Compact Flash (CF) Card X-Speed Rating

Compact Flash (CF) Card X-Speed Rating is not exact same as SD, SDHC and SDXC Card Speed Class Rating which use minimum writing speed as guideline. CF card is based on value of X which translate into 1X = 150 KiloBytes per second. The X-Speed rating is up to writing speed (no minimum writing speed defined which mean it might be lower writing speed). Example, 10X is equivalent up to 1.5 MB/s writing speed.

Compact Flash (CF) Card X-Speed Rating
6X = 0.9 MB/s
10X = 1.5 MB/s
13X = 1.95 MB/s
26X = 3.9 MB/s
32X = 4.8 MB/s
40X = 6 MB/s
66X = 9.9 MB/s
100X = 15 MB/s
133X = 19.95 MB/s
150X = 22.5 MB/s
200X = 30 MB/s
266X = 39.9 MB/s
300X = 45 MB/s

High end digital SLR camera requires high speed CF card like 200X above in order to capture more continues shots. However, the price is higher compare to lower speed CF card. What you pay is what you get…


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