How to flash HardSPL3 on HTC HD2?

Yeah… I have Android 2.2 Froyo running on my HTC HD2 right now. That’s the main reason that I flashed HardSPL3 on it. By the way, Android 2.2 is really cool and new to me. Still need lot of time to explore it. Note – Be warned, Installing HSPL may void your warranty. But you can uninstall HSPL before send to service. The support won’t know it. Really cannot resist to have Android on HTC HD2. So I flashed HardSPL3 on my HTC HD2. So far so good…

How to flash HardSPL3 on HTC HD2?
Here are the guides from arkForces Team HardSPL3 by bepe and Cotulla. Just follow them to flash HardSPL3 on your HTC HD2.



Supported ALL LEO types

Release Notes:

Please read carefully before installing!

1) To install this HSPL there must be any SPL version from this list on your device:
SPL 1.42.0000
SPL 1.62.0000
SPL 1.66.0000
SPL 2.07.0000
SPL 2.08.0000
SPL 2.10.0000
Otherwise the installation will fail!
You can select which SPL version to install in “Choose SPL” screen. To check your SPL version, hold the Volume Down button and do a reset.
It is possible to downgrade to this SPL, by just flashing to an Official ROM with this SPL version.

3) Features
– Disabled CID Check, so you can flash any official ROM without using a Gold Card.
– Security Level = 0, so you can use all the boot loader commands (for developers).
– This HSPL will not get overwritten when flashing a full NBH with SPL via RUU.
– No NBH signatures check, so you can flash unsigned ROM images.

4) Warranty Issues
Be warned, Installing HSPL may void your warranty.
If you need to send your device to a Repair Centre, make sure that you uninstall HSPL!

5) Uninstallation
Only way to remove the HSPL is to flash an original SPL from SD card.
– Take any “RUU_signed.nbh” from a ship ROM and copy it to SD card.
– Rename it to “leoimg.nbh”
– Reset the device while pressing the volume down button.

6) Disclaimer
This product is free to use, but at your own risk. We take no
responsibility for any conflict, fault, or damage caused by
this unlocking procedure. No warranties of any kind are given.
We have tested our product on several devices and have not found any problems with it.

DFT, bepe and Cotulla 2010.


Thanks to:
Monkey, Leo and friends, tom_codon and Dutty for testing and support


Thanks to all the developers that make it happen.

Download HardSPL3 here.


  1. Hi Jayce,

    I’m totally green about all this hspl3 or the other ROM stuff.. but I’d love to have android 2.2 on my HD2 as well.. can u kindly give a short info about hspl3 function and guide me step by step on how to install android 2.2 into HD2..? Apologies if I’m asking a bit too much but still, muchos gracias, amigo.. =p

  2. Hi Jayce,
    When you flash your HTC HD2 to Android.
    Does it what an Android phone can do?
    What I mean is it is a full Android phone now?
    In terms of handware and software? Is there lag?
    Can I buy my self a HTC HD2 with win mo and when it expired (winmo I mean).
    I can just flash a HD2 to and android and enjoyed its glory or
    Do I still need to sell it off and get a true Android phone like the Samsung Galaxy S which I am eyeing for.

    Appreciated if you could enlighten me, I am Lost

    • Hi Kennobi,

      Android on HTC HD2 is not perfect yet. Phone, SMS is okay. Speed is fine with movie, games. GPS Papago is working well. Depend on the Android build, some functions are not working yet. Example, I cannot enable 3G connection.

      Only buy HTC HD2 if you really need to use Windows Mobile. Personally, I prefer Samsung Galaxy S. Android has lot of interesting applications and games compare to Windows Mobile (which is dying now).

      Hardware wise, Samsung Galaxy S will be faster than HTC HD2 on the same Android 2.2 build. πŸ™‚

  3. Hi there,

    I just tried done with the work and found my new SPL was SPL-2.08.HSPL… may i know izzit the right or it should be SPL-1.42.HSPL? Thanks for the revert.

  4. Hey Jaycee, my rom version now is 1.66.707.1 (76641) WWE

    Do I need to load any stock version like 1.42 or 1.48 or can I just directly load the HSPL3 into the phone.

    • ROM version does not matter. But SPL version does. Follow the first step to check your SPL version. Only flash if match.

      I had 1.66 ROM with SPL 1.42.0000 before. Just installed HardSPL3 directly will do.

