Truth

      Sorry Jayce. I forgot to point out the reason why I am trying to upgrade my radio. Since flashing my phone to Android it will not connect to data. Prior to flashing it I had a dual boot with windows and would boot from the SD card. The data would work perfectly fine when booting Android from the SD card. But now since I have flashed it data is not working.

      • Did you have APN settings setup? Else you won’t get any data connection.

        As for upgrading radio, try to load into bootloader with β€˜Red, Green, Blue and White’ screen by holding volume down button (don’t let go) and power on your phone. Then flash radio ROM from there.

      • Truth

        Thanks Jayce. I Googled my APN settings and input them. It now works PERFECTLY.

        • Glad to know that. πŸ˜‰

          • umair

            helo jayce.plz tell me how to mark files in file explorer of hd2

            • Mark files?

              • umair

                hi.sory i mean how to mark multiple files like pics .there in only option copy if any one wants to mark particular pics to copy in other folder then there is no option like marking multiple files.i am talking abt file explorer.hope u under stand.

                • Hmm… That will depend on the file explorer that you installed. So far, I did not find one that support multiple files marking.

  • john

    i recently bought a new htc hd2 …..i hav radio 2.7.
    i want to install android froyo sense 3.2 ,but there the radios used is
    how can i flash the radio ?
    and do i need to flash the hspl also??
    i am a new user so these questions might look silly to u.

  • umair

    helo jayce.
    plz tell me from where i can download standard 1.66.707 rom for hd2 other than htc site.because it asks for serial number .and my hd2 serial number donot match.

  • Tolu

    how exactly do I choose a ROM, and where do I put it?

  • Tolu

    would i need to take off the droid first?

    • If SD card Android, install directly. If NAND Android, I am not so sure, but you can try install directly. If failed, then remove NAND Android and install radio.

  • Tolu

    it keeps saying that the utility failed.. i already have 2.10 is that the problem?

    • Nope, different radio version is not the issue. Are you using NAND Android?

      • Tolu

        no, i downloaded fryo 2.2. Was i supposed to have downloaded a different version or are they the same?

        • There are NAND Android which store in phone ROM and another one on SD card. Which one are you using?

      • Tolu

        the one on the SD card, is that the correct one ?

        • So you do have Windows Mobile 6.5, right? Have you install HSPL3?

      • Tolu

        how can i find out if i have windows 6.5? all i know is that i have windows on the phone:/ and no, i haven’t downloaded HSPL3, I’m not even certain of what that is…

        • Windows Mobile 6.5 is the stock operating system that come along with your phone. You can’t flash radio ROM without HSPL3.

          • Tolu

            ok, I’ve loaded HSPL3 and i was wondering how I could change ROMS to some of the “Top 10 Android ROMs for HTC HD2” that you posted on another page.. when i download it, it come as a file..

            • The installation guide is in each ROM post.

  • AJ

    hey Jayce, Thanks alot for all the instructions. when I’m trying to flash HardSPL3 on my HD2 through the bootloader, it gives an error msg all the time (error code: 00000002, Description: USB Connect fail) though the phone is properly connected to my laptop, I’m not sure what is wrong, HELP Pleas.

    INFO: (ROM version 1.66.707.2, Radio version… Thanks

    • Did you have Windows Mobile Device Center installed on Windows Vista / Windows 7 or ActiveSync installed on Windows XP?

  • DaKatsMeow

    Hey Jayce,

    You have been such great help. I have another question for you.

    I’ve rooted Android to my HD2 and it does mostly everything well.

    However, I am having one issue with my phone actually ringing. I receive calls and can pick it up if I SEE it ringing. But it doesnt actually make any noise.

    Can you help me with this issue or refer to a site that can?

  • umair

    hi.jayce can u tell me link to download stock rom 1.66.707 for hd2 other than htc site.and plz tell me is energy rom complete in all aspects with respect to standard 1.66 rom or any problem.thanks

  • nezzar

    hi jayce, i have a hd2 tmous version. and i running android on nand.

    i’m using jaws-miui, can you advice me what is the best radio combination?
    because i’ve tried and and i often lost signal πŸ™

    thank you for your help πŸ™‚

    • Sorry, you need to try out yourself. Because I am using Celcom Carrier at Malaysia. Mine 2.15 radio works for me but maybe not for you…

  • joe

    hi jayce. where can i download ruu-signed for hd2. thank you.

