How to update Android kernel on HTC HD2?

There are different kernel build for Android HTC HD2. The kernel developers continue to improve it and release every few days. However, the ROM chefs might not update their build. So we have to do it ourselves. Actually, it is not hard and really simple to upgrade the kernel. Just cut and paste…

hastarin r7.5
hastarin r7.5 kernel

How to update Android kernel on HTC HD2?

  1. Restart phone via the Power menu (or shutdown if you don’t have Restart option)
  2. Once it vibrates eject microSD card
  3. Place the card in your PC reader
  4. Copy the zImage and root folder in to the Android folder on the SD card via PC
  5. Optionally copy in haret.exe and initrd.gz to the same folder
  6. Edit your startup.txt to make sure the KERNEL is using the zImage. The relevant line after editing in my startup.txt looks like this: set KERNEL zImage
  7. Put SD card back in and reboot WM
  8. Boot Android (in my case via a bootloader, but you can manually run CLRCAD.exe followed by haret.exe)
hastarin r7.6 kernel

Above steps are taken from hastarin r7.6 kernel. And I updated Mdeejay FroYo Sense v1.1 Clean ROM from hastarin r7.5 to r7.6. So far, it does reduce the touch screen and tilt freeze issue.


  1. silly question to ask.. may i get more in details where should i copy zImage and root and haret.exe and initrd.gz too…??????? 10Sss

  2. Dear Jayce…i am using HTC HD2. Your blog is very useful for me to keep update for HD2 new download softwares. Since you got a gift iPhone 4 from Maxis, with one you prefer to use HD2 or iPhone 4?
    Anyway, thank you for you effort and for sharing new information to us.

    • Windows Mobile 6.5 is dying… You will see less and less application develop for it. In order to make your HTC HD2 alive, install Android. It will take you to another new world.

      As for iPhone 4, you will love it when you play with it. There is lot of games that you can play. You won’t find them in WinMo 6.5 (business platform).

      Android is catching up with iOS in term of applications and games. My only wish, a perfect Android build on HTC HD2. 😉

  3. Hi, I changed the kernel on the HD2. It went down, but the application does not work People! Not edit, report on and off the error. You advise? Can not add favorites, and edit in them. Apology for my English = Translator. Thanks Peter

  4. Hi Jayce
    After the INstalling Desire hd ROm in our HTD HD2, then we need to APK format software or CAB? for programing in HTC HD2…

  5. Jey Jayceooi,

    I’m using Mdeejay FroYo Sense v.2.4 Clean with the original S6.1 Kernal but I wanted to update to his latest S10.3 or maybe 10.4 now, Just wondering is that possible? I know his last Android rom booted from Sd card kernel is hastarin r8.6 (which I tried but didn’t like). MDJ’s newest kernals s9.1 and up are NAND Android builds. Does that matter, can I still use them? Copy zimage and what about the .KO files put them in modules folder also?

  6. hı thıs ıs volkan from turkey.ı hawe a htc hd 2 ı need to do androıd development but ı dont know how can ı do ıt..ı hawe no ıdea abaut thıs phone could u help me please what do ı need to do?
    thank u very much



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