      • I’m totally noob in this. If I am not wrong IPL is the initial bootloader that is windows mobile, I will need to install SPL before I can install HSPL3, am I correct. Coz I tried to hold the volume down and do soft reset, just does not work.

  5. Hey Jayce,
    When updating the ROM, it stucks on 0% in the loading bar…
    and after few mins, it tells me that update failed, recover your PDA..
    any idea?
    thanks in advance

      • Hey kevin,

        I know what mistake you are doing dude…..just switch off your phone first without pressing anything….and then before switching on the phone back…hold down the volume button….and then press the power up button

  6. i came across my htc hd2 from a friend. its locked to tmobile but here at fort irwin, ca tmobile doesnt work so he gave me the phone to use att with it. i used to have a jailbroken iphone that suddenly made its way through a window so im new to htc’s and was wondering that if i flash it will it be easier to unlock it and what exactly does it do to the phone. is it kinda like jailbreaking it where you can get 3rd party apps? or does it just change the way it looks? thanks p.s. KEVIN turn your phone off then hold down your volume down button then turn it back on CONTINUING to hold the vloume down button and a pretty little screen will pop up and say SPL:xxxxxxxxxxx. when you get done you have to take your battery out to restart it or.

  7. Hey Jayce,

    It says that to uninstall i need to take any RUU_signed.nbh from a ship ROM. where exactly can I find this file in the shipped ROM?

    Only way to remove the HSPL is to flash an original SPL from SD card.
    – Take any β€œRUU_signed.nbh” from a ship ROM and copy it to SD card.

    If I have not done anyhting in my HTC HD2….then can I save this β€œRUU_signed.nbh” from somewhere.

  8. hi jayce,

    i have darkstone hd2froyo v2.1 on my htc htd. the developers also mentioned that 3G is working together wth the other stuff bluetooth, camera, wifi etc. did he mean 3g data connection or just the 3g signal? cuz i read sumwhere that we should able to connect to internet using 3g data connection i/o wifi. im using hspl2 2.08 btw n the rcommended radio. what do you think? tks

      • Hey jc. Just got my hd2 android connect to internet using 3g data connection after googling like crazy. In the setting where the apn is blank just press the window button & manually add the apn adress. Only Then the 3g icon next to signal bar start appearing. Hope this help.

  9. Hello JAYCE!


    I need help flashin HardSPL3

    OS VERSION : 5.2.21869 (21869.5.0.82)
    MANILA VERSION: 2.5.19211619.0
    ROM VERSION: 1.66.415.9(76641) WWE

    This is an upgrade i got from htc- Android bootz and wqroks fine but the robot voice spoils all! πŸ™
    Flashing a custom rom Mattc leo will solve this i knw but um scared flashin HardSPL 3 might brick my fone πŸ™ *warranty is not a problem for me*

    btw my flash size is 512Mb- No Carrier

    I really really hope u answer me :)-

    Thnks ALOT in advance! :D!

  10. My stock radio should be good for cookie i hope
    Cos i m not flashing any radio as itz above 2.08 so i will download cookie n use custumRUU to flash the rom πŸ™‚

    Thanks man i seriously appreciate ur efforts here!.
    Now the only fear [stock radio + custom RUU =?] πŸ™ *worried*

    Hopin for the best-~!Thankz agen! xD!!!!

  11. Jayce,

    how to use this tool….. when running the apps (my HD2 Connected To PC), the tool popup “unable to locate component”…… please advice……tq

  12. Try this.

    1. Shutdown your phone.
    2. Hold the Volume Down button and power on it. Note – it will load bootloader. (Red, green, blue and white with Serial word)
    3. Connect USB cable between phone and PC. Note – Serial word turns to USB
    4. Install HardSPL3.

    mine doesn’t change it keeps the word serial

  13. Do i have to disable CID check before i flash this baby? or what? and if so, how would one do that? sorry im pretty new to this, so not all of this makes sense.

  14. Does anyone have any idea if there is a build that works with O2 in the UK? I’ve tried several and I’m pulling my hair out! It’s so frustrating to know that finally my HD2 is capable of doing something worthwhile but just can’t seem to find a version that loads. I’m no techie by any means but equally I’m not stupid. Most versions get to “jumping to kernel” and then go to the black screen although one version (FroyoStone_Sense) went a bit further and looked like it was working but then went back to the black screen…

    And yes, I have tried several versions and several times each.

    Any help GREATLY appreciated!

  15. Hi i am just wondering does flashing this HSPL requires the USB cable or by transferring it to my SD card via buletooth would work? This is because my computer’s USB port has been broken, therefore bluetooth is my only alternative.


  16. Hi Jayce,
    i’m currently cookie energy ROM on HD2. I’m thinking how can i fall back to stock ROM and remove the HSPL 3 from my hd2 in case i need to send back the device for warranty?
    any idea? Thanks

  17. hi,

    i just have one question about hspl. how much time does it takes and what should i do if it kept on installing untill 1 hour.

    i already read all posts. gr8 work. thanks for helping.

  18. Hey Jayce, i have a problem maybe you can help me. I have my HDS plugged into my pc, active sync says phone is connected.. I run the HardSPL3 program, it tries for a while, my phone reboots the the 4 colour screen.. but then the program fails saying:

    Flow: 00000001
    Error Code: 00000002
    Description: USB Connect Failed!

    Strange as it is conected, and it even reboots my phone.. Any Ideas?? I definately have SPL 1.66.0000 currently..

      • Yes i did Jayce.. I have since found an article on xda-developers and managed to get teh radio updated.. there were alot of people with the same issue.. i basically just did what you told someone before.. plug in phone after reboot and already at the colour screen

        I now get haret to start booting but it stops at ‘Creating a new Data Store’.. Any more ideas on that one?

  19. I installed HSPL3, and got a cooked ROM, but then I went back to a Stock ROM.

    How do I check if I still have HSPL3 on my phone?
    I’m not sure. D:

    • Just switch off your phone first. Then before switching on the phone back. Hold down the volume button and then press the power button. You should be able to see ‘CotullaHSPL’ if still have HardSPL3.

  20. hi if i update the HSPL on my hd2 and if i update the radio, will this effect my windows OS in anyway ??? will it still be a windows mobile and still work the same as it does now ?? because i want to use a dual boot loader to load between the two OS, IS THIS POSSIBLE???


  21. Hi, i am a former iphone user now gone HD2. would love to have android, but am completely new to the game. been reading a bit here, still nervous. Have original hd2 software since the day it came out. spl 2.10.0000 8gxe what exactly do i need?

  22. Hai Jayce ….my problem is, I wnat to install android to my htc hd2. I tried several time .it installed but phone not working .my OS Version is 5.2.21913, rom version is 3.14.479.2, radio is I am try to downgrade my redio to 2.12…….. . But this process end an error.Jayce pls explain me to How to install, HSPL ;SPL ;And Radio ….you are my last expectation. I am waiting your replay…..thanks

  23. Hi…
    I would like to know if there is any possible way to install this HSPL though i don’t have any SPL version from the list πŸ™
    I bought my phone in South Korea and my SPL version is 1.67.000 πŸ™

  24. Hi Jayce,

    I went through the thread here. I do have SPL 2.08.0000 so I can “flash” HardSPL3 on my HTC HD2 Leo. But, I don’t know what that means: do I move the downloaded file to the phone or do I double click it to install it?

    Also, by now (since the thread started) is EVERYTHING working once I switch to Android (3G Connection) or anything else? Is there something else that needs to be done OTHER than the above? Love the phone, hate WINDOWS!

    Thanks a million.

  25. You’re awesome Jayce!

    I’m a T-Mobile customer and your steps indicate that the upgrade is not for US TMobile customers. However, I upgraded thru T-Mobile and now have 3.14. BUT my SPL is only 2.10

    Your instructions state:


    * SPL 3.03 —–>>>> the update installed 2.10 NOT 3.03
    * Radio 2.15 ——>> I have the correct 2.15
    * Official HTC HD2 ROM v3.14 ——>>>> I have the correct 3.14
    * Android 2.2 Froyo ROM

    Can I still proceed?

    Happy New Year!


      • Jayce…

        SUCCESS!!! It worked and beautifully! I downloaded the UPDATED SuperRAM_Froyo_V1.5.. slow download but worth the wait. No unzipping was necessary! Love it!

        Here’s one thing I noticed: if I select the Time to be automatically updated by the Network, it does NOT give me the right time. Other than that.. it’s beautiful and awesome!

        U DA MAN!

        Thanks for your patience and help!


  26. well I have spl 2.10

    and I tried the program and its only giving me the option of 2.08HSPL and 2.08.0000 i dont see the 3.03! πŸ™

  27. Hi Jayce,

    Everything is still working perfectly. Except when I power off or the battery runs-out. Then the phone starts in windows again.