  • umair

    hi jayce.when i power my hd2 it some times says on start services.exe error send or dont send.i click dont send then ph runs ok.and some times it donot show this error.what u say.thanks

    • Sorry, no idea. Better to hard reset if problem still occurs.

  • umair

    ok thanks.hey jayce do soft reset cause any sort of problem to software or hardware of hd2 in ur openion or it is harmless.

    • Soft reset is just like reboot on PC. Any harm can it cause? Nope.

  • umair

    thanks.jayce by soft reset i mean formating hd2 to factory settings .

    • That is hard reset, not soft reset. Hard reset == format. Anyway, no harm too.

  • umair

    ok thanks.jayce another problem.i had quick link of facebook on main quick links.which r 9 by default.i uninstalled fb then i installed again .now one of link is not working i cannot add any short cut there .what is problem.factory reset is solution only or is there any other way.

  • umair

    ok bro no problem.
    jayce which rom r u using now adays on hd2

  • sat57

    I flashed radio 2.12 to increase signal but no help, so i tried to flash radio , with custum ruu and gave me success, but when the phone is booting it did not boot at all, and no even red light on charging , i tried to use volume down green and red keys , but no boot. \on some forum they said any radio with x.x.51.x is for t-mobile UK only, and US tmobile should be X.X.50.X . please help me to get my phone back to life. thanks

    • Sorry to inform you that x.x.51.x radio is for LEO512, not for US T-Mobile HD2 LEO1024.

      • Sat57

        Is there is anything , ican do to bring it back to boot screen , so i can flash it , i read about mtty , but i can not connect it to the dead phone any suggestions about that. the phone is recognized as qualcomm diagnostic com 11 when i connect it as i got the qualcomm drivers. please advice me. thanks

  • umair

    helo jayce..
    wow JDMS seems cool but only experienced people like u can install it as i find it so hard to do it.any ways jayce in hd2 when i onn the wifi and install any app that require soft reset then after booting wifi again asks me the wep key of wifi router.before it did not ask me wep key no boot.

    • Ask you to key in WEP key every time? Hmm… That should not be happening.

  • umair

    hi jayce.
    but when before shutting down hd2 i off the wifi then on boot uo if i connect wifi then no problem it automatically connects to wifi .but when i shut down hd2 with wifi still running then on boot it asks wep key.
    this problem started (not big prob) when i installed swype 3.9 on also did no run on hd2.

    • Your WiFi modem does have WEP setup or no?

      • umair

        hi.yes jayce router has wep key.and also tell me where to download best and colour ful task bar as i have installed taskbars before but they had slowed down my hd2 especially main screen.

        • Sorry, did not use WM6.5 anymore. So no idea on the taskbar and WiFi issue.

  • umair

    no problem jaye.

  • umair

    hi jayce.which is the 100% workable and complete nand or sd card android rom for hd2

    • No 100% yet (99%). I am using JDMS Ultimate now.

  • TheBob81

    Hi, Jayce! Let me tell you, I’ve been looking at various sites for this information. And I have to say that in the DAYS looking around, I’ve already learned more in just the few MINUTES I’ve been on your page. I was starting to get frustrated. Like some of the others, I’ve never modded a phone before. I liked my android when I got it, but I lost it and got an hd2 only to be let down by it’s OS. So, basically, I wanted to say THANK YOU in advance!(i haven’t actually tried the process yet) Now, I feel way more comfortable to do so!

    I did have a question about the HSPL tho. I’ve actually dowloaded HSPL3 and HSPL4. Should I use 4 over 3? I’ve put both in my phone.

    • Android only support HSPL3. HSPL4 is for Windows Mobile.

  • umair

    hi .jayce can u tell me the solution of sms ordering issue in hd2.
    some times sms do not recieved and send in right order.

    • That’s depend on the Android ROM that you use.

      • Cedric

        Hi Jayce. after restart the phone it become the normal window as usual right? what should i do to get my android 2.2 back?

        • Just execute that 2 files again to load Android.

  • bharath

    Hi…. plz help me
    I installed nexusHD2 gingerbread v2.2 nand in my hd2 and im getting a problem while making the calls the person at the other end is getting to listen resound of his voice
    my radio version is

    • Try to disable Audible touch tones in Sound settings to avoid the Robot voice and/or frozen Phone app when dialing.

      • bharath

        ya i disabled audible touch tones but still it was repeating the same….

        • Try to ask the ROM chef at XDA website then. He might have the solution. πŸ˜‰

          • Bharath

            Hii jayce I installed gingerbread 2.2 in my hd2 and the problem is I can’t able to get gprs settings from my operator plz help me πŸ™‚

            • Which operator are you using now?

  • Cedric

    Hi Jayce…Do you have any ideas on how to install game on my phone HTC Hd2 with Android firm ware? By android market? i want to play angry bird but i cant install it… ;(
    Thank you for help…

  • umair

    hi jayce.
    jayce now adays which is latest radio rom for hd2 . ia am using it latest or new version is in market.and when after a long time i press call end button in hd2 in order to unlock why some times battery sign at top right corner blink and some time not is it any issue.thanks

    • 2.15 should be the latest one.

  • umair

    ok thanks and wot about after a long time i press call end button in hd2 in order to unlock why some times battery sign at top right corner blink and some time not is it any issue.thanks

    • Sorry, I have no idea as I can’t duplicate your issue on my Android ROM. Maybe it is your Android ROM issue. Which one are you using?

  • Cedric

    Hi Jayce

    I am now using radio 2.15.50 with andriod 2.2. The problem is that i can send pic or …. via bluetooth to others but when they want to send pic or …. to me back, they cant search my bluetooth’s name . any ideas? thank you.

    • I don’t have issue with radio v2.15. It might the Android ROM that you use that causing the problem. Try another Android ROM see.

  • @Branden: Yes, just boot into tri colour bootloader. And install Windows Mobile stock ROM there.

  • umair

    hi jaye.jayce i am using 1.66 stock rom .i want to use 3.14 .what are the steps .and wot about spl 3.03 or hspl 4stuf to install 3.14.
    and how can i disable the chinese support from keyboard saying pin yin suport.thanks

    • Just download 3.14 ROM from HTC website and install it. And don’t select Chinese in Keyboard setting.

  • umair

    hey jayce.when i press space bar on hd2 keyboard the bar which moves forward there is also a doted line at bottom of that bar .whats the problem

    • Sorry, I have no idea.

  • umair

    jayce i have 1.66 ok and i have also installed hspl3 on hd2 and radio 2.15.x ok i want to ask that i just download 3.14 and install it on hd2 thats it .no need to do any thing i right.
    and plz suggest me as u have used all roms whether moving from 1.66 to 3.14 is good option or there is no change .wot u say.thanks

    • I stop using Windows Mobile long time ago. So can’t comment much.

  • umair

    hi jayce.jayce since 2days when ever i try to sign in for windows market place en error msg pop up saying it could not be connected to windows live id services plz try again later .have u any solution plz

    • Sorry, no idea too as I do not use Windows Phone.

  • umair

    hi jayce.
    jayce plz tell me complete sd card android build for hd2.
    and can i remove android from hd2 if in future i want to remove that.i just have to delete android folder from sd card right !.
    adn will android through sd card run on rom 1.66 with hspl3 and radio rom 2.15.

  • umair

    ok thaks bro

  • Itay

    I need help please…
    Apparently you’re the Android guru so I come to you sensei.
    I have HD2 Leo1024 with Desire Android.
    So first I downgraded to 2.08 and HSPL3 and chose HSPL 2.08.
    Then I used DFT_Android and installed Magldr 1.11 and all is well.
    The only issues I find is the accelerometer is very slow to react. About
    a 10 second delay even after calibration. Also my battery life is terrible.
    I never changed radio rom. Can I still perform this task? If so, how?
    Now I hear this will enhance internet and battery performance, but will
    this fix my accelerometer issue?
    Could this be done.?

    Thank you for any help you can provide.

    • Just boot to ‘Red, Green, Blue and White’ bootloader by press volume down button (don’t let go) and power on your phone. Then flash the radio ROM that you want. But I doubt that will help to fix this issue. Because most of the Android issues are due to the kernel.

      I suspect the Desire Android ROM is causing the problem. You can try out other latest Android build. Latest kernel build has lesser issue and better in performance and battery life too.

      • Itay

        Thanks for such a quick response. There are tons of tutorials on how to do it.
        My actual question is, considering I skipped the step of changing the radio rom, will doing it now affect it negatively considering android is already installed?

        • HD2 Leo1024 already have radio ROM that support 512 MB RAM. So not a big issue here. They are people successfully update radio ROM even after they install NAND Android. πŸ™‚


    Hello Jayce,

    Recently I have Flash my HTC HD2 T8585 with Dutty’s ROM:”Ruu_Signed_Duttys_HD2_3.14_WWE_MSVC_5.23158.5.3.12_Family_(V24)_Ship.7z” using “HSPL4(3.03)” for HSPL. Everything works perfectly after Flashing, Later i try to adjust volume during call it gets freezing. My Radio Version is showing “, upgrading Radio does solve my problem?

    waiting for your advice.


    • It looks like Android ROM issue to me. You better consult ROM chef on this issue. πŸ˜‰

  • Mr. Perez

    several questions.
    where can i find the information of what type of SLP My Phone has?
    also can you please send me the link to upgrade it to the version you have, that is so for i can get the android Rom .. also can you please explain the whole proceduree and send me the links to make everything suitable for the Android Rom please i have no other choice i bought my phone without knowing windows 7 suckedd. Lol

  • UX4life

    GPS not working on HTC HD2 (tmous) with miui 1.5.13 build the baseband radio is 2.15.50

    • UX4life

      Got the fix…installed GPS Status from market place….reset GPS and download latest location and all works fine.

  • sumpit

    im using hd2
    rom thypoon cm7 nightly 3.3.1
    i keep loosing my 3g connection.
    need to restart to get it back.
    any idea?
    btw im using celcom

    • I faced Celcom 3G connection on and off issue last few days too. No issue now…

      • sumpit

        may i know which radio & rom you are using right now?

        • Same radio version as yours but using v3.2.7 Typhoon CM7.

  • Danielbere

    Hi. Thank you for all of your colaboration.
    I have a question.
    I have DAF NAND 2.2 Android installed on my HD2.
    I update the Radio to 2.15…. CWM 1.13 and hardspl 2.08
    I have downloaded 3 differents ROMS to upgrade the Android to 2.3.4
    In all the cases, after flashing, the phone enters a loop restarting.
    I tried to wipe, format the SD, did the task29, made an ext partition, etc.
    The only way to recover my android was downgrading again to DAF 2.2
    My question:
    1) Do you know any issues about this problem?
    2) There is a DAF 2.3.X version to download?
    Thank you for helping me.

    • 1. Try to follow my installation guides here.
      2. No. But there are lot of other chefs who is cooking Android 2.3.4 ROM now.

      Do search on my blog. And you should find what you need. πŸ˜‰

  • umair

    hi jayce
    jayce now adays which os u are using on hd2.

  • umair

    HI jayce plz help.
    i have flashed energy rom to my hd2 t8585. problem is with email when i set up the hotmail every thing was perfect it was loading my when ever i onn wifi and go to the mail sense button in options when i press the update folder button in order to retrive new mails it starts to connect to data connection(network internet) rather then wifi which is already can i change settings to retrive mails using only wifi.
    plz jayce help

    • Hmm… I am not using Windows Mobile anymore. So can’t be sure if I am correct or not. There should be a setting to disable 3G data connection. But I don’t know know where is it already.

  • umair

    hi jayce .jayce i am using energy rom.and my radio is 2.15 and my signals are droping but with stock rom it was fine .i want to downgrade my radio from 2.15 to 2.14 .plz tell me the procedure to downgrade radio.i just connect hd2 with pc and flash it or have to do some thing different

    • Just flash it like you did on 2.15 will do.

  • Reza


    the customruu.exe file just won’t open. I’ve tried several versions and tried dowloading from several sites.

    I’ve tried compatibility mode, admin, no admin, rename, anything

    could you tell me what could be wrong?

    I’m windows 7 64x


      • Reza

        tnx for reply

        I’ve already watched that.

        it just double clicks the exe and it opens

        but mine doesn’t open at all. nothing happens. all the other stuff opens (stock rom upgreades, the magldr update, …) they all connect

        but after I install magdlr it won’t book (stuck on HTC logo) so I thought it ’cause of the radio

        downloaded 2.15 wouldn’t open, downloaded older stuff still nothing …

        could it my system? or …

        I haven’t seen anyone with this prob as far as i’ve searched, just out of luk?

        • Maybe you should try it on other PC.

