How to solve can’t install application issue on Android HTC HD2

Playing with Android on my HTC HD2 lately. One of the Android applications that I wanted to try out long time ago ~ Google Sky Map. It is an exclusive application that Google develops for Android only. I cannot use it on Windows Mobile. Therefore, I tried to install it on Android 2.2 Froyo HTC HD2. But failed…

Tried several different Android 2.2 build from HTC Desire build to Google Nexus One build. None of them are working. Installation failed for unknown reason -18. Finally, I found a solution to fix can’t install application issue on Android HTC HD2.

Guide to fix can’t install application issue

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Then go to SD card & phone storage.
  3. Unmount SD card.
  4. Install the application that failed to install before.
  5. Finally, mount SD card back.
Google Sky Map

Yeah… Finally, I have Google Sky Map on my HTC HD2 now.

  • Rodrigo

    Dear Jayce,

    keep up the good work! You always save me a lot of time!

    After installing the Android version you suggested I had the same problem, trying to install sky map but failed.

    I will keep following your blog through google reader RSS, so don’t stop posting!

    Cheers from Holland,


  • CK21

    thanks for the advice… had the same problem… now, i have googly sky on HD2 Froyo 2.2

  • nikita

    hello, how can i get the android market on my htc hd2

  • ^nikita
    ….u can’t simply have the android market on the hd2 (winmo), even if u get the apps on the hd2 it wont be able to install because winmo doesn’t use .apk format. you can get android to boot through your sd card and its pretty easy ta do, google froyostone and youll find a bunch of good information.

  • Ryan.


  • Bie

    Why does my HTC Magic cant dowload apps? It’s appear “Download was unsuccessful, plz try again”! I tries many time, changed location, unmounted my sd card…. but it was always the same problem.

  • Mike

    I don’t understand, it works, and the games are installed, but where are the apps installed to if not on the SD card? I thought everything in Android on the HD2 worked through the SD card (since you have to use Haret to load android off of the SD card. Does this install onto the internal memory card?

  • Super! Finally I installed the xbmc update.


  • peter

    HTC HD2 Deesirez rom cant dowload apps? It’s appear “Download was unsuccessful, plz try again”! I tries many time, changed location, unmounted my sd card…. but it was always the same problem.


    • Maybe it is the Desire Z ROM issue. Try other ROM see…

  • Kwami

    THANK YOU! I’ve been searching high and low for a solution for this, some people advised to clear dalvik cache, uninstall and reinstall the app, etc. This is the only solution that actually worked.

  • Henry

    Wow you’re a fail Chinese who steals everything from XDA without giving credits.

    • Huh? Knowledge are meant to be shared. I did not copy exactly. And I do give credit to XDA.

  • jack

    Hi recently downloded nand android on my hd2, and now i ot no network connection. Any elp!

  • jack

    Thanks Jayce,it really helps. But now the tether modem is not working.

  • i use samsung galaxy mini.
    i encounter the same problem.
    it happened when i tried to install go free and reversi free which i downloaded from android market.
    i had to unmount the sdcard and reinstall/redownload then mount the sdcard back.
    after that i moved the game i installed into sdcard using android application manager.
    but it fixed.

  • Fatima

    Hi Jayce! Many thanks to your posts and to your readers questions I am one step closer to turning my Windows HTC HD2 to Android. I think I first need to read all of your posts relating to this thoroughly for I might totally screw my phone up. I’m a beginner at this you see… Just curious, is there a way to revert my phone to its factory setting if in case I don’t do this Android installation thing right? I’m afraid that along the process I get a totally blank screen and dead OS!

    Thanks for all the information. We all hope that you wont get tired of sharing your knowledge and replying to all of our queries. @Henry, you shouldn’t say that. Try reading all of his posts, you will find out that he acknowledges his sources all the time. Peace man.

  • Nagaraj


    Today i installed Andrioid 2.2 on my HTC HD2. Up to now every thing looks fine. I have a couple of questions…
    1. How can i get the contacts which are in my phone memory. I stored them in my phone memory when i am using windows software.
    2. In Android where does it store all the data of my mail account ant facebook account. Will it store it in my phone memory or will it store in my storage card?