    I do have the Android folder on the SD card (root directory) so I have to start Android manually. Do I need to move CLRCAD.exe and Haret.exe elsewhere (from the Android folder to the root directory, for example)?



  28. Hi, I’ve checked that my SPL is 3.03.0000. I suppose I won’t be able able to install the HSPL on this page. If that is the case, does that mean I am not able to install android on my HD2? =(

  29. hi jayce ..i want to install android froyo ,i want to know step by step how to install,i mean what i have to do 1st before installing android 2.2 ..tried installing hardspl but this progrmae dosent run on my mobile it,s showing tha i’m missing some file…

  30. Hi Jayce,

    I got Ultimate Android installed and runing on my HTC HD2 thanks to you! My question is this. I accidentally put a game on the drawer (task bar?) at the bottom of the home screen. It made the call button go away and now I can’t figure out how to get it back. Any ideas?

    Thank you!

  31. Hi friend,

    I have THC HD2 and i try many time to install android 2.2. could you assist detail me clearly about process ? ( FACEBOOK on HD2 is not perfect )

  32. hi jayce, iam very newbie for android phone and now i already have htd hd desire and now already using android froyo 2.2.
    1. i have problem with the phone, the phone options ( power off, reboot,etc ) always popup even iam not touch the phone, please help me
    2. i want to flash all the phone using hspl3, but i never get connected to the phone. i already on boot menu and chose usb flasher and then connect the phone and open hspl3, am i wrong do this..??

    just for information i have microsoft active sync already disabled and also i already install usb driber + adb for htc

    please help me…i interesting to learn android phone..

    thanks 4 all

  33. my phone have the spl 2.10,rom 3.15 and radio 2.15 and i tried flashing hspl3but i am getting a usb connection fail but my phone is connect and i formated the storage card to fat32 please can you help me.what to do, this is hard.

  34. hi cant install HSPL3 when i star it cant conect to USB it give wrong sign its show u have to select a coad 1000000 and my coad is given 200000 plz help how i can install

  35. Hi Jayce,

    I have a chinese version of HTC HD2 T8585 with 16GB inbuild memory.
    I have windows 6.5 version and i want to either upgrade to Android or dual Boot OS with windows 6.5 and android.

    Please let me know if it is posible to update my mobile


      • Hi Jayce,

        I checked and i went thru the prereqquiste.. But when i tried to install, i am getting the error as unable to connect to the PDA device to update.

        Actually when the software is checking the device, it is not showing up any Radio device and directly asking for update the rom.. When i click the update , it is showing the update progress screen, but actually it does not progress and is showing error(260) : connection.

        So i am not able to update any

        Please suggest some way to update my rom

        My current ROM version is showing as V01.00

        Serial number is HT9BWNW00617

        Model ID – T8585

        Or please tell me how to flash the ROM and install new version and android rom download link


  36. Hi

    There is no ROM image version is getting displayed.

    Also when i shutting down the PDA and switching on the PDA by pressing the volume button i am getting the different color screen , but it goes off immediately after a second.

    Then i tried to update the mobile, but it is not happening


  37. Sorry small doubt…Can u tell me how it will change from normal mobile loaded to the video from 2.48 to 2.50 se……….c

  38. i had installd hspl3 and custom i am installing nand android from ur link..small information..after downloading android on pc..if i restared my phone will it comes to bootloader.(my phne is connected to pc trough usb)

  39. HI..
    I wann to use both windows and android in my mobile..So if i installed android in my phone how can i change back to my windows version..Ofcourse if i installed in my memory chip but can i change it back.can u share any video.plzzzzzz…….

  40. Hi jay,pls i need your help.i am trying to install win7 on my hd2 but each time i press the up and down vol button and power,the red,blue and yellow screen shows bt does not stay long.what do i do?

  41. pls jaycee i want to install win7 or 6.5.i jst installed android n=but my phone is always goin off.i am not abl to see the green blue shows but it does not stay 4 long.pls help me

  42. Hi, I’m having problem when i’m instaling the HardSPL3 on HTC HD2… my SPL is 3.03.0000 and i don’t know how to change it xS so can u help me, plzzzz. I really want the android on my htc πŸ™

  43. Hi Jayce, I have a hd2 that is unlocked, trying my hardest to get it flashed so can run android or wp7 on it, or both? my spl is already showing 2.08.hspl 8g XE but i dont know what to do now? i havent done anything to it, it wont show up the reboot phone option so dont think it has been flashed yet. Just a little stuck and all the guides i have seen all show that i need a different spl?????? Sorry to sound a complete idiot im just a little stuck on it thats all and your help will be massively appreciated!!!