          • Reza

            I tried another pc and worked πŸ˜‰


  • rocky

    Hey I am not good at this will someone help me. My HTC HD2 has the Red, Green, Blue and white at the bottom. In the Red part of the screen reads:

    PB8 1120 HX-B3
    SPL- 2.10 0000 8G XE
    MicroP (Led) 0x05
    MiicroP (Touch) 0x50

    What does this mean?

    • It is using official stock SPL ~ SPL-2.10.0000.

  • rocky

    What do I do now I was trying to put Android on it but I think I didn’t do a great job at it. Also do I need to have my sim card in it to put android on my HD2 US from Tmobile

  • John shiby

    Hello jayce , please help me . my problem is , i am trying to install new android (New android in SD card… BoxmaX KS v 5.0 with sense 3.0 .this is the link where i download this android …. ) in my HTC HD2 . It installed and working well in my htc hd2. very fast , smooth and fantastic. The problem is, Audio section is not working. means realy dead… no music no talking volume no ringing etc. details of my HTC HD2 are : rom version 27.feb 2011 www (Energy dink) . radio, os version 5.2.28244 ,and also SPL 2.08.HSPL 8G XE. The same phone of my friend installed same android, it working well with perfect sound. please help me , how can i solved this. thank you , i am waiting your replay. have a nice day.BYE

    • Any different between your friend’s phone and yours?

  • Ram

    With the help of you i had installed the hspl3. can u tell me which rom will be the best for my htc hd2 mobile hving
    Os version -5.2.21869(21869.5.0.82)
    Manila version -2.5.19211619.0
    Rom version -1.66.707.1(76641)WWE
    Radio version -
    Protocol version -

    • That will depend on which operation system do you want to install. And telco that you are using. Personally, I am using v2.15.

  • Ram

    can u tell me which rom will be the best for my htc hd2 mobile hving
    Os version -5.2.21869(21869.5.0.82)
    Manila version -2.5.19211619.0
    Rom version -1.66.707.1(76641)WWE
    Radio version -
    Protocol version -

  • Ram

    which will be the best ROM
    for gingerbread 2.3.4 and for

    • Sorry, no idea. Better ask ROM chef on this one.

  • LF Chin

    Hello Jayce,
    >>Need your help. Still Fail to install Andriod in my HD2.
    >>Checked, my SPL 1.42.0000 (this is OK right)
    >>I manage to install HardSPL4 by entering Nootloader mode manually ( with remark shown Hack Successful). i did pick up 2.08.HSPL.
    >>Next, I try to flash Prefered RADIO, here I guess I fail to continue, i was a bit Comfuse on CustomRUU & rename downloaded Required Radio, 1st I create a folder, I put in CustomRUU & downloaded radio with rename to ruu_sugned.nbh, then as instructed, i run CustomRUU with cable connected with my HD2, it try to connect my HD2, but fail with message error 260 Connection, i did try few Radio, but still fail.
    >> Please advice, did i run short of any process? please advice

  • zain

    hey jayce, I have not installed hard SPL3 yet. i have downloaded radio file and custom ruu file. when i open the radio folder the file in it has a format which cannot be opened. then i tried running the custom ruu and it gives an error “ERROR 204”. help me plz. and how to install that radio file?

  • kapila

    i was very eager to install android in my HDC HD2 . when i installed above Radio ROM Leo_RADIO my mobile didn’t work. don’t know what went wrong would u please suggest me what i do to recover my mobile. the mobile is completely off….it doesnot start
    please do help

    • What had you installed on your phone? Which guide did you follow?

  • luther

    hi jacey can u teach me what to do next after i extracted the Radio_2.10.50.19_2 do i need to copy this to my sdcard? then after i copy what next to do? pls help me on this.. thanks

    • I did not try radio 2.10 before. Please use radio 2.15 like my video guide.

      • luther

        HI Jacey thank you so much now im running already the android but why if i shutdown my mobile they go back again to winmo 6.5. then i go again to to my sdcard to click again the haret.exe.. i got a problem also when im using androin why i cant use internet on my mobile phone..

        • This is normal for SD Android. Reboot from Android will go back to Windows Mobile.

  • umair

    hi jayce .. can u please tell me the link to download energy rom with latest build 29xxx for hd2 .thanks.

