8GB Kingston 133X Elite Pro Compact Flash Card Review

8GB Kingston 133X Elite Pro Compact Flash Card is another that I bought for my Canon EOS 400D SLR camera. I felt its writing speed was slower than 2GB Transcend 120X Compact Flash Card when started to use it. But it should not be since it is 133X compare to 120X which is slower. The speed improved some when I used camera to format it. So I just continue to shot without any concern since Canon EOS 400D SLR camera does not require very high speed CF card. Until now, I discovered a big surprise…

Huh? Why the writing speed is only 9.9 MB/s? It should be around 20 MB/s based on 133X Compact Flash (CF) Card X-Speed Rating. I am disappointed with 8GB Kingston 133X Elite Pro Compact Flash Card performance. No wonder I felt slowness when started to use this card. It should be rated as 66X instead of 133X. Hmm… I need to contact Kingston Support to clarify this. By the way, the CF benchmark was carried out with the help of CrystalDiskMark.


  1. Hey man, I have bought one of these 8GB 133x “Elite Pro” cards and I’m starting to be amazed. It feels significantly slower than my Sandisk UltraII, which is rated 15MB/s
    (testing in the same conditions of course) quite deceptioning.

    Can you post how the Kingston’s Support cleared this out to you?



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