  44. I have a HD2 and I recently flashe the rom, upgraded it to 2.2 the went to 2.3.7 then I found the ice cream sandwich 4.0. I have that installed for a while and my phone started freezing, not memory freezes but screen freezes like the valume buttons would work the end and talk would work and the menu but I couldnt unlock the screen lock. it start doing this for a few hour a day on and off then it went to a week mostly frozen. so I went back to my old phone “a blackberry” πŸ™ and I am look for help or advice. can you help? I understand the risk, and I dont care anymore its just a frozen phone now so its good as trash thanks

  45. Hello Jayce

    I went back to wm6.5 and the screen freeze issue is still the same. All those roms were working very well but the problem was just on the screen. I mean I was able to work with other buttons on the HD2 that were active during the freeze and nothing could be done to pass the screen freeze to actually unlock the phone. I looked online in other forums, blogs, sites etc but nobody can find a solution and this issue happens alot on this certain htc model. do you have any ideas how can I fix this software problem or hardware issue?

    thanks in advance !

  46. I have a Question about SPL. Mine htc hd2 owns 3.03.0000 XE SPL version. So i can’t do the steps forward?

  47. Hi…I was try this bt it is showing

    Flow: 00000001
    Error code: 00000002
    Description: USB Connect failed!

    Plz help me how to solve my prb

  48. Hey Jayce,I have this particular problem.I have this phone that when switched on normally,it goes straight to the white screen.So i’m trying to go back by stock rom but when i try to install the hspl3 to 2.08 hspl it goes straight to CRITICAL ERROR…Flow: 000000006… Error code: 00000000 … Description UNKNOWN…Please Help.

  49. Yes,i checked both,Im helping someone to check his phone.I changed my phone from windows to 2 deferent types of android rom and back and forth and never had this problem.This problem seems quite specific and i have searched round.there are other people going through the same problems and cant seem to resolve this problem.

    Its quite fustrating.Please help.

  50. Jayce…This is new(thanks) i tried it but it get stucked at loading(that is step 9 fron the link you sent).Now,do i have to do something at that point or it must show loaded?

  51. Thanks again.I think you are right about the Windows Mobile ROM.I am in Brazil right.SO the region of HTC i should be from Brazil(but i can’t find it.Is there anyway you can refer me to a link where i can find it?will be grateful).But i dont also think the HTC is from Brazil.does this matter?

    Thanks again in advance

  52. Jayce,Good day,i think that the phone won’t go on because i cant find the correct region ROM for the phone but i also have another problem with my own phone because the other is of a friend.I downloaded LEO Rom for the phone but whenever the phone switches off,all the applications downloaded and the phone contacts present on the phone all goes off,in other words,the phone practically goes back to the first form after installing android.Another issue is that the battery runs out quickly and also i cant use it as a modem to connect to the internet.Can you either help me with the problem or tell me which android rom application is best.


  53. i did try to flush my hd2 in order to instal win7 but it wont reboot after flush. i did try diferent roms and programs but no sukses.followed the video and ….
    any idea what i can do to have my phone back (working)

  54. hi sir i tried many times to connect my phone in booting mode where serial turns to use but my phone is not showing usb option whats the matter sir.

  55. How to enter bootloader(tricolor scren) on hd2 t-mobile-usa, i tried wth vol down key but no respns. I thk may be another key for hd2 t-mobile-usa. Does any one know? Or thr is no Spl with ths stock rom…if so, how to instal Spl on hd2 t-mobile(1024) or stock rom wth Spl so that i can instal Hspl… Thanx

      • Is there any software which put my hd2 (1024 -tmus) into bootloader through frm my pc , as my pc recognize the phn.(driver instld). Asking ths qustn as i dnt get into my hd2s bootloader by holding dwn vol dwn(-) key. Actualy last night i flashed my hd2 stock rom wp6.5 by task29 , thn trying & tring to go bootldr to instal Hspl but nthing happening…only white screen ‘stick together’ …wat should i do?

  56. hi jayce

    i am in trouble i have rooted my htc to androd icecream sandwich but when i update my rom with ruu it get error it shows “upgrade rom code error please try again”
    please help me out


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