  • Freaki007

    Hi Quick question, needed to get a replacement HD2 and it has a new radio of 3.xx.xx, would you recomend rolling the radio back to an earlier , Im getting the robot voice on calls made on android, Im currently running marrc Leo+ Froyo w/sense 1.7 2.06.832.1 , thanks for any help in advance

    • Sorry, I have no idea that HD2 has 3.xx radio ROM.

  • julie

    i have a hd2 with nand android 2.3 already on it. the reception SUCKS big time! and my wifi sucks too.. i can be standing right next to my router and still only have 2 bars for reception. my phone bounces from full bars to zero without even moving it.
    i live in an area that is suppost to get great reception with t-mobile.. so is it the rom im running? radio?? i have no idea.. and im far from a phone techie. i bought the phone off ebay and am now reading up on roms, android versions, radios etc…

    should i try a different radio version? will that improve reception (calling AND WIFI)? im in SO-CAL and should be getting great reception. can someone point me in a direction on how to swtich the radio if this will improve.
    also, how do i find out what radio im running currently? i went into all the settings and can only find “android 2.3”.. nothing about radio.

  • flip9th

    hello guys i need some help, am from Ghana and i have HTC HD2 T Mobile with window mobile OS version 5.2.21913(21913.5.0.9), Manila version 2.5.20181424.0, Rom version 3.14.531.1(04666)WWE, Radio version Protocol version I really want to install Android unto it but from all what i have read and done, it does not work, when i try to install it, it tell me error when i flashing the rom with LeoAdvancedRUU, Can anybody help me out with how to go about it please and pls send me all links as to what to download to make it work. if u dont mind we can skype if u have the sloution please.

  • diana

    my rom version is

  • Neel

    hey its me again buddy !
    well am having the readio version 2.15 but i wanted to get back to 2.12 … the file which i downloaded from htc support site is of 197 mb and the file which u r provided is of only 9mb (radio 2.12) well right now m running android 2.3.7 but wanted to shift over new ROM of windows phone 7 provided by PDAIMATEJAM (i really dunno whats his name is , i saw the new thread on XDA)
    every one is telling that if we are using 2.12 radio then the battery last for 24 hrs !
    well m having 2.15 radio currently installed …and wanted to taste the new rom WP7 7740 !
    can i flash the radio ROM 2.12 which u have provided over android ? or shud i first flash to 6.5 winmo 2.15 and then flash to 2.12 ?
    Help me a bit ! thanks for the support ! its only because of u …i have learned so many things ! thanks a lot ! πŸ™‚

  • Neel

    and yaa one more thing …. i live in INDIA …so will it be possible to use 2.12 ? any harm in changing the Radio version ? please do a need ful reply ! thanks to u …a lot !

    • Just flash the radio directly. I think radio 2.12 should be okay for everywhere. Change back to 2.15 if you have any issue.

      • Neel

        By changing the radio version from 2.15 to 2.12 … is their any chance to that m gonna lose my data of android ?
        and is their any chance that m gonna brink ma phone … right now my phone is connected to usb and the its showing the screen of red green blue colour SPL 2.08 !
        please reply fast ! m just about to flash to 2.12 πŸ™‚ thanks man !

        • No.
          Yes, it might but chance is very very low.

  • Umair

    hi jayce ..please tell me about the weather animation on hd2 ,in dhery weather clouds hover over hd2 screen while clouds are going to right out of the screen i noticed that a little piece of cloud stucks on screen .what should i do….. and jayce which OS you are using on your hd2 nowadays

    • Your screen has dead pixel? I am not using HTC HD2 anymore. My friend is using it now. It is loaded with Android though.

  • Nick

    Jayce, this issue of me trying to flash my HD2 from WM6.5 to Android kinda got bungled along the way. Here’s what took place.

    i upgraded to 2.08HSPL. This was fine, using DFTLEO.MAGLDR13. I copied miuiandroidhd2-1.12.30 intomy sdcard as advised to me. Now, this happened several hours ago and it was a bit hazy as to what happened at the time so I shall try and get as much detail from memory as I possibly can.
    I remember a msg appearing on my phone’s screen saying We Hacked It. Then I ran the ROMUPDATEUTILITY that came together with the downloaded MAGLDR_DAF zipped file I downloaded.

    That’s when things turned bad. I got to the red green blue screen which showed SPL 2.08. I tried running ROMUpdateUtility but my notebook stated that it couldnt connect.

    Thats pretty much it. I have read what I could from your forum so I know my HD2 hasnt bricked which is a blessing. I dare not proceed with anything else unless I have some assistance from you.

    Appreciate whatever help you could provide….. πŸ™‚

  • Umair

    hi jayce .hope you are fine . jayce i read some where that you do not use HD2 any more ,which
    mobile do you use now adays .and please tell me which HTC mobile has the best camera according to you which you have used and see ,because only you can give an expert view thanks.

    • I am using Samsung Galaxy S II now. Sorry, no idea about the camera in HTC phones as I seldom use camera in phone.

  • ali asghar

    hi jayce
    i had installed an energy rom on my hd2 with HSP4
    now my spl is 2.08H
    my radioversie is
    which customRRU i need to install?
    Leo_RADIO_2.14.50.02** – link
    Leo_RADIO_2.12.50.02_2 – link
    Leo_RADIO_2.11.50.26** – link
    Leo_RADIO_2.11.50.20** – link
    Leo_RADIO_2.10.50.28_2 – link
    Leo_RADIO_2.10.50.26** – link
    Leo_RADIO_2.10.50.19_2 – link
    Leo_RADIO_2.08.50.05** – link
    Leo_RADIO_2.07.51.22_2 – link

    • Why do you need to install radio ROM again?

  • Sheji

    Hi Jayce,

    These is my HD2 software info —

    OS version
    5.2.21869 (21869.5.0.82)
    Manila version
    ROM version
    1.66.415.4 (76641) WWE
    ROM date
    Radio version
    Protocol version

    I’m very low on tech knowledge. Is it possible to upgrade my RAM (currently 448 MB), as I saw in some posts on XDA? Also, how do I get from here to the latest version of Android? Plz help, it’ll be highly appreciated, and I’d be really grateful.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Yes, install radio ROM that support 576 MB RAM.
      Get the latest ROM from XDA website.

      • Sheji

        Hi Jayce,

        I forgot to mention one very important thing. I bought this HD2 from the UAE, so I don’t know if its the UK version or the upgraded US version (as I have heard). Can you please tell me how to figure this out? Thanks a tonne for the quick reply with info you already posted.

        Warm regards,

        • US version has T-Mobile Logo on top.

          • Sheji

            Hi Jayce,

            Okay, so I guess mine is the UK version, which brings me to a dumb question – can I use the radio you suggested for increasing RAM size, when there isn’t physically that much RAM in the UK version? Sorry for being a pest, but I just don’t know who else to ask.

            Warm regards,

            • You need to use custom ROM that will utilizes extra RAM. Else you won’t get extra RAM too.

              • Sheji

                Hi Jayce,

                Is the custom ROM you mentioned to me earlier the same that you’re talking about now?

                Thanks for your immense patience,

                • Yes, all Android ROMs need 576 MB RAM.

  • Sheji

    Also I’m still running winmo 6.5. Will installing the ROM you suggested cause any conflicts with 6.5 ?

    • Yes, it will remove Windows Mobile 6.5.

    • Sheji

      Hi Jayce,

      Would you be so kind enough to send me the link to the latest and most stable ROM from XDA developers, that suits my specs that I sent you earlier (one that runs from the internal memory and not the SD card) ? I really have no clue where to look, as its an ocean of knowledge out there.

      Thanks a million,

  • Sheji

    Hi Jayce,

    It says in the directions that one of the prerequisites to install HSPL4 on HD2 is —

    You must have any SPL version from this list on your device:

    What shows on my device is —

    PB81100 HX-BC
    SPL-1.42.HSPL XE
    CotullaHSPL 0x30

    Is that fine or will I have a problem installing HSPL4?

    Also, how do I get out of this red-green-blue-white screen without installing anything?

    Thanks a bunch in advance,

    • Hmm… I did not try to install HSPL4 over SPL-1.42.HSPL. No idea about that.

      Remove battery.

  • Sheji

    Oh God, does this mean I’ll never be able to install Android on my phone ?? Is there any way out ?

    • Use HSPL2 to install back SPL-1.42.0000. Then use HSPL4 to install SPL-2.08.HSPL.

  • Sheji

    Hi Jayce,

    Okay, now I’ve successfully progressed to the last step “How to Install CWM NAND Android on HTC HD2”, but I just realized that I made a huge blunder. I forgot to copy the Android ROM zip file to the SD card before starting this whole step by step process. What do I do now??

