Download Kindle Fire Utility

Thanks to XDA Developer, Vashypooh for coming a great tool for Amazon Kindle Fire ~ Kindle Fire Utility. Kindle Fire Utility is a tool that makes all our lives easier. We can root Kindle Fire, install TWRP 2.0 Recovery easily without having much technical knowledge. Besides, Kindle Fire Utility also comes packaged with the USB drivers required to operate ADB and Fastboot. Basically, it is batch of scripts that help run all the tasks. You can modify and improve Kindle Fire Utility if you know to modify and write DOS batch codes.

Kindle Fire Utility

Kindle Fire Utility Features

  • Automatic elevation to root for tool operations.
  • Full root install.
  • Auto detect current bootmode.
  • Auto Detect ADB / Fastboot Online / Offline.
  • Auto download from Amazon.
  • Auto download and install TWRP Recovery.
  • Manage current bootmodes.
  • Manage Read / Write.
  • Install GoogleApps / Market / GoLauncherEX.
  • Lock / Unlock the Wallpaper from being changed.

Do get more information about Kindle Fire Utility at XDA website. Latest version should fix most of the bugs and have new features…

Download Kindle Fire Utility here.

  • Miguel


    Can I use “Kindle Fire Utility” with Windows 7 64 Bits? I mean… I connected my Kindle fire and started the Kindle Fire Utility and it says:

    ADB Status: Offline
    ADB Rooted: No
    Boot Status: Unknown

    Then I put option 3 and it says:

    Opps… something went wrong.
    We are unable to locate your Kindle Fire.
    Make sure it is plugged in and powered on.


    Should I use the program with other operate system (32 bits) or something?


  • Miguel

    haha sorry… I skipped that step…. now it works!! but I want to know how can I start to download my apps with superuser?

    Thanks a lot 😉

    • Huh? Download apps with SuperUser? Don’t understand…

  • Khanh

    It can’t locatre my kindle fire. i already had the drivers installed but this is what it says.
    ADB Status: Offline
    ADB Rooted: No
    Boot Status: Unknown
    when i press 3 it tells me:
    oops … we are unable to locate your kindle fire make sure it is pluged in and powered on. my kindle fire is plugged in and powered on.

  • muslimin

    Thanks for the link on the rooting of Kindle fire..Just one quick Q…Are the Kindle fire Utility and TWRP 2.0 recovery referring to the same file..?

    • Which file do you mean?

  • muslimin

    I wished there is a video to show us how to install the kindle fire utility bcoz Im bit lost from just reading the information. Is there a Video on this??

    • Just extract it will do.

  • Bang Out Of Order

    Thanks a million, Jayce. Easy, quick, intuitive..

  • Alex

    When I try to do this on Windows 7 Home Premium x64, it doesn’t work because it doesn’t recognize Findstr.
    When I tried it on my Win Xp Pc it recogizes findstr but wont let me install unsigned drivers so adv wont recognize my kindle during the process.

    Any Help?

    • Hi Alex, what are you doing when got this error?

      • Alex

        I was just trying to use KFU to install TWRP and a permanent root. All I did was use the. run.bat script

        I already fixed it though, turns out C:/Windows/System32 wasn’t listed in the PATH variable.
        Already enjoying my root access!

  • alexao

    ADB Status: Online
    Boot Status: Unknown
    Please Help!!! Why is boot Status Unknown????

    • What are you trying to do?

      • alexao

        Im trying to install root and fire fire fire and a custom com, but get errors each time, i think it happeneds because the boot status is unknown! I go to root then kindle restarts get i get error message on pc that says( rerun installer for kindle fire utility driver) and i installed them over and over again, my boot status never changes from unknown!

        • alexao

          Its the kindle fire 1st gen, i believe it already has superuser installed for different owner, half the time it askes to grant promis, other times it just denys on its own!

  • Sandra S

    I have a red screen. When I plug in the Kindle, something called Jem comes up in the Device Manager then disappears. Right now i have the Android ADB Interface installed in Windows with an exclamation mark. I have tried different commands, different software to fix this but nothing is working. Please help. This is a Kindle HD 8.9. I have a factory cable but was told not to use it for the Kindle 8.9. email: