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iPhone 4 is the best iPhone from Apple yet. It is equipped with powerful 1GHz A4 processor and sharp retina display. iOS 4 multitasking pushes iPhone 4 to another level. Further more, applications from App Store make iPhone 4 more productive than ever before. Besides apps, addictive games also turn iPhone 4 into a gaming machine. Sound like a perfect phone, right? Let’s find out…

Apple iPhone 4

Package Contents
There are iPhone 4, USB power adapter, dock connector to USB cable, Apple earphones with remote & mic, SIM eject tool and quick start & important product information guides in the package. And here is a quick unboxing video of the iPhone 4.

Design and Construction
iPhone 4 is built with high quality materials. It is covered by 2 glossy panels of aluminosilicate glass and stainless steel band. However, this cool stylist design brings antenna attenuation issue (but can be fixed with Bumper case). By the way, there is no camera shutter button, microSD card slot for storage expansion, LED notification light. Check out video below for hardware details…

iPhone 4 battery is not removable. The only way to charge it ~ using dock connector to USB cable. However, this is not an issue because iPhone 4 battery is enough for normal daily usage like 5 hours of web browsing, music playback, video playback, voice calls and gaming. Battery will drop faster if you have lot of background application running, using 3G connection, and playing lot of CPU intensive games. So far, I charge it every 2 days. And it only requires 2 hours to get fully charged.

Apple iPhone 4 camera can record HD video (720p) @ 30 fps with audio and 5-megapixel auto focus still camera with LED flash for photo. And they are geotagging. Below is one of the impressive photo, more can be found at iPhone 4 photo & video samples.

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Yup, you can have video calling on iPhone 4 now. However, FaceTime is limited to Wi-Fi connection only.

iOS 4 + applications from App Store make iPhone 4 a wonderful smart phone. Multitasking enables me to open more than 20 applications and games at the same time. And iPhone 4 is still running smoothly thanks to 1GHz A4 Processor and 512 MB of RAM.

Iphone 4 home screen

Messages, calendar, photos, camera, YouTube, stocks to App Store… iPhone 4 have most of the apps that you need. For example, you can type SMS in English, Chinese, Japanese and other more in portrait or landscape mode. Sync Outlook calendar, contacts with Apple iTunes software, browsing Internet with Safari, checking email or even listing to your music. By the way, multi-touch for pinch to zoom is supported in photo albums, Safari browser, Google Maps with GPS, compass… Too bad that Adobe Flash is not support, so no Flash on Internet and gaming. Do check out Apple iPhone 4 Software Tour for more information like how the iPod player performs on music, 720p movie…

Wondering how the gaming performance on iPhone 4? Below video will tell you. Note – these games are played with more than 20 apps open in background.

File manager? Nope, you can’t make iPhone 4 as a USB file storage drive. You can only copy photo and video from iPhone 4 to PC but not the other way. Everything needs to go through iTunes. Oh, one more thing, iPhone 4 does not have FM radio. The only way to listen radio is through online.

No doubt that Apple iPhone 4 is one of the best smart phone out there. Else you won’t see people queueing up at Apple Stores to be the first to get one when it launch. Nothing is perfect, same apply to iPhone 4. It has antenna issue, no Flash support, iTunes dependency… However, lot of interesting iPhone 4 features will make you forget all these limitations. Don’t believe me? Get one to play around, and you won’t want to let go then.

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