    Please help !!!

    • Can’t you copy it now?

      • Sheji


      • Sheji

        Hi Jayce,

        The SD card is currently in my phone, and the process is still on. Should I shut it down and remove it. If so, how do I shut it down (by pressing what button) ?

        Please Help !!!

      • Sheji

        Or do I just remove the battery?

        • You can copy it with USB MassStorage mode or SD card reader.

          • Sheji

            Hi Jayce,

            That’s exactly what I did, and now ….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… phone is running…….ANDROOOOIIIIID………WHOOOOOOOOO…….AHEM.

            Sorry about that, just couldn’t resist. Jayce, buddy, I can’t thank you enough, and you’re definitely a HERO in my books. God bless you mate.

            Loooots of Gratitude & Warm Regards,

  • Sheji

    Its in my phone right now

  • Bryn

    Hi Jayce

    i’ve just bought a second hand HD2, its in perfect condition but still has winmo 6.5 so been attempting to put android on, i did the first step of flashing hdsl 4, then put radio 2.15 and my ram never changed from 448 to 576 i have then tried 2.14 and 2.12 and still says 448. do you know if i will be able to find a radio rom that will support 576 ram?

    Thanks for your time, you seem to be the only decent person to ask.


  • shubham sharma

    i have tried updating ROM on my hd2 but every time i got the whole process done but in the end rom update utility.exe showed error in the end. please help me in regarding to this,even i havnt found any radio ver. on the device. and also when i starts phone to see boot meny by long pressing red key, nothing is showed there and the phone starts normally.

    • Hi shubham, why do you need to upgrade radio ROM?

  • shubham sharma

    because sir i am looking to install CM9 for android 4.0.3, write now i am running android 2.3.7 by some mod which were installed by a local software developer. can u please help me regarding how to upgrade my phone software to CM9.
    boot menu is not loading. also not showing any radio serial at the screen below green HTC logo. so i am unable to flash the phone. please guide me to the entire process.

  • Jack

    im am on Vodafone New Zealand (GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / UMTS 900 / UMTS 2100) and was wondering which radio would work best with this, if anyone could help that would be great, thanks Jack

  • Bobby D

    Yo, Sir!

    I get wobbly sound/noise when trying to make calls! Is this related to Radio or something else?
    Evrything else work perfect!

    • Hi Bobby, are you using Android or Windows Mobile?

  • Bobby D

    Got it working by using Your 2.12.50.
    It was 2.12.50 before also, but that could have been a faulty version!

    But now it’s fine!

    Using HTC HD2 With Android 2.3.2. Works brilliant!!


  • KT

    Hi jayce

    Pls, help me if u can,
    I had tried to change my spl 2.10 to hspl 2.08 with DFT on my HTC HD2 T-Mobile by going through ur given instruction and video, all went right upto the DFT shows done. but my phone has been black our may be dead, no sign of charging, no lights, and i have also changed the battery with no results. How can my phone be recovered. pls, help me. Thanks!

    • Hi KT, try to remove the battery. Wait few minutes. Plug it in. Then power on see.

      • KT


  • KT

    Thanks for ur respone jayce.

  • hans

    ty bung jayce.q baru punya htc d2.kenapa sinyal sering hilang ya bahkan 70%??
    plese jwb ya.thxs

    • What is your issue? In English please. TQ.

  • mahmoud

    it’s the first time to download radio n it’s stuck in HTC white screen at the beginning after download rom what can i do ?

    • Hi mahmoud, do you have HSPL?

  • raja

    can i update radio rom v2.15 for htc hd2 via magldr ??? because volume down button not working ….. is there anyother way to update radio rom except pressing volume down and power button ?????? please help me…..

    • No. No other way. Sorry…

      • raja

        Thanks for ur reply, boss …

  • kasyanlzyan

    computer cannot detect my htc hd2 i try to install windows 6.5 from sd card it give me error now usb is not working or also rom is not installing from sd card shpl 3.03 upgrade rom code error
    please how i can do
    my poooooor englihs

    • Hi kasyanlzyan, try another USB port, cable or PC see.

  • dash

    Hi, i want a HTC HD2 Radio with this spec
    ver: 2.05.51.WSD
    protocol :
    how can i find a .nbh file
    please help me