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As a blogger, I love to take lot of photo and video during travel. However, I don’t like to take my bulky SLR camera along when just having lunch at restaurant. But I want to take the photo of the food & drink and post it here. Apple iPhone 4 camera can record HD video (720p) @ 30 fps with audio and 5-megapixel auto focus still camera with LED flash for photo. Lastly, those Photo and video are geotagging. Can Apple iPhone 4 Camera manage to perform these tasks for me? Let’s find out…

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Click to see original photo

Download original video clip ~ Bukit-Tinggi-Colmar-Tropicale.MOV (28.96 MB) here

Apple iPhone 4 Camera performs well on taking landscape photo. These photos and video were taken at Bukit Tinggi Colmar Tropicale. Note – video recording view is narrower than photo view. Just compare the photo and video above, and you will see it.

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Click to see original photo
Click to see original photo

Download original video clip ~ Bukit-Tinggi-La-Flamme.MOV (22.53 MB) here

Lunch at Bukit Tinggi La Flamme. As you see, Apple iPhone 4 camera is working well on food and drink too. I don’t need to bring SLR camera just to shoot food photo from now on.

By the way, don’t expect miracle will happen from Apple iPhone 4 Camera at night (low light environment). Tiny phone camera image sensor produces noisy photo quality. LED flash will help but not much. Only use it when you don’t have any other camera with you. It is better than nothing, right?

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  1. Wow, you took better photos than me (using the same iPhone 4).
    I’m a big noob in point and shoot photography.
    Can you provide me some nice tips n trick? Esp using this iPhone 4? πŸ™‚

  2. I am not sure if the apple iphone4 is good for taking landscape photos. Landscapes require a wide angle of view which is not possible with any camera phone. I recently got a Iphone gifted and having been using it to take snaps and found its performance good in a decent light setting. So i guess it is good to take pictures of you and your friends and some videos. But I would not want to leave my SLR back in the room!

  3. Another tip for MysteryE; don’t shoot into the sun and aim for even light in other words think this; how much of an extreme is there between the darkest object in the frame and the lightest object in the frame? If it is extensive, the contrast is too great and the iPhone will not be able to produce an evenly toned image because the dynamic range of a smaller sensor is not good.

    If you’re getting overexposure in the sky because of the cameras built in light meter try pointing at the sky for a while to adjust the auto meter and then alter the composition just before you shoot.

    Another tip: if you’re getting lens flare shield the top of the lens with your hand flat (making sure it isn’t in the shot obviously). Hold the camera still for longer than you think is needed to take the shot to enable maximum clarity and hold your breath when you compose to take the shot..sounds weird but it’s a well known technique to cut down on camera shake, the iPhone is pretty good for that though.

    Small sensors are atrocious in low light, as soon as the iPhone boosts ISO sensitivity you get serious image noise. Just remember it isn’t really about megapixels it’s about sensor size. My Nikon D700 is 12 MP and has a sensor virtually the same size as a 35mm film. However the latest compact cameras with 12 MP are no where near the same quality. It’s a sales gimmick, in actual fact there are 5MP cameras out there that out perform 10MP cameras and the iPhone is probably one of those gems.

    Whilst digital is great film stills wins hands down if you truly care about quality, but that is a whole different topic really! πŸ˜›


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