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We don’t just use phone to call people nowadays. Our phone had turn into a smart phone and helps us to do tasks like surfing Internet, checking email, social networking, playing games… Therefore, when we buy a phone, we are not just choosing a phone but a platform that supporting that phone. Currently, there are 250,000 applications developed for iPhone. All of them can be found in 1 place ~ Apple App Store. Many are even free.

Top Free in App Store

There is really lot of applications in App Store. I still did not finish exploring all of them by now (or never as the applications increase everyday). So far I managed to explore the essential software that came along with iPhone 4. And played some of the free iPhone 4 games.

Applications are categorized in App Store. They are games, entertainment, utilities, social networking, music, productivity, lifestyle, reference, travel, sports, navigation, health & fitness, news, photography, finance, business, education, weather, books and medical. One of them will definitely match your interest. For me, the first category ~ games is the most frequent visit. For those love social networking, there are Facebook, Tango Video Calls, Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Twitter, Foursquare, Yahoo! Messenger, Fring, eBuddy Messenger… And all of them are free.

Social Networking

By the way, you can check them yourselves at iPhone 4 website. And it’s time for me to explore more other good applications…

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